BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table With Cover

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It is a magnificent build up to either the deck or the patio. It has a stylish finish of dark brown coloration in addition to the refined appearance.

With this, you are likely to impress your dinner guests and to attract the attention of neighbors the moment you light it up. This gas outdoor fire pit lights up well at a BTU output of 42,000. It has weather resistant aluminum plus a fire glass.

BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table with Cover

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The table is lit by an under the table propane tank that is worth 20lbs. The tub is accessible using a side door. It has a flat lid that is used to cover the fire pit when not in use. A nylon case is available for covering the entire table. So, undoubtedly, this is one of the best propane fire pit tables available. 

Features Of This BCP Extruded Aluminum Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table

Design (Heavy Duty)

The fire pit’s long existence is relevant to the manufacturer as well as performance and appearance during the designation of the tables for the fire pit. The creation an outdoor patio unit will improve the decency of the patio area for an extended period. The design emanates from shaped aluminum framing having a weather resistant plus a current bronze outlook.

Propane Fuel

Start a fire that will light up your night. Propane gas if the fuel type used in running the table. It helps in improving convenience for the user and having minimal maintenance and refills. Propane provides good quality flame making a unique center point to the outdoor patio. It has adjustable flame from a 20lbs propane tank that is bought separately together with the 42,000 BTU.

Stylish Center Table

Apart from offering enough heat during cold evenings and nights, the pit has considerations of a classic exterior table. Provide Adirondack seats to complete the patio appearance of your choice. The fire bowl cover is an inclusion that can transform the pit into a center table in no time.

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Fire Glass Beads

The beads are essential when intensifying the moving flames generated from the pit. The unit is said to be entirely fit when it has the glass beads that create reflective flares and boost the fire luminosity and appearance. When compares to the fire glasses, the dots have uniformity and a crafted shape. They also have the capability of eliminating ash emissions, soot and carbon fumes from stone or logs.

Better nights and a warm company

The fire offers adorable nights. The BCPs have varieties of fire pits which you can easily choose from to match your exterior patio design. The holes are of high quality and can serve as the epitome of entertainment for different gatherings.


The overall measurements are 45(L) x 45(W) x 23.5(H) with a base measuring 33.75(L) x 33.75(W). It weighs up to 80lbs.


  • It offers adjustable flame of 1-15 inch.
  • It is from aluminum that is free from rust and light in nature.
  • The table top is large to allow for other placement duties.
  • It comes with fire glass.
  • The pit is easy to assemble.
  • The fire pit has level adjustments around the feet.


  • The knobs have poor positioning.
  • The cover is of poor quality.
  • At times it is hard to light the pit.

Final Note

In summary, the fire pit is an outstanding item that is light in weight and the aluminum material used is durable. It is spacious, and this helps in entertaining your party with the food and drinks placed on the available tabletop.

Despite the difficulty in lighting, the appearance of the table is worthy. When using the product stay warned that you will get exposure to chemical substances such as carbon monoxide. It is known to result in congenital disabilities and cancers in addition to reproductive harm.

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