Best Ethanol Fireplaces In 2022 – Unbiased Reviews & Guide

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Bioethanol fuel creates a warm fire that does not produce thick acrid smoke like other fuels that burn. It also creates no harmful gases. As a result, it is safe to use in buildings and structures that do not have a chimney for the smoke and fumes to escape from.

We wanted to suggest the best bioethanol fireplaces to our readers. In order to do so, we asked a group of people to try these heaters out and tell us the benefits they found and the things they did not like about them. Then we compiled our list using the most frequently recommended devices.

Best Bio Ethanol Fireplace Reviews 2022

1. 43 Inch Ethanol Wall Mounted Fireplace by Regal Flame

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This is a recessed wall-mounted heating appliance that will not protrude from the wall. The front of the heater sits flush with the wall covering.

This is possible because the fuel does not create smoke or harmful gases that demand extra ventilation or chimneys to remove odors and gases.

You do not have to run a supply line to the device because the fuel is poured into containers beneath the burners. When the fuel runs out you simply refill the container. You can install this unit without an electrician or plumber because you need no electrical connections or gas lines.

It produces 12,000 BTUs and that is enough heat to warm a room that is 850 square feet. The flames produced by the fuel will reach heights of 12 to 14 inches so they are mesmerizing and able to be seen from a larger distance.

Cleaning up after using this device is easy because the flames produce no ash, soot, or debris. The fuel is not messy like logs and wood chips are so the fuel does not add dirt and debris to your floor.

2. 38” Wall Mounted Bioethanol Fireplace by Tangkula

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This is a beautiful wall-mounted heater that saves floor space. It does not need a vent and does not produce harmful gases or smoke. Therefore, it is safe to use in homes that have children and pets.

You do not need to connect electricity or gas lines to the heater to make it produce beautiful flames that provide warmth, and atmosphere to your room.

The flames are realistic and they flicker and dance but they do not create ash, soot, or acrid smoke while they are burning.

The fuel container on this heater holds 1.5 liters of bioethanol. Therefore, the heater can produce heat for four to six hours without a refill. The unit has a construction of stainless steel so it is strong, durable, and attractive. It is rust and corrosion resistant and super easy to clean. You simply use a soft cloth and wipe the unit down while it is not in service.

The installation is easy and the majority of homeowners install this device themselves. It does not require alteration to your wall, and you do not have to be careful to place it close to a vent outlet. It requires no vent and you can even hang pictures or your television on the wall above it.

3. Chelsea Wall Mount Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace

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This heater is an excellent way to add additional heat to a portion of your home or to heat a small room. The fireplace is small and will not take up a lot of space on your wall.

It requires no vents, no gas lines, no electrical outlets, or external components to operate. It is black and looks amazing in the majority of decors.

The flames are visible through a clear glass covering that never gets cloudy with soot, ash, or residue. Cleaning the unit is as simple as wiping the exterior off with your dust rag to remove common household dust and lint.

This device is safe to use in nurseries and homes where children, elderly people, and pets live. It creates no harmful or foul odors when burning, it creates no carbon dioxide gas that can be deadly, and it creates no smoke, ash, or soot. It is clean-burning, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

If you do have children in your home we recommended that you mount the fireplace high enough on the wall that the children cannot reach it. The glass on the outside of the unit does heat up when the flames are lit and this could cause a burn to a child’s bare hand.

4. 24” Ethanol Fueled Log Set by Regal Flame

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The appearance of logs. The beauty of real flames dancing and flickering. No soot or ash. No messy clean-up to do after you put out the fire. Also, no hearth to shovel, no soot on carpet, no chimney needed, no foul odors. You get all of the beauty of burning logs with none of the mess and intrusion.

This set of logs requires no gas line connections. You do not need a flue. It is light enough to pick up and move without any problems.

It is fueled by ethanol that is held in a container that can accommodate as much as 2.6 liters of fuel at a time. You get a long-lasting fire that is clean and friendly to your home.

With the amount of fuel, this unit holds you can expect your fire to burn continuously for a period of four to six hours. You can enjoy the entire evening sitting by the fire, and when the fuel runs out, the flame goes out, and there is no danger of a fire starting back up, or hot coals dropping onto your floor.

5. SoHo Wall Mount Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace

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The white frame of this wall-mounted fireplace allows it to blend into any décor and look clean and fresh. It has a glass covering over the fire flames to protect you and keep things from being able to access the flames. The fire is not going to spread from the unit to anything else in your home.

This unit produces ample heat without a gas line connection or electrical plug.

If your power goes out you can still fill the ethanol container and operate this fireplace. You do not need a chimney or external vents because the burning ethanol does not produce smoke, ash, or soot. You simply get clean flames with no harsh odors or harmful gases.

When you are through enjoying the beauty of the flames you simply close the lid on the fuel container and the flame extinguishes. There are no hot coals or residue to deal with. Once the flame is out it will not re-ignite until you open the fuel container lid and strike a match to the burner.

6. Recessed Wall Bioethanol Fireplace by IGNIS

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This unit is super easy to install. The stainless-steel frame gives it character and definition. The glass in front of the flames enhances their flickering effect and protects pets and accidental contact with the fire. The glass does not completely cover the front of the unit because fire needs oxygen as well as the fuel source.

The unit comes with everything you need to make the installation. It even comes with a dampening tool that allows you to safely extinguish the flames and prevent burns or flame contact. It is a maintenance-free device. You simply refill the ethanol container when it runs dry and lights the fire. It creates no ash, soot, or residue so the only thing you have to clean from the fireplace is normal household dust.

You can safely use this fireplace in homes with children or people who are allergic to smoke or suffer from breathing conditions such as COPD or asthma. If you do have children remember that the glass front of the unit does get quite warm so place the unit high enough that children cannot reach it.

7. Recessed Bioethanol Fireplace by Elite Flame

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24,000 BTUs provide you with enough warmth to heat a 1450 square foot area. This device does not require any electrical connections so if the power goes out you will still have heat. It does not require a gas line connection. As a result, the location or placement of the fireplace does not have to be close to an exterior wall to operate.

You do not need a chimney or extra ventilation while using this unit. It does not create smoke, ash, or soot so it can be used in an enclosed room with no ill effects. You can mount it on any type of wall covering like sheetrock, paneling, or tile. Just make sure the mounting brackets are secured into studs.

The fireplace has four burners that give you warmth and beautiful flames. It has decorative glass on the front to keep the flames from being easily accessed.

It is safe to use in homes with children. However, you must understand that certain components of the fireplace do get hot enough to create a contact burn if they are touched by bare skin.

8. Elite Lenox Recessed Wall Mounted Fireplace by Regal Flame

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This fireplace produces 18,000 BTUs so it will provide enough warmth for 1200 square feet of space. It mounts on the wall so you do not have to give up valuable floor space.

You can mount the unit high enough that children and pets cannot come into contact with the exterior surfaces that get warm during use.

It has a fuel container that supplies ethanol to the burners that create the flames. The ethanol burns cleanly and does not produce smoke, ash, soot, or harmful gases.

You do not need a vent or chimney to operate this unit. It is excellent for apartment buildings, basements, and condominiums.

The flames of the fire are beautiful and looking at the dancing firelight makes you feel warmer. You can sit back and enjoy the beauty of a natural fire without getting the nastiness of the ash and soot that needs cleaning up after you burn a log fire.

This device is very easy to install and you can use it indoors or outdoors on your patio. You can reduce your electricity and gas costs each month by supplementing your heat with this gorgeous fireplace.

9. 47” Recessed Wall Mount Bioethanol Fireplace by ATR

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This big beautiful fireplace is a work of art that will increase the beauty and comfort of your home. It produces two independent flames because it has two independent burners inside the unit. The fuel container holds 1.5 liters that will power each burner for a period of four to six hours.

No electrical connections or gas line connections are necessary for the unit. As a result, you do not have to hire a professional to install this device for you.

The stainless frame of this device ensures you a durable item that will never succumb to the ravages of rust or corrosion. The interior of the unit is powder-coated. That’s why it can withstand the high temperatures of the live flames without any damage or distortion.

The partial glass adds a decorative touch to the front and stops incidental contact with the flames when they are lit.

How to Choose the Best Ethanol Fireplaces

If you are considering getting an ethanol fireplace you should take the time to learn about the many features and benefits the different appliances offer. You also need to consider how you plan to use the unit, so you can determine the size of the appliance that you need.


The design of the fireplace will play a huge part in the fireplace you choose. These appliances are made to hang on the wall, to be recessed into the wall, they come as burners you can sit in the bottom of a traditional fireplace, and they come as fake log sets you can use in an existing fireplace.

You have to decide what design will look best and be the most beneficial in your home and then choose that design. If you do not have a fireplace hearth ready to put a burner or log set in then you need to buy a wall-mounted unit.

Heat Productivity

The different sizes of fireplaces will produce different amounts of heat. You want to choose a fireplace size that will produce the amount of heat you need to help keep your room or home at a comfortable temperature.

Single or Dual Flame

Some of these appliances have the ability to produce multiple flames because they have multiple burners. The multiple burners create more heat but they also take more fuel to operate. You need to decide if the extra heat is worth the extra fuel you will need.

Low and High Settings

Some of the ethanol fireplaces have a low setting that produces a lesser amount of heat and a high setting. When you operate the unit on the lower setting it will consume less fuel.

The lower setting also allows you to increase the warmth of a room slightly without getting the room too hot.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You want to get a fireplace that is very easy to clean and maintain. One way to discern the difficulty that will be involved in the cleaning and maintenance is to read customer reviews of the product.


You want to make sure that you are buying a unit that does not produce smoke. You also want a device that does not require external venting to remove harmful odors or gases.

FAQ on Bio Ethanol Fireplace

1. What is an ethanol fireplace?

An ethanol fireplace is a heating device that uses ethanol fuel to produce heat. Ethanol fuel does not require extra ventilation. Also, you don’t need any chimney. Therefore, the fireplaces can be excellent in any home or structure without the hazards of foul gases or heavy smoke.

2. How does an ethanol fireplace work?

On an ethanol fireplace, there will be a burner and a container that holds the fuel. You will fill the fuel container and then light the burner. Some of the fireplaces allow you to adjust the fuel opening of the burner and cause the fireplace to work on a lower setting producing lesser amounts of heat and consuming lesser amounts of fuel per hour.

3. Where to buy ethanol fuel for the fireplace

Ethanol fuel for fireplaces is readily available at big retail stores like Lowes, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and other similar retail merchants. You can also order the fuel from online retailers and have it delivered straight to your door.

4. Do ethanol fireplaces give off heat?

Ethanol fireplaces are sources of heat. However, you should not consider them as the primary heat source for a home. They add more heat to a room and help you to keep your thermostat for your larger heating unit turned on in a cooler setting to save you money.

5. Do ethanol fireplaces smell?

There is a mild alcohol scent associated with burning bioethanol. The odor is very slight and most people are not bothered by it. If your unit produces a foul odor you need to shut it down and check for blockages of the flame.

6. Are ethanol fireplaces expensive to run?

The average cost to operate a bioethanol fireplace in your home is between 1 and 3 dollars. The size of your fireplace and whether you use the highest setting or the lowest setting will make a big difference in the cost of operating the heating appliance.

7. What are the disadvantages of bioethanol

Some of the drawbacks of bioethanol are:

  • The amount of land it takes to grow the crops that create the fuel
  • The diversion of land that is being used to grow food to growing fuel sources could reduce the amount of food grown and cause food shortages or food prices to soar
  • Bioethanol produces less energy when burned than gasoline so it is less efficient than other liquid fuels
  • The supply of bioethanol is not as easy to access

8. Can you put a TV above a bioethanol fireplace?

It is possible for you to mount your television above a bioethanol fueled fireplace. The bioethanol does not create any smoke or harmful gases that can interrupt your television. You do want a fireplace that has a closed top if you plan to mount a television or electronic device above the unit. You also want to put enough distance between the television and the fireplace that you do not have heat damages occur to your television.

9. How long does a liter of bioethanol fuel last?

Most people find that one liter of bioethanol fuel will be able to burn for about four hours on the highest heat setting. If you burn your heater on the lowest heat setting you can increase the length of time the bioethanol fuel lasts to about 8 hours.

Final Note

If you are searching for a large wall-mounted bio ethanol burning fireplace, we suggest you look at the 47” Recessed Wall Mount Bioethanol Fireplace by ATR. This unit has dual flames, creates no smoke so it needs no extra ventilation, and can be flat mounted or recessed into the wall.

If you are looking for fireplace logs that are fueled by bioethanol to set in your existing fireplace, we suggest the Ethanol Fireplace Log Set manufactured by Regal Flame. You get all of the warmth and beauty of a log fire with none of the mess or hassle.

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