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A fire pit cover is used to protect your fire pit and your home as well. The covers should stop the wind from swooping into the burning coals and lifting embers up and depositing them where they can start a fire. They should also stop rain from filling the inside of your pit and making a complete soggy mess.

To determine which covers are going to serve our readers best we asked outdoor fire pit owners to try several of these products and tell us their opinions of them.

With the opinions, the fire pit owners also told us about some of the great features of these items. Moreover, they informed us how to select the one that would be most useful for our needs.

Best fire pit covers 2022 Reviews

1. Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover

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This fire pit cover is not a simple lid that goes over the open section of the firebox. It is a complete cover that encompasses the entire appliance and protects it from rain, and pesky critters like wasps.

It is a square cover that measures 28” x 28” x 25” and it is water-resistant. The cover comes complete with seam sealing tape so you can secure your cover.

Wasps and other creatures will crawl inside a pit that is not being used regularly and build nests. When you go to light the pit you get the rath of these creatures. With this water-resistant cover, you seal the opening with the seam tape and the critters stay away.

There are vents on either side of the unit that stop the wind from getting under the cover and lifting it off of the ground. Those vents allow air in, but they have mesh coverings so nothing but air can enter through them.

You get a secure fit around your pit because of the elastic hem cord and lower strap. You pull it tight and make it cover your unit properly. The woven ribbon design on the side of the air vents is excellent. They allow you to use them to lift the cover off of the pit easily.

2. Quickflame Square Gas Firepit Cover

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This fire pit cover fits the Bond Lari, the Blue Rhino, the Hiland Gas, the Xtremenpower US, and any other 33” firepits with a square shape.

It covers the entire pit and offers protection from the elements of Mother Nature when your pit is not in use. This is a heavy cover that weighs about 3 pounds, whereas the typical covers you find weigh only one to one and one-half pounds. 

The weight is due to the use of heavy-duty NAPSA material as the lining of the cover. This heavy-duty material makes the item water-resistant and makes it more durable.

The pit cover is easy to install over your square fire pit and just as easy to remove when you are ready to enjoy a fire. It helps you to maintain cleanliness and protect the bowl of your fire pit. Therefore, water and condensation do not get to the interior workings or gas supply tubes of your heater.

The cover is black and the exterior is a vinyl material that resists fading to a degree.

3. SheeChung Gas Firepit Cover

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If you want to be sure that you keep the water out of your fire pit to protect your gas connections and interior workings of the unit you want to consider this pit cover. It uses a material that has a PVC coating and is rated as being 100% water-proof, not water-resistant.

Water-proof means there is no chance that rainwater, moisture, or the morning dew are going to penetrate the cover and cause you any problems.

This is the perfect cover if you own a Hampton Bay, Sunnydaze, Endless Summer, Cobraco, Pavestone, or Pleasant Hearth fire pit that is a 30” x 30”, 31” x 31”, or 32” x 32” appliance. It will provide protection from rain, snow, the ultra-violet rays of the sun, dirt, and possible insect infiltration.

The fabric is heavy-duty and not likely to crack when the weather is cold. This makes it a great choice for places where the temperature dips very low for extended periods of time.

It also does not succumb to the powerful heat that plagues the southern portions of the United States. It is a durable fabric that will last for many years.

4. Himal Outdoor Fire Pit Cove

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This firepit cover fits over the round outdoor fire pits. It is made from a durable polyester material that has been coated with PVC so the material is water-proof.

Such design can stop the rain from making the inside of your fire pit a soggy mess. As a result, you don’t have to clean up every time before you can have a fire.

The double-stitched seams of the cover can withstand the pressure of the cover’s installation and removal several times.

Unlike similar items of other brands, this remains unaffected by the sun bearing down on it. As a result, you don’t have to face issues like cracks.

This cover has two air vents that prevent wind from getting beneath the device and lifting it off of the pit or lifting it and the pit off of the ground. You can use the two buckles to make the cover fit more securely around your heating appliance. You adjust the buckles to tighten the cover around your heater and to loosen the cover for easy removal.

5. ULTCOVER patio fire pit 32” round Cover

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This is a round cover that unlike the majority of covers is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing beige instead of the traditional black.

When you place this cover over your round fire pit it adds to your décor. You can also get this item in black if you prefer.

The incorporation of two strap handles makes the design of the cover very simplistic. The handles make it easy to remove the unit after placing it over the pit.

You simply grab the handle that is on either side of the pit and lift upwards. The material of the cover combines 600D polyester with canvas to create a sturdy construction that will serve you for many years.

It can keep the leaf matter, rain, snow, birds, and other creatures from getting into your pit and causing damages. Moreover, the cover also keeps the firepit cleaner so you do not have to clean the heater before you can use the heater.

The sides of the cover have special vents that stop the wind from picking the cover-up. Without the vents, the wind could get beneath the cover and lift it right off of the unit, or cause the heater to be lifted and tossed around which could result in broken gas lines, and damages.

6. SheeChung square Gas Fire Pit Cover

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This two-tone gas fire pit cover is precisely what you need to cover your pits that measure 30” x 30”, 31” x 31”, and 32” x 32”.

If you leave your pit uncovered there is a good chance that the weather will destroy your gas connections. It may also create a soggy water-logged mess inside, create rusting and corrosion problems inside your fire bowl. 

This heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric has a PVC coating. It creates a cover that is not just water-resistant it is water-proof. Let it snow, let it rain, and let the winds blow because your cover will not let Mother Nature’s mood swings to damage your property.

It has two conveniently positioned vents that allow the air to escape the device so the wind can not tunnel under the cover and lift the entire works off of the ground. Those vents have mesh coverings so they let nothing thicker than air beneath your protective shield. They also have been reinforced so you can use them as handles that you grab onto when you are ready to lift the cover off of the unit.

7. Nasum round fire pit cover

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This round fire pit cover measures 38” x 38” so it will cover a large patio fire pit. It can fit a fire pit that is as small as 26” round, and one that is as large as 32” round so it covers a wider variety of pits than most covers do.

It is 12” in height so it covers the pit but does not completely cover all of the legs of the device.

This is made from 420D polyester material. To make the fabric capable of being water-resistant the material has a PVC coating.

The PVC coating is so effective that the resulting cover is not just water-resistant it is 100% water-proof. The manufacture also doubles stitched all of the seams on the pit. Therefore, it is strong and durable and can withstand being taken off and placed back over the pit for many years.

To prevent air lofting from windy conditions, the design of the cover includes air vents.  The manufacture designed the unit with two hook and loop fasteners. These ensure that the cover stays firmly in place, even during windy conditions.

8. ShineStar 32” square fire pit cover

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This cover provides all-season protection for your fire pit. It will fit the majority of firepit tables that measure between 28” and 32”. It is a perfect placement cover for the Endless Summer GAD15258SP and the TackLife fire pit table.

The materials used are 600D polyester that has strength and durability. This material is both weather-resistant and fire-resistant.

It also has a waterproof vinyl lining and seams with tight sealing so moisture cannot penetrate at the seams. The material stops water from damaging your pit and it resists fading even when left exposed to the bright sunlight.

To make the cover customizable the manufacture incorporated a drawstring that you can cinch tightly to secure the placement. The drawstring keeps the cover in position even when the wind is blowing.

Your pit is protected and looks great even when it is not in use. It stays cleaner because of the cover, and you have more hours of enjoyment and fewer hours of frustration from it.

9. Duck Covers ultimate 32” Round Waterproof Fire Pit Cover

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This fire pit cover is specifically crafted to cover the outdoor fire pit. It can withstand the ravages of the elements and time as it protects your fire pit from any possible damages.

It even has double-stitched seams that make it more durable. Moreover, tape sealing has been placed on the most critical seams so that water simply cannot find an entrance.

This cover fits over the fire pit but does not entirely cover the legs or wheels of the unit. So you can move the pit around even while the cover is in position. It has durable Velcro closures on each side that allow you to make the cover for your pit perfectly.

The upper and lower portions of the cover rock the durability of high-strength polyester. Around the mid-section of the cover, you will find a breathable panel. Therefore, the cover does not need vents to prevent airlifting. It also comes in a set so you can cover the rest of your patio furniture using the same style of cover.

How to Select the Best Covers for a Firepit? 

A fire pit cover can protect your pit from water and trash. They can enhance the longevity of the pit and they can make it more attractive when it is not in use. Before you buy a cover learn all you can about these items so you can choose the right style, fabric, and features according to your pit.

Size and Shape

The cover that you buy for your fire pit must be appropriately sized and shaped to fit the appliance that you own. Most of the covers will fit a wide variety of pits regardless of who manufactured them.

Measure your pit diameter, and the height of the pit, then buy a cover according to the size of your pit. The covers normally come in round, square, and rectangular shapes so choose the shape that accommodates your pit shape.

Metal Covers

Metal covers are nice for protecting the fire bowl from getting trash and debris inside it. They provide a small amount of water protection, but the metal covers normally fit around the outer edge of the fire bowl. Water, such as rain, can enter around the cover because they do not have a seal that stops water from entering.

Cloth Covers

Cloth covers provide your pit with protection from rain, morning dew, snow, ice, blowing leaves, and even bugs. These covers usually fit securely over the pit and stop bugs and things from getting inside. They help you protect gas connections and stop dirt and water from damaging the interior of your pit.

Mesh or Screen Covers

These covers are designed to prevent fires. When the wind blows into a fire that is burning small particles called embers can be lifted away and land on roofs, or other flammable materials. The screen or mesh covering prevents this from happening.

Water Resistance

When you buy cloth covers, their rating will be done for their ability to stop water like rainwater from getting inside your pit. Some of them say water-resistant and some say water-proof. Water-resistant means that the cover will stop some of the water but not all of the water. Waterproof indicates that the cover will stop all water penetration.


Cloth covers have to have some type of ventilation to stop the wind from getting beneath the cover and creating a lofting effect. The vents may also be incorporated in such a way as to allow them to be used as handles when the device is being removed from the pit.

Types of Firepit Covers

1. Square Fire Pit Cover

Square covers are designed out of fabrics that will help to stop water, snow, leaf matter, dirt, and debris from getting inside the pit and stopping up the gas lines or creating a soggy mess that you have to clean up. They are usually very easy to put on and very easy to take off. They may cover the entire unit to the ground or they may leave the legs exposed.

2. Firepit Screen Cover

The screen covers allow you to have a fire and know that no embers are going to escape into the air and cause something else to catch on fire. The screen covers are required in some suburbs. These do not stop water, and they are meant to be used while the fire is burning. They do not smother the flames or prevent air circulation around the fire.

3. Metal Fire Pit Cover

Metal covers are stronger than cloth covers. The metal covers normally fit over the fire bowl portion of the pit and do not fit over the entire upper surface. They prevent hot coals from having the wind enter them and send sparks flying. They also help protect the bowl from water but they are not water-proof and water can get inside around the outer edges of the cover.

4. Round Fire Pit Cover

A large number of fire pits are round. Although, they cover the entire pit, the bottom portion of the legs are often exposed. The covers normally have a drawstring or buckles on the bottom section that help make the cover fit properly. Moreover, the vents into the design of the cover prevent the wind from getting beneath the cover and lifting it off of the pit.

5. Rectangular Fire Pit Cover

Rectangle fire pit covers are perfect fits for specially shaped pits. Most pits are square or round and the covers for them are not interchangeable with the rectangular pits. The covers are usually a cloth style that protects against water and the elements of Mother Nature.

6. Firepit Table Cover

These table covers fit over the table but do not completely cover the legs of the fire pit. They are usually made of polyester with PVC coating to render them waterproof or water-resistant. These protect the firepit from water, and the accumulation of dirt or leaf matter when you are not using it.

7. Firepit Mesh Cover

The mesh fire pit cover stops sparks from the fire from flying into the air and causing a fire where you do not want one. They also prevent people or pets from accidentally falling and coming into contact with the hot coals. These items will stop leaves and things from blowing into the fire but do not stop water, or wind.

8. Firepit Dome Cover

Dome covers fit around the pit bowl. They cover the bowl and prevent water from getting inside but they are not waterproof and water can enter around the edges of the cover. You can use them to smother when the evening is over and there are still hot coals in your fire bowl. This can prevent accidental sparks, flare-ups, and fire hazards of this nature.

9. Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cover

A stainless-steel cover will protect your pit and last for a very long time. These covers fit over the fire bowl of the unit and do not cover the unit as the cloth ones do. It will not rust or corrode, and it is attractive. You must have the exact dimensions of your fire bowl in order to buy a stainless cover that fits correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Material to Repair Fire Pit Cover?

To repair your fire pit cover you need to have a material that is close to the original cover material. Canvas, vinyl, and thick water-resistant materials are the best choice. You want to sew the patch onto the cover and make sure that you double stitch it and seal the seam so it is strong and resilient.

2. How do I Measure for a Fire Pit Cover?

You need to use a tape measure and measure the width of the device, then the length of the device, and finally the height of the device. This will allow you to purchase the proper cloth cover. If you are measuring for mesh or metal covers you want to measure the diameter of the outside edges of the fire bowl.

3. How to Cover a Fire Pit Ring?

To cover a fire ring you can purchase metal or stainless dome covers. These covers will protect people and pets from coming into contact with hot embers or coals. They also stop embers from flying up on the wind and they will prevent a lot of the water and dirt damage that can occur to an uncovered pit.

Final Note

If you are looking for a square fire pit cover that has a 100% water-proof rating then we recommend the SheeChung Gas Firepit Cover. It is sturdy, dependable, and measures 32” in length and 32” in width.

If you are looking for a table cover that will be both water and fire resistant you should consider the ShineStar 32” square fire pit cover. You cannot install it over full flames. However, if it is used to cover hot lava rocks after the fire is extinguished the heat will not harm the cover.

Firepit covers are as unique and varied as the pits themselves. Most people have a cloth cover for the months of the year they are not using the pit often, and a metal cover to protect when the rocks are very hot after a fire.

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