Best Bricks For Fire Pit In 2021 – Reviews With Buying Guide

Firebrick can be used in fire pits to create a protective barrier for the fire. Our mission is to provide our readers with heater related articles that will help them establish safe areas around their home that are capable of providing added warmth and enjoyment. We felt that we needed to ask some homeowners, some brick masons, and some fire pit professionals their views on these items.

Our panel of experts educated us on the different fire bricks that are available, and which ones were the best fire bricks for fire pits. They also told us what features the bricks needed to make them great for the different applications these high-temp resistant bricks are capable of.

Reviews of Best Bricks for a Fire Pit

1. Rutland Products Fire Brick

Rutland Firebox bricks are rated to withstand up to 27000 F temperatures without being damaged by the heat.

This rating is given because the fire bricks are kiln made so they are put through high-intensity heat through their formation and drying times and that leaves them less vulnerable to the damaging effects of heat.

These bricks are heavy and dense items. They are not intended to be used as a replacement for the light pumice type of bricks that can be found in many wood-burning stoves. These are heat sync bricks and they actually create a colder firebox. They do work splendidly in propane and gas-fueled forges.

They are sturdy and tough so they are hard to break even when they get dropped or knocked over. Their density helps to protect them from crumbling and easy breakage. Occasionally the package of 6 bricks will arrive with one or two of the bricks being broken, but the majority of people report that the items arrive intact.

2. US Stove Company FBP6E FireBrick

US Stove Company FBP6E fire bricks are cream in color so they easily blend in with any décor if the fire bricks you need will be visible.

They are typically designed to be used replacement bricks for the ones found in the wood-burning stoves.

They measure 41/2” x 9” x 11/4” and are considered to be a genuine US Stove Company replacement part to be used in stoves made by US Stove Company.

These are kiln made bricks that are capable of withstanding high temperatures for long periods of time. Inside the wood-burning appliance, they are capable of protecting the firebox materials from any damages, and they are the first line of defense protecting your flooring and walls from extreme temperatures that could possibly cause fire hazards in your home.

They do not have to be used in a US Stove Company appliance. They are suitable for use in any wood stove or coal-burning stove that you use as a heat source. These bricks are not meant to be used to line or build a propane or gas-powered forge. They may not maintain their integrity if used for this purpose.

3. GIRTech Heavy Duty Fire Brick

GIRTech Heavy Duty Fire Brick has an enormous amount of compressive strength and mechanical strength.

They are designed to be able to withstand heats as great as 30500 F. They are also built to be able to tolerate exposure to certain chemicals.

The main intention for these high-heat tolerant bricks is for use in outdoor fire pit construction. They are durable and tough and capable of withstanding the elements, and the extra punishment that comes with being outside. 

Often outside fires are built with more fuel and they burn hotter and longer than many of the fires that are established inside the firebox of a home heating appliance. These bricks can also be used in furnaces, wood-burning stoves, coal-burning stoves, fireplace inserts and interior heating appliances.

These bricks are designed to withstand the heat without cracking or bursting from the internal pressure. They maintain their shape and integrity, and they keep your fire materials contained so you are safer and can enjoy your backyard more.

4. DC Care Insulating Fire Brick

DC Care soft insulated fire brick is perfect for the design and creation of a pizza oven or a forge. It is easy to install and use and can be installed using normal masonry tools.

It has excellent resistance to high temperatures because of its material makeup of aluminum trioxide, ferric oxide and silica.

These components provide these bricks with the strength and durability they need to serve you in your fire brick needs.

They can be used in the majority of ovens and stoves. They can be used in homes or commercial establishments because they can withstand fires that burn hot for extended amounts of time. You can bake all day and into the night every day of the week and these bricks will remain intact, and provide you with heat insulation and a hot burning firebox.

DC Care knows that their bricks can withstand the test of time because they carefully inspect each batch of bricks to maintain integrity and quality in their products.

5. Buddingco Fire Brick Kit

Buddingco has developed fire bricks that are perfect for just about every application. They can be used in stoves, furnaces and fireplaces in and around your home.

They can be used in fire pits and outdoor heating appliances. They can also be used in the creation of perfect pizza ovens.

If you can build it out of fire brick then these are a good choice in bricks to use.

These bricks can withstand temperatures that are 20000 F or greater. They can withstand those temperatures for long periods of time, day after day. They do not crack or crumble from heat exposure and they are not likely to burst or explode due to high-heat exposure like bricks that are not kiln made can do.

These units can be used as replacement bricks for existing heaters and appliances or they can be used to create brand new fireboxes and fire pits. They are attractive, easy to use, and capable of being used outdoors as part of an outdoor fire pt.

6. US Stove FireBrick

US Stove Company ceramic fire bricks are the perfect replacement bricks for your fire pit or wood-burning stoves.

They are created in a basic design that allows them to be effective in any brand of a stove or heat-related appliance. 

They are specifically crafted to be exposed to high temperatures inside ovens and wood-burning stoves so they are tough and durable. They are uniform in size and shape so they can easily be stacked or joined using common masonry tactics.

You can use them inside the stove or you can use them outside the stove to create a heat barrier beneath a heating appliance like a wood stove. You can also establish them along the wall behind a wood-burning or coal-burning stove and create a safety shield to prevent possible heat exposure or fire in your home.

What to Look before Choosing the Best Fire Pit Bricks?

Fire bricks are not all created the same. They have different features and capabilities and before you run out and buy a load of these items you need to familiarize yourself with their features, and the varieties they come in.


The intended use of the brick plays a large part in which bricks are going to be the best ones for you. Some of the common fire brick purposes include:

Pizza oven creation, where you will want the softer insulated fire bricks. If you are building a fire hot enough for forging it would cause bricks designed for pizza oven creation to disintegrate. Pizza oven bricks are not made to withstand extremely high temperatures.

DIY fire pits or fire rings that will require you to use a brick that has been kiln fired to a temperature of about 27000 F so it can withstand the high heat of the fire without cracking or bursting.

Protection layering is also a use for fire brick. This requires you to use the same heat resistant bricks that you would use to build a fire pit and place them beneath a fire burning appliance or behind a fire burning appliance to stop heat damage or possible combustion.

Thickness and size

The thickness and size of the brick that will be best suited to your needs will depend on what you are doing with the bricks. If you are creating a protective barrier under a wood heater you can probably use thinner pieces of brick because the bricks are not going to be the only defense between the heat and your home. The external portion of the heater will serve as a protective barrier as well.

If you are building a fire ring or fire pit for your home then use the thicker pieces of brick because you are establishing the primary heart deterrent that will stop the fire from damaging anything else in or around your home.


The coloration of the brick is important to some people. The color of the brick can make it more attractive or make it blend in better with the décor that you already have in place. Never let the color of a brick sway you unless the brick meets the right heat-protective criteria that you need.


Some fire bits are made to be reflective. You do not need reflective bricks for most fire pits but they are extremely helpful when you are building brick ovens to cook in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What bricks to use for a fire pit?

The bricks used in a fire pit need to be ones that have been fired at a temperature of around 18000F. At that temperature, the brick that is produced can withstand exposure to the high heat of a fire without cracking or becoming degraded by the heat. Fire brick or landscape bricks that have been kiln fired to make them heat resistant are needed because normal brick can burst if exposed to high heat and shoot particles of brick out causing the potential for injury.

2. How many bricks do I need for a fire pit?

If you intend to build a fire pit that has a 3-foot diameter you are going to need about 80 bricks to complete the project. You will need to split some of the bricks to create smaller pieces that can be fit together to create the circle and fill in any gaps.

3. How to lay bricks in a circle for a fire pit?

You can begin to create a circle by making a plus sign out of bricks in the center of the area that will be inside the circle of bricks. Then take your bricks and go along the outside of this plus sign and create the circle formation. Fill in gaps using smaller broken pieces of brick and when the circle is formed pour a mixture made of river sand and dry cement mix over them to create a solid foundation.

Final Note

If you are looking for a fire brick that is rated for normal home use then consider the Rutland Fire Brick. This brick is rated to be able to withstand temperatures as high as 27000 F. You can build a fire pit with them, use them under a wood-burning stove to create a heat protection shield, or use them behind a wood-burning stove as a heat protection shield.

If you would like a fire brick that appears to be almost white consider the DC Care Soft Insulated fire brick designed for the creation of cooking places like pizza ovens.

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