BCP Large 1500W Electric Wall Mount & Free Standing Fireplace

If you are looking for something practical and aesthetically sound then you should certainly go for this one. It is a product that will really make your living room shine and will certainly turn a few heads it’s way.


This is a product that resembles a fireplace but is much better than a traditional one in so many ways. It is a product that is well-built and will make a nice addition to your home.

The product is best suited for people who are creative and who want a combination of warmth and attractive in their homes.

Features Of This BCP Large 1500W Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

  1. For starters, this is a product that has a really elegant design. It is an electric fireplace that is equipped with a 3D flame technology that the user can control with a remote control.
  2. The BCP Large has adjustable heat settings so that it can provide a more comfortable experience to the people around it. You can choose to run this heater at either 750W or 1500W. With settings like this it is easier for people to enjoy the temperature of their choice.
  3. One of the best things about the Heat Adjustable Wall Mount & Free standing electric fireplace heater with Glass XL is that you can leave it standing in your living room or have it wall-mounted. In both these configurations you will get a beautiful tempered glass panel heater which will look amazing in all situations.
  4. Another amazing feature of this fireplace is that it is highly energy efficient. Using this particular product for long hours will not have a significant effect on your electric bill. An added bonus is that this heater is known for not generating a lot of emissions.
  5. The overall dimensions of these are 35”X6”X22”. The dimensions clearly show that you will not have a difficult time finding a suitable spot for your heater in your home.


There are many advantages of owning such a product and some of the main benefits of this electric wall heater are mentioned below.

  • One of the main advantages of the Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount is that the build quality is really exceptional. It has a steel body and has a glossy black finish, aside from that the heater also has a tempered glass panel to spice things up.
  • There is no restriction on where you want to keep the device because it will look equally elegant in any room. Each and every piece is made from scratch by hand and that is what gives the product such a unique look.


  • There have been cases where the front plate has been very hard to remove
  • Sometimes the remote of the product does not work that great

Final Note

These were some of the most important things that you should know about the BCP Large wall mount fireplace. It is a great product and is something that every household should have. Regular heaters are now a thing of the past, therefore you should innovate and go for the future.

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