Best Fire Pit Spark Screens Reviews And Buying Instruction In 2022

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When you think about fire pits then safety is one of the things you consider the most. It is hard to relax and enjoy your fire pit if you are worried about safety issues like hot particles floating up from the pit and igniting a fire in another location.

To ensure that our readers are able to enjoy their fire pits and remain safe as well, we asked a bevy of fire pit owners to try out spark arrestors for use. The following items are the best fire pit screens according to their reviews and suggestions.

Reviews of Best Fire Pit Spark Screen In 2022

1. Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen

Sunnydaze Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen

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This large spark screen is crafted from 0.7mm thick steel. It is light enough to be easy for you to move but not light enough to be tossed around by wind gusts.

The manufacturer designed a metal handle at the very top of the cover so it is easy to lift and put wood on the fire, and just as easy to put back in place.

The mesh of this screen allows the fire to get all of the oxygen it needs to keep burning brightly while it stops anything from lifting into the air.

Things cannot accidentally fall into the fire and be consumed. You are safer and can rest easy knowing that a spark is not going to land on your roof or some other flammable material around your home.

This ring is designed to be positioned around the rim of a fire pit bowl. It does not cover the entire fire pit but covers the bowl where the fire is burning.

It is stout and impervious to the high heat the fire emits so it does not become damaged by the flames and will last for a very long time.

2. Hampton’s Buzaar 36” Fire Pit Spark Screen

Hampton’s Buzaar 36” Fire Pit Spark Screen

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This beautiful spark screen provides you and your family with the protection you need while operating a fire pit on your deck or patio.

It is made from steel and weighs about 13 pounds so it is light enough to handle but heavy enough to remain in place.

The design allows the screen cover to be placed around the rim of the fire bowl.

There is not a convenient handle made to lift the device from the bowl when you want to add wood to the fire. Instead of a handle, the manufacturer designed the screen so that it pivots at the center point and folds back.

You give a slight push to the screen to fold it and then a slight tug will bring it back down.

It is painted a beautiful black using high-temperature paint that will not blister or peel because of heat exposure. It is attractive and elegant looking.

It adds beauty to your deck or patio and makes a wonderful conversation starter when you have guests over to enjoy a fire.

3. Dagan Industries 25-Inch Mesh Fire Pit Spark Screen

Dagan Industries 25-Inch Mesh Fire Pit Spark Screen

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Actually, Dagan Industries fire screen spark covers come in a wide range of sizes so you are going to be able to find the perfect size for your needs and purposes. They are well-crafted items that are durable, dependable, and attractive.

The manufacturer has designed a metal handle to the top of the dome cover to make it easy to lift the cover off of the fire when you need to add fuel or make adjustments to the fire. 

Getting that close to the high heat produced by glowing embers can be risky so the manufacturer has also included a metal lifter for you to hook into the handle and lift the cover off.

You use the lifter to position the cover back onto the top of the fire bowl. This eliminates contact burn or high heat exposure and keeps you safer.

The powder-coated steel this device is crafted from can withstand high temperatures and the outdoor elements of rain, snow, and wind. It is a durable material that will last for many years.

The screen is designed to fit snugly around the fire bowl and trap anything light enough to float out of the fire inside the cover. It also stops leaves and other items from accidentally getting inside the fire bowl.

4. Sunnydaze Easy-Opening Fire Pit Spark Screen

Sunnydaze Easy-Opening

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This spark screen cover is 18” in height, 35” wide, and 36” deep. It weighs only ten pounds so it is light to lift.

It has a handle positioned on the top of the screen for lifting purposes and it has a handle on the bottom edge of the cover.

The handle at the bottom is used to lift the screen and allow it to fold open so that you can add wood or poke the fire without having to sit the hot cover off of the unit. This prevents people from being burned by the hot cover.

This hinged design is made from steel that is 0.7mm thick so it is durable, long-lasting, and sturdy. It has been designed to be taller than the majority of spark screen covers are so it is possible for you to add greater amounts of wood or larger pieces of wood to the fire.

This unit can be used around the rim of a fire bowl on any shape of the fire pit. It can also be used on fire rings and rims that are free-standing in your yard.

It provides you with peace of mind knowing you have taken every precaution to contain your fire. It also protects small animals from possibly getting into the hot coals left by a fire after you go inside for the night.

5. Sunnydaze Fire Pit Screen Cover

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Screen Cover

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This fire pit screen cover is a little different from all of the other covers you see available. This one is square and not the dome shape that you are accustomed to.

It is unique and interesting. It is also made from heavy-duty materials that are durable and heat resistant. It will not rust and corrode because it was exposed to a fire.

This cover has a fine mesh screen that allows the fire to get the oxygen it needs while it stops ash and particles from floating out of the fire. It also stops things from getting into the fire so you do not worry about a fast flare-up or a child throwing something into the fire.

It is a 24” square shaped item and it is five inches tall so it has ample room for the fire fuel. It weighs just a little more than three pounds and has a metal ring on the center of the x shaped frame that makes it easy to lift on and off the fire.

6. Good Directions Heavy Duty Spark Screen

Good Directions Heavy Duty Spark Screen

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This is a dome-shaped 27” spark screen that has a convenient handle incorporated into the top so it can be lifted off of the fire. That allows you to maintain the fire, add fuel, and be in control.

It is made from heavy-duty steel that has been coated to prevent rust or corrosion when it is exposed to fire or moisture from the falling dew or rain.

This device has a tightly woven mesh positioned over an x-shaped frame so oxygen gets into the fire but ash and sparks do not get out.

You can leave your embers burning at night and know that stray leaves, flammable materials, and small animals are not going to get inside the fire.

It is an attractive piece that you can keep over the fire bowl even when there is not a fire in the bowl. It is lightweight, easy to lift, and fits snugly onto the outer rim of a fire bowl or fire ring to provide you with that safety you desire.

Fire Pit Spark Screen Buying Guide

A fire pit spark screen is a safety accessory that the majority of fire pit owners either own or want to own. With one of these covers sitting over your fire, you do not have to worry about floating ash particles lifting out of the fire and being deposited on your roof, or in an area that is highly flammable. You simply light your fire, cover it and enjoy it without worries.

They can be used over wood-fueled fire, and gas fires to prevent things from getting into the fire and creating a flare-up. Before you buy a cover look at some of the details and features that you will have to choose from.

Then make a list of the features you like in a cover and while you are shopping try to match the cover you like with the list you have made.


Size is the first thing you have to consider. You need the cover to fit over your fire bowl perfectly. It cannot be too small or it will provide inadequate protection. If it is too larger then it will provide inadequate protection. It should fit perfectly around the rim of the fire bowl.


The height of the cover will determine the amount of wood or the size of the pieces of wood that you can put in your fire bowl. If you like to build large fires that last for hours without being added to then make certain that you get a cover that has ample height to accommodate more wood or larger pieces of wood.


Some fire pit screen covers are hinged so that you lift one side of the cover and it folds back into the other side to allow you to access the fire.

These are wonderful devices. When you lift the traditional fire pit screen cover off of the top of the fire you have to sit the cover down on the ground or floor of your deck while you tend the fire.

The screen cover is hot and can damage the wood it is sat on, kill the grass it comes into contact with, and cause contact burns to people who bump into it while it is off of the fire.

The hinged covers remain in place and make the fire on the deck situation more fun and less trouble.


Most fire pit screens are dome-shaped but there are square shapes and other shapes available. The shapes change the look of the screen and can make one screen fit your fire pit better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you fix a fire pit screen?

If the frame of your fire pit screen cover has broken the best thing you can do is replace the entire screen. The repairs would cost more and be more problematic than just buying a new screen. You can repair holes in the mesh by purchasing a fire-resistant hardware cloth and making a patch on the screen.

2. How do you measure a fire pit screen?

To measure for a rectangular fire pit screen, you need the length of your pit plus two inches. Then the width of your pit plus two inches. This is the basic size you need. For a dome cover measure the diameter of the rim of your fire bow.

Final Note

If you are looking for a large dome cover that is both attractive and beneficial consider Hampton’s Buzaar 36” Fire Pit screen cover. This cover does not have to be lifted and sat out of the way for you to add wood to the fire because it is designed to fold open.

If you are looking for a smaller fire pit screen cover check out the Good Directions 20” spark screen cover. This is an attractive cover that has a convenient handle and comes with a metal lifter so you do not have to get too close to the fire to remove the cover.

Spark screens are fire safety devices that every fire pit owner should invest in.

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