Best Fire Pit Rings Reviews With Buying Guide In 2022

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I have never given a lot of thought to fire pit rings until some of our readers wrote. You asked us our opinions on what the best fire pit rings were. Also, how to determine the quality of the ring you are thinking of buying.

I asked a group of outdoor enthusiasts who had room in their yards to use these types of items to try a few out and let me know what they thought of them.

The response from my test group was awesome. They reported what they liked about the rings they tried, what they did not like, and the critical components they thought people should know about these items before buying. 

Reviews of Best Fire Pit Rings 2022

1. Pleasant Hearth Wilderness Fire Ring

Pleasant Hearth Wilderness Fire Ring

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This fire pit ring has a combination of metal cut-outs and meshes around the sides. The mesh helps to contain the ashes and embers inside the ring and the metal cut-outs are attractive.

When the fire burns inside the ring the metal cut-outs of animals and trees display an interesting grouping of shadows and light that add a distinguished air to your fire time.

You can see the fire from every side of the fire ring so everyone gets a beautiful view of the flickering firelight. It allows you to build a fire using real wood and twigs that you can cook over, or simply use to warm you up.

The device is made from sturdy steel materials that will not be degraded by rain, snow, heat, or cold. This is a tough and durable piece.

This ring will contain the size of your fire and help reduce the possibility of unwanted fire spreads. It looks attractive enough to be left in the yard when it is not in use. However, you can easily store this in an outbuilding or hang it from the outside wall of an outbuilding.

2. Titan Great Outdoors Fire Pit Liner Ring

Titan Great Outdoors Fire Pit Liner Ring

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You can place this device inside a fire pit as a liner, or protective barrier between the materials of the fire pit and the actual fire that burns inside it with.

The heavy-duty steel of this ring can withstand high temperatures, exposure to the elements, and many hours outdoors. It is not just a fire pit liner though. Moreover, you can use this ring as a stand-alone fire pit ring. 

You can clear a place in the yard and use this ring to contain the natural wood fire and keep it from spreading to the rest of the yard. It can be used as the first element of a build-for-yourself fire pit that you design. The ring has multiple uses and purposes waiting for your imagination to put it to use.

It is a classic-looking steel ring that is made from 1mm thick steel. The lip all around the upper section of the ring helps to contain the wood inside it. Also, it is easy to assemble with only four sections and two bolts and nuts for each section. Maintenance is a breeze and durability is a sure thing with this unit.

3. LEMY Heavy Duty Wilderness Fire Pit Ring

LEMY Heavy Duty Wilderness Fire Pit Ring

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This is one of the most attractive fire pit rings that you can imagine. The construction of the sides of the ring is a combination of metal and mesh. It creates an intricate pattern that is appealing when the fire is lit and when it is not lit.

You can actually use this ring as a decorative item in your yard or on your patio. Triangular patterns are present on the metal of the outer section of the ring. This pattern makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at the ring.

When a fire is burning in the center of the ring the glowing embers and dancing flames are visible through the mesh sections between the triangular shapes. Those mesh sections are more than just decorative pieces.

They allow the fire to get a greater supply of oxygen so it burns hotter. Moreover, the fuel burns more completely leaving less mess to clean up or maintain. The mesh also acts as a spark arrestor. When embers start to fly away from the wood, the wire mesh can catch and stop them before they can fly onto something else that might be flammable.

4. Pleasant hearth Infinity Galvanized Fire Ring

Pleasant hearth Infinity Galvanized Fire Ring

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This fire ring has a galvanized metal construction. The galvanized metal allows the ring to be strong yet lighter than many of the rings made from materials like steel.

If you like to move your fire ring around in your yard or take it with you when you go to the beach or camping then the lighter weight will be a bonus for you.

It is very easy to pick up and reposition, or simply pack along when you leave.

You can place a lot of wood in the center of this ring so you can have a larger bonfire. It allows you to make a bigger fire that will need less maintenance. Therefore, you can sit back and enjoy the festivities rather than being constantly taking care of the fire.

You can use natural wood or charcoal pieces in the center of this device. You can use it as it is or incorporate it into an elaborate design of a DIY fire pit table, or cooking device. This piece is easy to assemble, and very durable.

5. Sunnydaze Four Star Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Four Star Fire Pit

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This is a very large fire pit ring. It has a diameter of 36” and it is a full 12” tall. The heavy-duty steel makes it able to withstand high temperatures from fires for many years without showing any signs of problems.

The side panels are gorgeous. The star pattern of four stars encompassed in a circle is divided by metal pieces. It will give you endless hours of enjoyment because the metal is durable, and there is no bottom to burn out or deteriorate.

Around the stars is a fire mesh that allows air to enter into the ring so the wood inside the ring can burn hotter and more completely. Around the bottom edge of the side panels are air holes with perfect spacing. These make sure the air gets into the bottom portion of the fuel. Therefore, the fire can burn higher and with less fuel needed.

This fire pit is a source of enjoyment that will give you a safe way to have a campfire. It will provide you with a decorative touch to your yard that people will admire. It will give you a safe way to roast a few marshmallows or hotdogs on a stick.

6. Sunnydaze Wild Moose Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Wild Moose Fire Pit

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The wild moose design sprinkled with tree shapes will give you a beautiful centerpiece for your next outdoor event. A fire mesh holds the moose on the sides of the ring in position. The fire mesh allows you to see the embers of the fire burning inside the ring.

They add light and a warm glow to the shadows created by the ring. This ring is 36” in diameter so it is big enough for a large gathering of people.

Everyone can see the beauty of the fire because it has the same design repeated all around the ring. The flames and coals are visible because the open mesh on the sides leaves the burning coals visible. You can also have enough room to get close to the fire to warm up or to roast a marshmallow.

The mesh also feeds more oxygen fire. As a result, the wood burns more effectively and you use less wood to create the warmth you desire. This ring is highly decorative and can be used as decor in your yard. You can build a sitting area around this ring and create a relaxing spot for your friends and family to enjoy.

7. Sunnydaze Camp Fire Ring with Cooking Grate

Sunnydaze Camp Fire Ring with Cooking Grate

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If you are going to have a campfire then you might as well kill two birds with one stone and use the fire for enjoyment, warmth, and as a method of heating food or making coffee.

The cooking grate that goes on top of the fire ring allows you to use the device like a BBQ grill or oven. You can build a natural wood fire or use charcoal briquets to create a place to cook food.

You can easily set the cooking grill up as well as detach it. Now, building a larger fire and just enjoying the warmth and flickering flames is easier than ever. You can use this versatile piece of equipment in your own backyard for family gatherings, or take it with you when you camp or go to the beach. It is a convenient way to keep your fire going and keep it protected.

The cooking grate is crafted on a swivel so you can adjust how much heat is beneath the pot you have on it. That allows you to bring water quickly to a boil or ease the grate away from the fire some and simply simmer or heat the contents slowly.

8. Landman Big Sky Steel Fire Ring

Landman Big Sky Steel Fire Ring

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An array of animal shapes including bears, moose, wolves, and foxes are cut out of the sides of this fire ring.

The animal shapes offer a way for more oxygen to get inside the ring. In addition, they give you a beautiful glimpse of the hot red coals that lie inside the circle of steel. The steel of the ring is able to withstand high temperatures without any damage.

It can be left outdoors and it can be used as yard decoration or centerpiece in the yard. You can establish chairs and seating close to the ring and create a cozy place for you and your friends to relax and enjoy the cool of an autumn evening.

The ring measures 28 inches and provides you and your guest a 360-degree view of the fire. The fire can be the center of attention for your next gathering. The natural wood that you use for fuel will allow you to feel safe cooking food over the fire.

How to Select the Best Fire Pit Rings

Fire rings can contain a fire but they do not have a bowl that you build the fire in. These pieces of metal keep the fire from getting out of hand. Moreover, they keep the fire contained to one portion of the yard.

To select the best fire ring for your usage, consider the following features and details. Also, make sure to weigh the pros and cons of each device.


The materials of the ring will play a large part in the durability and longevity of the ring. Some of the lower-priced rings are made from materials that are thinner or not as durable as the higher-priced rings are made from.

Thinner metals may work to contain the fire but you will more than likely have to purchase replacement rings more frequently.  Therefore, it’s better if you purchased a ring made of heavy-duty steel or stainless steel, to begin with.


To determine the size of the ring that you will need to think about the space where the ring will be. If the ring is too large for your space it will create a fire hazard. People may not be able to keep a safe distance from it. If the ring is too small then you will not be able to enjoy it as much.

Decorative Touches

Many fire rings have pictures and decorative cut-outs around their sides. These decorative touches allow the ring to be attractive even in the light of the day when no fire is burning. They provide you with distinct shadows when the fire is lit, and they make a beautiful yard ornament.

Mesh Inserts

Mesh inserts on the sides of the rings provide decorative touches. Moreover, they allow additional air entries so the fire gets more oxygen and the wood burns more completely. This same effect is also created with strategically drilled holes around the outer section of the ring.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to buy a fire pit ring?

Home improvement stores, outdoors and sporting goods stores, or anywhere that you can buy patio furniture are good places to look for fire rings. You can also order these items online from many suppliers and have them shipped to your home.

2. What is a fire pit ring?

A fire pit ring is a metal ring that is usually about 12” high and creates a place for you to build a fire on the ground in a safe manner. The ring stops the fuel for the fire from being scattered or allowing the fire to get out of control. You can also place them inside a decorative fire table or pit. It creates a fire insulator between the heat of the fire and the materials of the table.

Types of Fire Pit Rings

1. Steel fire pit ring

Steel fire pit rings generally have heavy-duty steel construction. As a result, they can withstand the high temperatures of a natural wood fire. They come in many sizes, they can be decorative or plain. They often have air holes in the side and most commonly are painted to make them more attractive.

2. Metal fire pit ring

A metal fire ring is a circular ring with no bottom and no top that you can set on the ground and build a fire inside.

3. Firepit ring insert

A fire pit ring insert is a metal fire ring that goes inside a fire pit or fire table. Doing so creates a barrier between the fire and the outer section of the pit.

4. Galvanized fire pit ring

Galvanized fire pit rings are made from galvanized metals. They are normally silver in color and lighter than their steel counterparts.

5. In-ground fire pit ring

You should place the in-ground rings partially in the ground. Make sure they are not just sitting on top of the ground. These units are meant to be installed and left in one place rather than being moved or transported.

Final Note

If you would like a sturdy steel fire ring that has interested animal figures cut out around the diameter of the ring then we suggest the Pleasant Hearth Wilderness Fire Ring. The cut-outs allow you to have interesting and unique shadows and light displays.

If you would like a simpler traditional round fire ring that you can use to build your own outdoor fire pit then we suggest the Titan Great Outdoors Pit Liner. This adaptable piece of equipment is suitable inside a pit or as a stand-alone fire ring.

Fire rings are unique and useful items that can make your next outdoor experience the best you have ever had.

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