Are Ventless Fireplaces Safe? Ins and Out of Safety Tips

If You are thinking about purchasing a ventless fireplace, you may be asking yourself something others have too. Are ventless fireplaces safe? It is a pretty common question and something I would expect anyone to ask before purchasing. The biggest reason ventless fireplaces have become more and more popular is because yes they are safe! In fact, they are safer than other types of fireplaces out there. 

Reasons Ventless Fireplaces Are Safe

There are a couple reasons why a ventless fireplace is safe. The biggest is they are clean burning, so there are no harmful gases or fumes to worry about inhaling. Some ventless fireplaces use bio fuel which is created from ethanol. Other used an alcohol based gel that burns clean as well. Which also results in no smell either.

There is also no ash, sometimes a wood fireplace will emit soot or ashes. You don’t get that with a ventless fireplace because there is none. So you don’t have to worry about inhaling either of those either or having to clean up after them. You also won’t have to worry about getting chased out due to too much smoke.

No worries of a chimney fire or hot sparks. With a traditional fireplace there is always a chance of a chimney fire. As well as hot sparks flying out of the fireplace and catching something on fire. If you sit too close to it, you put yourself as risk for getting burned as well. No worries about removing hot coals either with a ventless. 

Safety in Placement

Most traditional placement options for a regular fireplace are limited. Most also sit low to the floor, making them easy access to children and pets. Where accidents can happen whether we want them to or not. So a ventless can help you avoid that, since there are more placement options for a ventless fireplace.

Many of the ventless electric fireplaces out there can be placed up and out of the way of the reach of children. Which is also great for the pets that want to get a little too close for comfort. You can find ones that can be mounted on the wall , tabletop or a shelf unit. 

Safer Lighting and Extinguishing

When it comes to lighting a ventless, it is easy as can be! There are some that have electric ignite, typically found in ventless gas. Otherwise the Bio Ethanol or Alcohol based can be easily lit with a BBQ lighter. You don’t have to use any extra items to get the fire going. Extinguishing it just as easy, with most gas easy as turning a knob. With the bio ethanol or gel, most come with a snuffer to easily extinguish when finished.

Final Note

So if you are wondering if ventless gas fireplaces are safe, yes they are. They are one of the best alternatives to traditional fireplaces, when you can’t have a traditional or don’t want one. Of course they do still have flame, so there are still some safety measures you have to take. However, they are simple and pretty common sense. There are plenty of choices out there, just make sure you get the right one that fits your needs.

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