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A fireplace door adds beauty and elegance to your home. They complete the look of your fireplace and they provide a barrier that stops cold drafts. In the summer months, the fireplace doors stop cool air inside from being lifted out of the home.

Before we could recommend the top-rated fireplace doors, we asked several homeowners with fireplaces to try out different products and tell us how well they work.

And then we finalized the following doors based on some factors like Opening Style, magnetic closures, size, durability, etc. Let’s read.

Best Fireplace Door Reviews 2022

1. Pleasant Hearth At-1000 Ascot Fireplace Door

Pleasant Hearth At-1000 Ascot Fireplace Door

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This is an amazing set of bi-fold doors that have an air control slide and a standard mesh panel.

The mesh panel actively stops pieces of ash or hot particles from being able to blow out of the fireplace and into your room.

The midnight black finish looks attractive with most decor, and the glass of the doors is heat resistant tempered glass that is safe to have in your home.

The clear glass doors of the device allow you to stop air from leaving or coming into your home. They also stop pets from being able to get inside the fireplace and get into the soot and ash left by a fire. There is an easy-grip handle incorporated into the design and the air is controlled by a sliding damper.

This set covers an opening that measures between 30 and 37”. It measures between 22.5 and 29.5” tall and the frame measures 30” in height and 37.5 inches in width. These doors are not intended to be used on pre-fabricated fireplaces.

2. Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 1111 Fireplace Screen

Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 1111 Fireplace Screen

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The black finish on these fireplace doors adds a touch of elegance to your fireplace. They are beautiful and they create a unique and interesting touch inside your home.

They blend in properly with all decorating styles, and they are super easy to clean and maintain.

The rigid mesh fire screen panels are impervious to the heat produced by the fire so they do not discolor or blister from heat exposure.

The glass doors are made of tempered safety glass that is hard to break, and if it does get broken will not create large pieces that could injure you.

Tempered glass is designed to shatter into tiny pieces if it is broken, but it is also designed to be stronger than any other glass, and capable of withstanding high-heat conditions.

The doors open completely so you have a perfect view of the fire inside your hearth. There are four-inch handles on the front that make it very easy to open the mesh panels or doors.

They are super easy to install, and maintenance is limited to occasional cleaning.

3. Pleasant Hearth Ascot Fireplace Door

Pleasant Hearth Ascot Fireplace Door

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These doors are made to fit a larger than average fireplace opening. They can be situated on a fireplace that has an opening that measures anywhere from 36” to 43” wide and 25.5” to 32.5” tall.

The finish is a beautiful smooth black and the glass on the doors is clear. The doors do come with a standard mesh panel and they are bi-fold.

These fireplace doors are approved and designed for use on standard masonry constructed fireplaces.

They are not designed to be used on fabricated fireplaces. They are durable and strong so you will have doors that are going to last as long as you do.

They are also designed with a classic appearance so they are not distracting from your décor, and do not draw attention.

The doors can keep the logs and wood inside the fireplace from being able to roll out of the device. They keep small particles from being able to fly out of the hearth and into your room.

They prevent pets and small children from accidentally climbing inside the fireplace and getting soot on them or coming into contact with hot embers that could burn them.

4. Plow & Hearth Scrollwork Fireplace Screen

Plow & Hearth Scrollwork Fireplace Screen

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This is an elaborately detailed fireplace screen that will add beauty and elegance to any room.

The screen is designed to fit on smaller fireplace openings that measure no larger than 38” in width and 31.5” in height.

This screen is crafted from a combination of sturdy-steel elements and solid cast iron elements. It is extremely strong and durable and will last many years.

The cast iron creates ornamental elements at the top and bottom of the screen. The handles, frame, and mesh of the unit are made from the sturdy-steel. There are elaborately scrolled feet on each side of the screen that helps to maintain stability.

The screen is hinged on each side the doors swing open from the middle. There are decorative handles that allow you to open the doors when you need to tend to the fire, and then close them completely.

When the doors are closed you can still see and enjoy the beauty of the fire but you will not worry about any hot embers rolling from inside the fire and into your room.

5. Pleasant Hearth CB-3302 Colby Fireplace Glass Door

Pleasant Hearth CB-3302 Colby Fireplace Glass Door

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The Colby is a beautiful fireplace glass door that is finished in a sunlight nickel finish that is beautiful and bright.

It is not the same dreary black that you see on most fireplace doors and screens. The finish is very durable and will not be affected by the heat of the fireplace.

The doors are done in a cabinet style and have magnetic catches that will keep the doors closed. 

The handles are large 5” handles that are very easy to grip and hold onto. The doors are easy to install, and they only need occasional cleaning. There are no other maintenance concerns with these doors.

The mesh panels are designed to keep sparks and embers from entering the interior of your home. They also stop logs from shifting and being able to roll out of the firebox and into your floor.

They keep pets from being able to go inside your fireplace and they stop children from being able to go in the fireplace or throw anything inside the fireplace.

They are an excellent safety feature that all homeowners with fireplaces should consider.

6. Pleasant Hearth Carlisle Fireplace Glass Door

Pleasant Hearth Carlisle Fireplace Glass Door

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This is a medium-sized fireplace door that covers openings of 30” to 37” in width and 251/2” to 321/2” high. The main framework of the unit measures 371/2” in width and 33” in height.

The doors are designed with classic cabinet style doors that are easy to swing open and have a magnetic latch that keeps them closed when you shut them. The unit has a satin black finish that stays looking great.

 It resists damage from the heat it is exposed to and it even resists fingerprints so there is less cleaning and wiping to do around the fireplace.

The doors are designed to be opened when a fire is burning, and they open fully so you can see the fire and enjoy the beauty. The mesh screen is in place to protect you from burning embers or flying embers that can happen.

The magnet that holds the cabinet style doors closed is very strong. It holds the doors firmly closed and an adult can open them easily but a small child or toddler will not easily be able to pull them open.

7. Pleasant Hearth Fenwick Fireplace Door

Pleasant Hearth Fenwick Fireplace Door

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Classic elegance that turns your fireplace opening from a simple hole in the side of your wall to a beautiful and decorative section of the wall.

These doors look like an elegant cabinet with smoked glass and decorative etching. You will love how the cabinet style doors easily swing open to allow you to have a fire without the doors being in the way. 

When you want the doors closed the magnetic latches catch and prevent them from being pushed open by a draft or easily opened by a toddler.

The hinges on each side of the doors are strong and the entire door piece will last for many years because of the durable materials and excellent craftmanship designed into them.

Installation is easy and the majority of homeowners install them for themselves. They are not designed for use on pre-fabricated fireplaces.

They are designed to be placed on traditional masonry fireplaces. They cover a large opening that is between 36” and 43” in width and 25.5” and 32.5” in height.

Buyer’s Guide

If you have a fireplace that does not have doors or screen coverings then there are a few things you should consider before you set out to buy these items. You want to be certain that you choose doors that will fit your opening, and will do what you want the doors to do.

Opening Style

Commonly the fireplace doors will either open up in a bifold style or have hinges on the sides as cabinet doors have. The way the doors open will not affect the way the screens protect your interior from embers and hot ash. 

Cabinet style doors usually open outward and they rest almost flush against the sides of the fireplace or the wall adjoining the fireplace.

You have to keep the hearth in front of the fireplace clear of decorative items so the doors have room to open up completely.

Bi-fold doors remain inside the opening and they do not require you to keep the decorative items in front of the fireplace cleared away.

Glass Colors

The color of the glass on the doors simply gives you a decorative element. Some people prefer the smoky look of colored glass while others like clear glass. You want to make sure the glass is tempered and heat resistant.

Magnetic Closures

When the glass doors of the cabinet style units are shut, they have powerful magnets that hold them shut like your kitchen cabinets have. The magnets prevent the doors from opening if a draft comes down the chimney, or being opened by a toddler.


You have to get the right size door covering for the opening you have. You need to measure the width and height of the fireplace openings to determine what size unit will be best for your needs.

Best way to clean fireplace glass doors

Fireplace doors are occasionally going to need to be cleaned. Of course, you want them to be streak-free and shimmering. You also want the cleaning to be quick and easy to do.

There are actually several methods of cleaning these doors to a brilliant transparent state.

1. Use Ashes

You are probably thinking that ashes are dirty and why would you ever use them to try and clean glass. The truth is that a piece of regular newspaper dipped in the ash can be rubbed on the glass partitions of your doors and the ash will wipe away the built-up soot inside the doors.

Be sure that you get only soft ash on your paper and do not pick up tiny fragments of bark or anything that can scratch the glass surface.

2. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful glass cleaner. You simply wipe the vinegar on the surface, then dry the vinegar off using the newspaper. The result is a crystal clear shine.

3. Newspaper

In order to clean glass and not leave lint or streaks use a newspaper instead of cloth towels or paper toweling when you clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to remove fireplace doors and frame

On the bottom of your glass doors, there are L shaped brackets. Open the door slightly to get to these brackets and remove the four screws that hold the brackets in position. Your doors are now being held in place by a lintel clamp. Use pliers to loosen this clamp. Hold the doors in one hand and finish loosening the clamp with your fingers. Tilt the doors slightly so you can lift them away. Then remove the screws that are holding the framework in place.

2. How to clean tempered glass fireplace doors

The easiest method of cleaning tempered glass is to use a newspaper and a vinegar-based glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the door and wipe it away using the newspaper. You can also use a newspaper that has soft ash on it to wipe away soot and build-up on glass.

3. When is it safe to close fireplace doors?

You should keep the glass doors open until the fire inside the hearth has been extinguished. These doors cannot handle the high heat of a fire and should be kept open until you can place your hand in front of the fireplace opening and keep it there without feeling undo warmth from the fire.

Final Note

If you are looking for a small set of fireplace doors that are made in a classic style consider the Pleasant Hearth Ascot Fireplace Glass Doors. They have an adjustable fitment and they are very easy to install on masonry fireplace openings.

If you are looking for a fireplace screen that is highly decorative consider the Plow & Hearth Scrollwork screen that is made of steel and cast iron. This screen adds elegance and beauty while it safely protects you.

Fireplace screens are decorative, protective, and they come in many styles so everyone can have the screen that suits their preferences.

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