Best Electric Baseboard Heaters In 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A large number of our readers have asked us about baseboard heaters. These devices are low-profile and do not require a huge amount of floor space. They are attractive, quiet, and can be used in addition to other heating units or as the only heat source in a home.

Before suggesting any of these appliances we asked a panel of heating and cooling experts to review some of them and tell us which ones they would use in their own homes.

The following list is the heaters these individuals found to be the safest, most technologically advanced, economical to operate, and user friendly.

Best Electric Baseboard Heater 2022 Reviews

1. DIMPLEX North America LF34DWS-KIT Wireless Heater

DIMPLEX North America LF34DWS-KIT Wireless Heater

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This heater is designed to heat a large space. It produces 2500 watts of heat so it can easily heat an area that has 250 square feet. It does require a 240-volt electrical supply because it is so large.

With the ability to produce that amount of heat you would expect a large unit. This device is relatively small in length for the amount of heat it produces.

That length is 42% shorter than the average baseboard heater that produces 2500 watts would be. The compact size stops the unit from limiting your ability to arrange your furnishings in your room, and it makes it less noticeable.

This is a whisper-quiet heater. When it is running it will not interfere with your sleeping, watching television, or anything else. It is also highly efficient and uses as much as 33% less energy than other comparable heating sources.

It has a built-in thermostat so no external thermostat is required. The unit is compatible with external wireless thermostats and other temperature control units that may already be present in your home. It is easy to install and meets all of the requirements and regulations established by CSA.

2. KING 4K1210BW Electric Baseboard Heaters

KING 4K1210BW Electric Baseboard Heaters

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In order to create the maximum amount of heat transfer, this unit is designed with crush-proof aluminum finning pieces that are welded to the heating element.

This design creates a flue type space that drafts the heat upward and outward like the flue from your chimney would. It is designed so that it can be wired from either end of the device.

That allows it to be more versatile about placement. It does require an external thermostat for proper operation. This unit is whisper quiet.

It is a great heater for the living room, bedroom, or nursery because it does not make any noise that would keep you from sleeping or disturb you while you watch television.

A high-temperature safety shut-off is designed into the device to protect you. This reduces the possibility of fire or electrical shorts. It is manufactured in the United States and meets or exceeds all requirements established for heaters of this variety.

This unit connects to a standard 120V electrical supply. It produces 1000 watts of heat and measures just 48 inches in length. It weighs only 11 pounds, and for best results, you should install this unit on the baseboards under a window.

3. Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Fahrenheat PLF Liquid Filled Electric Hydronic Baseboard Heater

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Safety is the key feature of this heating device. It can easily be used in homes that have children and pets living in them. It stays cool to the touch on the exterior so it reduces the possibility of contact burns.

It provides radiant heat that warms the air but is not likely to ignite items in close proximity to the unit.

You will love how easy this device is to install. It does not have to have the typical one-inch space between the floor and the heater so it can be installed flat against the floor.

It can mount to any wall surface, and can even be in contact with tile, wood, or carpeted flooring. The heater can even be sat on the floor instead of permanently installed so you can store it in the summer months.

Energy efficiency allows this unit to provide the maximum amount of heat without using a lot of electricity. The overheating feature will automatically stop this unit from working if the air intake should become blocked by dust or other matter.

This little heater is only 46 inches in length and it weighs less than 17 pounds. It is white and designed to be simply plugged into a wall outlet so you do not have to have an electrician to install.

4. Cadet Manufacturing 09956 Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater

Cadet Manufacturing 09956 Baseboard Hardwire Electric Zone Heater

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At 72 inches in length, this heating appliance is capable of producing 1500 watts of heat that is capable of heating a 12 x 12 room when used as the primary heat source. It is made in the USA out of 25-gauge steel so it is tough and durable.

This unit is designed to be hard-wired into your electrical supply and does not come with a power cord. You may need an electrician to complete the set-up for you. It does come with a 20-gauge junction box that has a ground.

There are pre-punched knock-outs established at one-inch intervals along the unit to make it easier to install. It has a design that maximizes the surface area of the heater and directly increases the drafting of the heat and the speed in which the device can heat the air in a room.

Safety features like a high-temperature automatic shut0off allow this heater to work harder and be less likely to be a fire hazard. If the air vents should be covered the unit will simply not operate until the dust or debris is removed and it is safe for the heater to operate.

5. Cadet Manufacturing 05532 Baseboard Hardwire Heater

Cadet Manufacturing 05532 Baseboard Hardwire Heater

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750 watts of heating power is available from this compact, 36-inch baseboard mounted appliance. The compact design is a result of a construction application that allowed the surface area to be reduced and the flue actions to be increased so the device could effectively funnel more heated air into the room.

It has a powder-coated finish that is attractive and durable so it stays attractive for a lot longer. It is designed with pre-punched knock-outs that are spaced every inch so you can easily install the unit wherever you choose.

It is also adaptable so it can be wired into the electrical supply from either end. That makes it possible to put this unit in a lot more places. It is recommended that you install the device beneath a window for the maximum results.

Works great in living rooms, dining rooms, dens, kitchen areas, bedrooms, daycares, or nursery rooms because this heater does not have a blower that infiltrates the air with dust and allergens. It also works quietly so it does not disturb you or awaken you while you are sleeping.

6. Cadet Manufacturing 09954 Electric Zone Heater

Cadet Manufacturing 09954 Electric Zone Heaters

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This heater will provide you with 1000 watts of heat. It requires a 240V electrical supply and an external thermostat. It is perfect for providing supplemental heat to a bedroom or living area. It can even be used as a primary heat source in an area that has about 100 square feet of space.

This is a hardwired unit and does not come with an electrical plug-in. You may have to have a professional help you install this. It is actually very easy to install and most homeowners would have no problem doing this.

You could even connect an electric cord and plug to the unit so it could be relocated from one area to another.

It is very quiet while in operation and it is small and compact so it does not cause you to have to lose any floor space or rearrange your entire room in order to install the device.

It has all of the latest over-heat and safety features built into it. It is not a casual contact burn danger because it remains relatively cool to the touch. It also does not blow allergens around the room.

7. Marley HBB1254 Baseboard Heaters

Marley HBB1254 Baseboard Heaters

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Smooth and steady warmth is emitted without the fluctuations of temperature swings. Even after the thermostat shuts down the heater emits warmth from the fluid-immersed heating element.

This fluid-immersed element retains heat so the air in your room remains warm for longer amounts of time.

This heater emits a natural convection airflow. It does not have a blower attached so it does not blow dust or allergens around your room. It simply works quietly and efficiently to heat your room and keep you comfortable.

This heater operates on 240V electrical supplies and it produces 2500 watts of heat. It is slim in design and looks attractive in your room, plus it is shorter than many conventional baseboard heaters that produce these many watts.

It is only 58 inches long so it does not require a lot of free space in your room.

This is a corded appliance. You can install it by simply plugging it into an existing electrical outlet and do not have to hire an electrician or professional. It is easy to operate, easy to install and very durable.

How to choose the best electric baseboard Space heater

Baseboard heaters can help you add warmth to a room and that reduces the amount of workload your central heating unit has.

These heaters can also allow someone who likes a room to be warmer than the other family members to have a warmer room without the thermostat for the whole house being set at a higher temperature.

Before you purchase a baseboard, space heater considers all of the pros and cons and features these heaters offer. Then make a list of which of the features will be beneficial to you. This will allow you to choose a heater that will do what you need.

What do you need the heater to do?

Your purpose for the heater will help you to choose the right appliance. If this heater will be the only heat source you want to make sure that you get one large enough to heat the room properly.

If the heater is going to be used as supplemental heat you can buy a smaller device and still get the service you want.

How Big does your heater need to be?

For the best calculation, you need the heater to have a 10-watt output for each square foot in the room. If the room is 12 x 12 the square footage will equal 144 square feet. You multiple the square feet by 10 to discern the needed wattage.

For a 12 x 12 room, you need a heater with a wattage output of 1440 if the heater is the only heat source. If the heater is a supplemental heat source you can use a smaller device.

Heater Length

For the most part the longer the heater is the more wattage and heat it can produce.

Does it Require a Thermostat?

Some of the heating units come with their own thermostat that controls when they kick on and off. Some of these devices will require you to install an external thermostat to control when they kick on and off.

How does it connect?

Some of these devices have simple electrical plugs that you plug into your common household electric outlet. Some of these devices need to be hard-wired into the electrical supply of the house.

When the device requires you to hard-wire it into the house system you will more than likely want to hire a professional electrician to do the installation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are new electric baseboard heaters more energy efficient?

Yes. The newer models of baseboard heaters have the latest safety technology designed into them so they are safer. They also use different heating coils and new technology that allows them to heat more efficiently and use less electricity.

2. Are plug-in baseboard heaters safe?

The fire dangers associated with these units are very low. You need to keep 6 inches around the heater clear and do not hang draperies that touch the heater. Also, keep the dust cleaned from the top to reduce fire hazards.

3. Can electric baseboard heaters catch fire?

One of these heating units can catch fire. They are for the most part very safe to operate but in cases where an excess of dust is allowed to gather on the top of the heater, or when things are placed too close to the heater, or the heater is in disrepair or the electrical circuitry is overloaded then the unit can catch fire.

4. How many electric baseboard heaters do I need?

`To determine the number of baseboard heaters you need in a room consider the wattage of the unit. The longer the heater is the more wattage it is capable of producing. To quickly determine how much wattage would be needed in your home multiple the square footage of the room by 10. A 12 x 12 room has 144 square feet so it needs 1440 wattage of heat to control the room temperature.

5. Is electric baseboard heat Expensive?

These units can be expensive to operate if you live in an area that has really cold temperatures for a long period of time during the winter. If you use this heat source as the primary source you can find them expensive to operate. When you use these units in warmer climates or as a secondary heat source to supplement the heat in a room, they can be economical to operate.

Pros and Cons of Electric Baseboard Heater

The best way to consider an item is to weigh the pros and cons it offers. Then you can see if the benefits you will earn are greater than the cons it will have.


  • Easy to relocate if you do not like the position it is in
  • There are no moving parts in the unit so there are fewer components that can malfunction or need repair.
  • Can add heat to a room so your central heating unit does not have to work as hard.
  • These are easy enough to install that most homeowners can do this without the help of an electrician.
  • These units are relatively inexpensive to purchase.
  • You can add these to rooms where you might like additional heat without raising the temperature of the entire home.
  • Works great in older homes and homes that do not have access to central heating ducts.
  • The heaters are quiet when they are running


  • Can be expensive to operate.
  • They limit the ways you can arrange your furniture.
  • Requires you to keep them dusted and free of dirt and grime.
  • Limit the style of draperies you can use on the windows. You need to maintain 6 inches in front of and above the heater so that there is nothing that could cause a fire hazard close to the unit.
  • The air enters from beneath the unit so they must have at least a one-inch space between them and the floor.
  • The hallways in your home will not be sufficiently heated.

Final Note

If you are considering a baseboard style heating unit that requires 240V electrical service we suggest you look again at the Cadet Manufacturing 09956. This is a large heater with ample power and the latest in safety technology.

If you are looking for a smaller device that is powered by 110v electrical service we suggest you examine the Cadet Manufacturing 05532. This unit is great for a small room or when supplemental heat is needed.

No matter what unit you decide to try, a baseboard heating device will bring added warmth into your home.

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