What Are The Best Ceramic Heaters On The Market – Reviews 2022

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If there is one thing I learned from living in a cold winter area, it’s that central heating system is often not enough. That is where the best ceramic heater comes into play.

I just hate when I come back home from work and, instead of feeling warm and enjoying a nice movie, low temperatures make me shiver. You’ve undoubtedly been in those situations and know how they can be annoying.

A solution is a heating appliance that provides an extra dosage of heat but doesn’t send utility bills through the roof. Take a look at the list of the ceramic heaters that stand out from the crowd, as well as what factors you should consider when purchasing one.

8 Best Ceramic Heaters 2022 Reviews

1. Lasko CD09250 Small Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Or Under-Desk

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Lasko ceramic fan heater weighs less than four pounds. That makes it the perfect portable heating appliance, especially if you also take into account the compact measurements. The manufacturer advises to put it under a desk, but it is also a tabletop model.

Thanks to the fact that the ceramic components are self-regulating, the surface is cool to the touch, and the unit is safe. It also has the ETL certificate to ensure it complies with the latest safety standards. ( Read full review )

Although it is small, the product can pack a punch when it comes to heating. The high heat setting delivers 1500W (5,100 BTU) of energy.

You can adjust the thermostat to low heat (900W) or choose the fan-only mode. Regardless of the function you want, the unit is impressively quiet and won’t disturb your activities in any way.

2. Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater

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Like the previous product, the Brightown Portable Electric Space Heater comes at a low price while offering high-quality. This heater uses 750W at low and 1500W at high heat settings.

It is suitable for single room heating as its range is 200 sq. ft. This unit has complete safety that includes overheating protection.

During accidental tipping, it automatically shuts off because of the button beneath. It stays cool to touch and is made of fire-proof metal.

You can set the temp between 0-150° F, which you can achieve using the control panel. It also has a fan setting that blows cool air. The heater stays on until the desired room temperature is reached.

This electrical heater doesn’t take much space and is movable with a handle. It doesn’t make any noticeable sound when on. It works efficiently and turns the heat pretty quickly.

3. Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Or Under-Desk

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Tower heaters can heat a considerable amount of space thanks to the built-in oscillation system. You can tailor this unit to work just the way you need it with the remote control included. 

It has two settings – low heat and high heat, as well as an off timer that you can set up to eight hours from the time when the unit started working. ( Read full review )

The unit is efficient and can save you money on utility bills and extend the lifespan of your primary heating system.

The safety includes features like thermal overload protection and ETL certificate. The aesthetics cannot be undermined either. Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater has a small footprint, and you can place it pretty much anywhere.

It is also one of the most beautiful models on the market and fits with any room design.

4. Lasko Digital Ceramic Heater – Model: 5572

Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat Tabletop Or Under-Desk

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Lasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater is a bigger model than the previous one made by this company.

It weighs a couple of pounds more, and it is also considerably higher. However, it does come with a handle, so moving it around shouldn’t be a problem.

The performance features are standard for this type of heater. It has low and high heat settings that pack up to 1500W of heat, as well the fan-only mode.

The oscillation feature provides widespread heat, and the remote control enables you to adjust everything to your needs and preference. Among all this is the best ceramic portable heater.

The ETL certificate guarantees safety. The integrated thermostat monitors the heat and provides thermal overload protection. Regardless of the setting you choose, the ceramic components remain cool to give an extra layer of user safety.

5. Honeywell Digital Ceramic Heater, Model: HCE 323V – Best for Large Room

Honeywell HCE323V Digital Ceramic Heater

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The company of intriguing name Honeywell can compete with other brands in the heating market with is HCE323V Honeywell Digital Ceramic Heater.

This is a tower heater with compact design, small footprint, and less than five pounds of weight.

The oscillation feature enables it to provide widespread heat to the area where it’s located. It is equipped with a dust filter to make maintenance of the product effortless.

The ceramic element heater has low and high heat settings. You get a remote control to program the digital thermostat on the product. Aside from temperature adjustment, it also offers multiple off-timer settings.

The manufacturer showed that it cares for the customers by including overheat and tip-over protection. Just as you would expect from a ceramic heater, the surface remains cool to the touch at all times.

6. Hurricane Ceramic Heater | Heatwave Series | Portable Heater with 3 Speed Settings and Adjustable Thermostat

Hurricane Ceramic Heater | Heatwave Series | Portable Heater with 3 Speed Settings and Adjustable Thermostat

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Hurricane Ceramic Heater will bring a hurricane of heat to your room with 1500W of power. It weighs three pounds and measures 9.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches.

That puts this unit in the category of lightweight and portable heaters.

It is suitable for all types of spaces, including bedrooms, offices, and any other rooms of up to 15 square feet of surface.

Anything you would expect from a ceramic heater is there. Is there an adjustable thermostat? Yes! Are there multiple heat settings? Of course, there are three of them, including the fan-only mode. 

Okay, what about safety? This unit is equipped with ETL certificate and thermal overload protection. However, don’t expect the product to be a long-term investment as it comes with only a 1-year warranty.

7. Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater- Best Heater for RV

Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater, Gray

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If we compare it to some other models on this list, Bonaire silent micathermic console Heater can’t impress regarding power. The highest setting can deliver 950W (3,000BTU) of heat, but you can also choose low (450W) and fan-only functions.

Fortunately, the unit has the oscillation feature included, which extends the amount of space it can warm.

If there ever was a portable heater, this is it. It weighs only two pounds, and it’s a child’s play to move it around thanks to the carrying handle.

All expected safety features are there, including tip-over protection and cool to the touch ceramic surface. The unit comes pre-assembled and setting it up isn’t an issue. As for the noise level, you do hear a low hum when it is turned on, but you could say that the heater is among the quieter models on the market.

8. DOUHE Portable Ceramic Heater With Oscillating Fan Heater

DOUHE Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/450W Oscillating Fan Heater with Overheat

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The maximum power of 950W isn’t enough for this appliance to be the central heating source of a room. However, it is perfect for warming up a small space, which is why it is advertised as a “personal space heater.”

This oscillating ceramic heater is a lightweight and portable model that you can quickly move from one location to another. You can choose between the 450W and 950W heat settings. The SWING function is an excellent addition as it enables sending air from side to side.

Even when it’s on, the noise will remain at 42db, and you will realize that this is one of the quietest models on the list. Thermal overload and tip-over protection, as well as flame-resistant materials, are in charge of keeping this product safe to use. It comes with a 2-year warranty. Read full review.

Best Ceramic Heaters On The Market

How to Choose The Best Ceramic Space Heater On The Market

The question now is what to consider when choosing a suitable ceramic heater for your needs? If you are not sure about which is the best choice, take a look at these tips:

Pick the Right Type

You can choose between three different types of ceramic heaters, including:

  • Ceramic tower heater.
  • Ceramic wall heater.
  • Ceramic compact heater.

You probably can’t miss a ceramic tower heater because of its height. It has an upright cylindrical form. If you like how they look, make sure to check power usage and noise level. This type of units can increase your utility bill significantly.

However, if you can adjust the heat, you can control the utility bill, so make sure to look for models with adjustable settings. 

Ceramic wall heaters are designed to be permanently placed in one spot. The advantage is that you mount them on a wall which frees the floor space. There is also no danger of tipping it over, which makes it ideal for homes with children. 

Finally, the compact heater is perhaps the most famous type on the market. It is a portable unit that is lightweight and can easily be moved around.

Don’t underestimate its power on account of its size. Although it is compact, it can heat small spaces in a matter of minutes.

Do You Need a Fixed or Portable Heater?

I guess preference matters as much as your needs. The truth is that both variants can do the job regarding securing heat to the surrounding area. If you are planning on moving the heater around or you don’t want to go through the installation hassle, a portable heater is a way to go.

However, fixed units are a long-term solution, and they can handle heating large rooms

The Budget

This goes hand in hand with the previous dilemma. The reason is that portable heaters are considerably cheaper than fixed alternatives. Fixed units might offer a permanent solution, but they cost more. In the end, each variant has its advantages, and it comes down to your budget and preference.

Size and Location

The usual power delivered by a ceramic heater is 1,500W. The experts claim that they produce enough BTUs to warm a room of up to 150 square feet. However, always keep in mind that the room characteristics also affect the quality of heating.

If the space you want to heat is old and not insulated well, a single heater might not be enough. The solution, in that case, might be investing in multiple heating appliances.

Finally, don’t neglect the aesthetics. You want the heater to fit nicely with the surrounding area. You don’t want it to be the odd one out. The design is also a thing you should consider if you want the room where you place the heater to be aesthetically appealing. 


You don’t want to buy a ceramic heater only to end up having to purchase a new one next month. When it comes to durability, the best thing to do is to choose a reliable brand. You should also take a look at the warranty. The longer the manufacturer guarantees for its product, the better.

How Does Ceramic Heater Work?

If you are interested in purchasing a ceramic heater, I am sure that you would love to know how they work. A ceramic heating appliance uses ceramic plates. They are attached to metal coils on the edges. These coils are the producers of heat.

The ceramic plates use that heat, absorb it and release it into the air. That is how the room or any other space gets warm by this type of heater. 

The fact that ceramic heating appliances can never get as hot as their coil counterpart is the crucial safety feature to consider. Therefore, these types of products bear a considerably lower burn or fire risk.

The elements made of ceramic completely surround the heating components, which is why the surface of the heater can remain cool to the touch.

While we are discussing advantages of ceramic heating units, let’s mention that they don’t create any smells or fumes. With gas or oil heaters, there is a good chance that you will feel a distinct smell from time to time.

But with a ceramic appliance, you don’t have to worry about this. That enables you to place them anywhere, including living room and even the office where your business partners come to meet with you. 

Another thing that I should tell you is that ceramic heaters are quick and efficient. They don’t take more than several minutes to heat up and start increasing the temperature in the surrounding area. Most of the units have adjustable heat settings to ensure that the warmth of the space is just the way you like it.

However, you should always consider a heater’s size and power. If we keep in mind that they are, in most cases, of compact design, you shouldn’t expect that you can warm a large room with a single ceramic appliance.

Are Ceramic Heaters Safe To Leave For Overnight

Giving a definite answer to this question is hard. First of all, there is no doubt that ceramic heaters are among the safest heating appliances on the market.

As such, they present the lowest risk of something going wrong during the night. The problem is that the list of reasons for leaving the product on when you are sleeping ends there.

On the other hand, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t leave your heater overnight. The report published by NFPA does not offer encouraging data.

In fact, according to it, 15% of fires reported to them between 2011 and 2015 were caused by heating appliances. An even scarier fact is that almost every five of those fires (19%) resulted in fatalities. 

When it comes to reasons behind the fires, more than half of them (53%) were caused by people leaving inflammable items close to the heat source. That means they made a mistake of placing their heater neat the bedding, clothing, or furniture.

It doesn’t matter if your house is new and you think your wiring is faultless. You never know when something can go wrong. And even though ceramic heaters are compact, the electricity they deliver is considerable.

Don’t rely on your sense of smell or think that you would be able to deal with the fire. It only takes a couple of seconds before it becomes too late.

I don’t want to scare you, but the conclusion seems obvious. It’s just not worth taking the risk and leaving a ceramic heater overnight. Instead, make sure that it is working while you are awake. You have the entire evening to warm up the bedroom.

You might be a bit cold in the morning, but your safety is the primary concern. While we are on the topic, let’s discuss some ceramic heaters safety tips.

Safety Tips

Ceramic heaters come with numerous features whose goal is to keep you safe and avoid any issues when using the units. Here is what you should look for in this area:

Thermal Overload and Tip-Over Protection

Thermal overload protection is a feature that continually monitors the temperature of the heater’s components. They have a sensor that turns on in case one of the elements becomes too hot. If that happens, the appliance is turned off automatically.

This feature is also known as over-heat protection, and the ceramic heaters of the highest quality come with it.

Most models today also have a protection feature related to tipping the unit over. It might be that you accidentally pushed it and it ended on the floor. It might also be that your child was playing and ran into the product.

Regardless of what is the reason, if the unit gets tipped over, this feature will automatically turn the appliance off. That way nothing can go wrong. 

Look for Safety Certifications

You want to check the box for proof that the heater was tested and that it complies with safety standards. These standards are different depending on the part of the world you are in, but the truth is that having safety certifications can only be a benefit.

Avoid Extension Cords

I have several reasons why you should avoid extension cords for your plug in ceramic heater. First of all, something might go wrong with it. That can lead to overheating issues and maybe even fires. Next, what if somebody trips on the cord?

The least that can cause is that your heater will stop providing heat because the cable was unplugged. But it can also damage the unit and cause fires. That is why the safe thing to do is to plug your heating appliances directly into an available power outlet. 

The Three Feet Rule

When choosing the location to place my heater, I use the three feet rule. That means you should put the appliance at least three feet away from any flammable items, including rugs, bedding, furniture, clothing, and so on. It is the best way of avoiding the risk of the things getting on fire from the heat produced by the heater.

Always Be Around

If your heater is working, make sure that it’s in your line of sight. Ceramic heating appliances are generally safe, but you never know when something goes wrong. Being around enables you to react instantly in case of an issue.

Final Note

That sums up the review on the best ceramic heater currently available. If you only had a general idea or a desire to purchase a heating appliance, I hope that this article was able to inform you of details on the best units for the money.

It’s hard to make a wrong choice with ceramic room heaters, but there are things to keep in mind when choosing a suitable one. Size of the space, design, and price are only some of the considerations. Regardless of the model, you select, please don’t forget about safety and make sure to take all precautions when using the appliance!

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