Best Dog House Heaters In 2022 Reviews With Buying Guide

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If you are a pet owner that lives in an area with extremely cold winters then you undoubtedly have considered a dog house heater to protect your fur-baby in the winter months.  

We love our pets and when readers began to ask us about heaters for their dog kennels, we sought out pet owners, veterinarians, and kennel managers to help us discover which of these appliances are the most effective.

Our panel of experts tried many different heater types and models and they found the following items to be safe, effective, and budget-friendly.

Best Dog House Heater 2022 Review

1. Hound Heater Akoma Dog House Furnace

 Hound Heater Akoma Dog House Furnace

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Heat and cold are addressed with this Heat-n-Breeze fan. Your pet can be comfortable at any time of the year using this appliance.

In the summer the fan will bring outside air into the house and lower the temperature. In the winter the powerful heater will warm the air in the house and keep your animal safe from freezing and feeling warm and toasty.

Corded electrical heaters such as this one do not emit poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. 

It is also designed with a thermostat that allows you to set your preferred temperature and the device will power on when it needs to increase or decrease the temperature in the kennel.

You do not have to run outside in the dead of winter to turn the heater on for the dog because once you have set the thermostat you can forget it. Your pet will stay comfortable and you do not have to worry about their safety.

The unit mounts on top of the roof so the animal does not come into contact with it.

2. Dog House Heater Plus Model – UL and CE Approved

Dog House Heater Plus Model - UL and CE Approved

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An anti-chew cord is designed on this device to deter animals from wanting to chew on the cord and cause a short or be injured.

The device has a temperature regulator that will shut the unit completely off if the temperature reaches too high of a level.

Your animal will be warm and cozy through the cold winter nights, and you will be assured of their safety.

Energy efficiency is designed into the unit so you set the internal thermostat for the desired temperature and the device powers off when it exceeds that temperature. It stays off until the temperature drops below the desired level and then it powers on to maintain a precise temp.

It is an electric appliance with a power cord so it does not need to be hardwired. It does not produce harmful gases and it is safe to operate.

Installation is easily accomplished with a measuring tape, drill and 1 1/8” bit, and a screwdriver. It can be mounted on the ceiling or the sidewall of the house so it does not take up any room inside the unit.

3. K&H PET PRODUCTS Lectro Soft


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Heated pads provide comfortable warmth for your animal and they do not allow the air to become overly heated.

The animal remains warm and cozy but they are not in any danger of overheating or being exposed to serious gases like carbon monoxide.

The soft orthopedic foam of this cozy heated dog bed is covered with a fleece outer layer. It is powered by a 5 ½-foot long power cord that is steel wrapped so the dog cannot chew into the wiring or break the insulated covering on the cord.

Thermostatic controls allow you to choose exactly how warm the bed gets. That way it can be set for mild warmth when the temperature is cool and for added warmth when the temperatures are going to be below freezing for six hours or longer.

When the temperature remains at or below freezing for more than six hours it is considered to be a hard freeze night. During a hard freeze, night protect the three p’s- plants, pets, and pipes.

All of the USA/CA electrical safety requirements established by MET labs are met by the design of this heating device.

4. U-pick Dog House Heater Heated Dog House Furnace

 U-pick Dog House Heater Heated Dog House Furnace

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Graphene crystal heating film is used in the creation of this heater so that it heats the air in the dog house without drying the air out.

This heater provides Fido with a warm and cozy bed area and does not interfere with the dog’s ability to breathe because it does not strip the moisture from the air.

Mount this unit on the wall or side of the dog kennel so it allows your pet to retain all of their floor space so they can sleep comfortably.

You also do not have to worry about the pet bedding coming into contact with the heating device.

This is a corded unit so you do not have to do any hard-wiring or make any electrical connections to install this device. Simply mount the unit on the side of the dog house and plug the cord into the standard household outlet.

5. Hound Heater Dog House Furnace Deluxe With Cord Protector

Hound Heater Dog House Furnace Deluxe With Cord Protector

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A domed plate surrounds the heating unit so your animal is in no danger of suffering from a contact burn if they accidentally bump into this unit.

The heater is designed to mount on top of the dog house or on the wall and should be installed high enough that the animal has plenty of room to move around and will not likely come into contact with it.

The automatic thermostat controls the temperature of the air so the dog house does not get too hot. When the thermostat senses that the air has reached the desired temperature power off the heating element until the temperature drops and more heat is required.

If you plug this unit into an extension cord you must use a cord that is heavy duty and designed for outdoor use. The heater is a corded device so no electrician is needed to install it in your dog kennel.

6. Akoma Heat-N-Breeze Dog House Heater

Akoma Heat-N-Breeze Dog House Heater

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An eight-foot-long power cord is attached to this heating unit. The cord is wrapped and protected so it discourages dogs from chewing on it. The cord is safe to use outside and has a three-prong grounded end.

The heater is meant to mount on the dog house and not to be sat of the floor inside the dog house. The heating element in the heater should last about 50,000 hours. 

If the element goes out it can easily be replaced so you do not have to buy a new heater, just a new element. The fan should last for about 30,000 hours. If the fan goes out it can be replaced and you do not need a new heater just a new fan.

The fan is designed primarily to keep your dog cool during the hot months of the year. It circulates outside air into the house so Fido stays cool and comfy. This unit is very quiet while it is operating. The sounds it makes will not disturb you or your pet in any way.

Buying Guide of the Best Heater for Dog House

If you do live in an area that gets very cold during the winter months and are considering a heater for your dog house, familiarize yourself with some of the features these heating units may need to have.

You want a heater that will keep your pet warm and cozy, but most importantly you want a heater that will be safe to operate in your pets’ home.

Read all reviews and details about the heater before you make up your mind on which one to buy. Consider the benefits the heater has to offer and the possible problems that the heater could initiate.

After weighing these pros and cons then compare heaters and choose the best one according to your personal needs and preferences.


A heater that is used in a dog house needs to have a built-in thermostat that will allow it to shut off periodically when the temperature inside the kennel reaches a specified degree. These thermostats will prevent the device from over-heating the inside of the house and making the animal uncomfortable.

Outdoor Approved

Make sure that the heater you choose for your dog house is approved to be used outdoors or indoors.

If the device is designed to be fueled by gas such as propane or kerosene there is a risk that it will create carbon monoxide and could be potentially dangerous for the animal.


The materials the device is made of needs to be sturdy, and weather resilient. You want an item that can take the punishment of being outdoors without being compromised. 


One of the most important things to consider is the size of the heater and the size of the dog house the heater is designed to be used in. You do not want to install a heater meant for a large dog house into a small dog house. The smaller dog houses are often not built to accommodate heaters at all.

It is much better to put a heater that is smaller than what you want inside the house than for you to put a heater that creates too much heat that could cause your dog to be uncomfortable or injured.

Corded or Hardwire Connect

Some heaters will have electrical cords and plugs that plug into a household outlet. Other heaters will need to be hardwired into an electrical power source. Make certain you understand how to provide power to the unit in a safe and effective method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I heat a dog house?

If you live in an area where the temperatures drop to freezing and below, and maintain that amount of cold for a period of 6 hours or longer, then you probably need to heat your dog house. If you live in an area that very seldom sees temperature below freezing for an extended amount of time you may not need to put a heater in your dog house.

If your dog is about to whelp, they need more warmth, if they are very young, they need more warmth, and if the animal is very old, they need more warmth.

2. How to Heat an Outdoor Dog House Safely and Reliably?

There are several methods of helping your dog stay warm in the frigid winter temperatures. You should have an insulated dog house that has the door opening facing the south. You can install heating pads, heat lamps, or specialized dog house heaters if you live in an area that sees below freezing weather conditions that last long periods of time, on a frequent basis.

3. Are dog house heaters safe?

The dog house heaters are very safe and effective but you must be sure to buy a heater that is designed for use in a dog house. You also have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and maintenance, to the letter.

4. Are heaters bad for dogs?

Heaters that use gas fuels like propane can be hazardous for animals because those heating units produce carbon monoxide, which can be a deadly gas. Most dog houses do not have sufficient ventilation to allow the harmful gas to dissipate, so only electric-powered heaters should be considered for dog houses.

5. Why do dogs love the heater?

Dogs like to be warm and the cold weather can cause them to have body aches and be uncomfortable. If they find a source of heat, they gravitate to that heat to try and soak up as much as they can. They love the heaters because the heaters give off warmth that they crave.

6. Where should I place the heater? 

Heater boxes should be placed on the roof of the dog house to protect the animal. The sleeping space is not reduced because the unit is mounted above the animals’ bed, and the animal cannot be overheated or injured because the heating unit is above them not under them.

Maintenance tips for dog kennel heaters

The heater in your dog house has to be checked and maintained more than the unit you use inside your home. The dog house heaters are subjected to more intense weather conditions, and they must be inspected, and properly maintained to make sure they work properly and do not create a fire hazard.

Check the Electrical Source

You want to make sure that you inspect the electrical wiring that provides power for your dog house on a regular basis. Ideally, you want this wiring to be housed inside a conduit that will protect it from exposure to rain, moisture, the sun, and the animal.

If the wiring connections are not properly covered you can have a fire hazard.

If any portion of the wire is not housed in conduit then carefully check it to make sure there are no breaks, nicks, or cuts in the outer protective layer of the wiring.

Inspect the Heater

This is especially important if the heater is a pad style heater that the animal sleeps on. Check the heater to make sure the animal has not chewed on it and to make sure that it is properly intact.

Test the Heater

Turn the heater on while you are outside and check to see if the unit is working. If it is a pad style device lay your hand on top of the unit to make sure it does not get too warm. If it is a unit that is installed in the roof or ceiling of the kennel hold your hand inside the house to make sure that the air gets warm, but that the heat is not so great that your hand becomes uncomfortable.

Final Note

If you are looking for a heating and cooling unit to keep your animal comfortable all of the time, we suggest the Heat-n-Breeze. It has a power cord that is eight-foot-long, and it has a built-in thermostat.

If you would prefer to get your pet a dog bed that is heated then we suggest the Lectro Soft Heated Outdoor cushion. It is comfortable, provides warmth, and safe to use outside or inside.

A dog heater will give your pet more comfort in the winter. It will also allow you to know that your pet is safe and protected during the cold.

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