All About Ethanol Fireplaces – Ins and Out of Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Last Updated on December 6, 2022 by Vernon Scott

If you are pondering an ethanol fireplace, then you are pondering a great choice. There are more and more people looking for an alternative to wood burning fireplaces. Ethanol fireplaces are a great choice for those looking for something that is clean burning and provides a great looking flame. There is more to them then just those two things. 

You may be wondering if you should invest in one or not, well we are going to give you the heads up on ethanol fireplaces and what makes them such a great choice. As well as the con’s even though there is very little in the list of cons. 

No Need for A Chimney or Venting!

One of the best things about an ethanol fireplace is that guess what, no chimney or venting is needed. So that gives you many more placement choices for an ethanol fireplace. That also means no chimney to maintain either. 

No Harmful Gases or Fumes

No worries about what you are breathing in, since ethanol fireplaces do no emit any harmful fumes or gases. So it makes it safe for both people and pets as well. 


If you are someone who likes to do something great for the environment, an ethanol fireplace is a step in the right direction. Since they emit no harmful fumes, it is great for the atmosphere. Ethanol is also a bio fuel, which is made from an easy replenish-able item. So no worries about demand on a precious fossil fuel or contributing to deforestation. 

No Mess to Clean

If you don’t want to deal with a mess to clean up, ethanol is the way to go. Since there is no soot, smoke, ash or coals to clean up there is virtually no cleaning needed. All you have to do is wipe down once in a while to remove dust, smudges or etc. 

Easy to Use from Start to Finish

There is nothing technical or hard when it comes to using an ethanol fireplace. They are easy to light and light within seconds. When you are finished using one, it is just as easy most come with a snuffer or a fuel slot cover to extinguish when you are done. 

The Cons of an Ethanol Fireplace

There are somethings that people may not like about an ethanol fireplace. So you should know about them. They may or may not be enough to change your mind against them. However, we want you to be well informed. They cannot be used for a primary source of heat, while they do create some heat it’s not enough to rely on for a whole home source of heat.

They do consume oxygen, so it is vital they are used in a room with plenty of air exchange. So there is plenty for you and your fireplace to share. Even though it is ethanol, it still gets hot. So still utilize all the typical safety steps as if it is a wood one. Biggest thing to remember is keep anything flammable away from the fireplace.

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