The Best Fireplace Glass Cleaner In 2022 – Reviews With Buying Guide

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One of the issues that you face with a fireplace that has glass doors is cleaning those glass doors. Sparkling doors enhance the beauty of the fire. I wanted my readers to be able to find the best fireplace glass cleaner without trying a bunch of products that did not work first.

I asked a group of fireplace owners to help me by reviewing some glass cleaning products and telling me how effective they were, how hard they were to use, and their favorites. The reviews gave me a list of great products and many tips on cleaning fireplace doors.

Best Fireplace Glass Cleaner Reviews 2022

1. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit

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This cooktop cleaner is designed to clean the smooth tops on electric stoves. It is also excellent for use on the glass of your fireplace. The product cleans the glass surface and leaves a beautiful shine without scratching or damaging the surface.

Using this cleaner will not only give you a clean glass to see the fire through. It actually creates a protective layer on the glass that helps stop scratches and damages from happening.

Once you clean the glass with this substance you will have fewer episodes of dirt or soot building up and making the surface hard to clean.

This is an easy-to-use item. You apply a small amount of the cleaner using a soft, dry cloth. Gently wipe the cleaner all over the glass door.

Then use a soft dry cloth to buff away the cleaner like you would buff the wax off of a car. In just a few minutes you will have a clean surface that looks great and is protected.

If you have any stubborn spots on the doors the convenient scrubbing cloth that comes with the cleaner can be used to remove stubborn spots. The scrubber is designed for use on glass and will not scratch or damage your doors.

2. Rutland Fireplace and Glass Hearth Cleaner

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This amazing cleaning product is manufactured by a company that creates fireplaces and accessories. The cleaner is a simple formula that has no ammonia so there is not a harsh odor when you are cleaning or after you have cleaned with it.

It is designed to clean glass, and it is powerful enough to remove the toughest build-ups that can happen.

Soot, ash, creosote and carbon are no match for the cleaning power in this bottle. You simply spray the cleaner on and use a clean dry cloth to wipe it over the surface.

Take another clean dry cloth and wipe the visible cleaner residue off of the doors.

I say visible residue because the cleaner leaves an invisible protective barrier on the surface of your glass. That barrier helps to stop creosote and carbon from being able to build upon the surface again. The second time you use this product will be easier than the first time.

This is not just great for the glass doors of fireplaces. Use this on the glass cooktop of your stove, and the glass of your oven door, it is also great for cleaning stainless-steel, and grills, porcelain, tile, chrome, and more.

3. InstaNew Fireplace Glass Cleaner

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Return the beauty of your fireplace glass back to its original appearance. InstaNew fireplace glass cleaner will remove the toughest burned on soot, creosote and smoke stains to leave you with sparkling glass and a clear view of the fire in the hearth.

You will get a smudge-free, streak-free shine on your glass that restores your fireplace to what it was when you first installed it.

The great thing is you do not have to search around the house for a clean dry cloth that will not leave fibers on the glass. InstaNew has included a soft microfiber cloth with their product.

You can have a scratch-free, streak-free, immaculate shine in just a few minutes.

The cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle so it is very easy to apply to your glass. When you are cleaning other areas of the house, like the kitchen, the tile in the bathroom, and the glass doors leading to the patio bring this bottle of super cleaner along and use it on other household surfaces.

Your smooth stovetop will shine like new and all of the burned on and spilled food particles will be cleared away in minutes.

This versatile product will save you time and money around your house. It has a low odor so it will be less likely to be bothersome or cause the headaches that some cleaning formulas create.

4. Rutland Products Hearth and Grill Conditioning Glass Cleaner

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Cleaning your fireplace, your stove, your grill, and many other things around your home just got simpler. You can discard that cleaner caddy filled with substances for each appliance in the house and replace it with one bottle of this ultimate glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

This product removes stubborn items like smoke stains, creosote, ash, burned-on food, and other buildups that occur on stovetops and fireplaces. Your grill will sparkle like it did the day you brought it home.

The best part is you will have used very little time and effort to make things look clean and sanitary again.

When you use this product, it leaves behind a thin layer of silicone on the surface it was applied to. That means that the next time you clean it will take even less of the product and less of your time and effort. The silicone coats the surface and makes it resistant to stains and buildup.

Microfibers are infused in this cleaning solution so it actually scrubs away difficult stains. Those fibers are tough enough to remove burned-on food and gentle enough to not scratch or mar the surface. You get a clean area that is streak-free, scratch-free, and protected.

5. Spray Nine Fireplace Cleaner

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Spray Nine fireplace cleaner comes in a convenient spray bottle so the application of the cleaner is easy. Spray it on, wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth, and then enjoy the shimmering sparkle of streak-free, crystal clear glass.

This cleaner is not harsh. It does remove tough grime, creosote, smoke stains, and more. You do not have to wear gloves to protect your hands from the cleaner while you work.

You do not have to wear a respirator to filter out the smell of the cleaner. This is a great product that does not contain caustic chemicals and does not have a strong or unpleasant odor.

This cleaner is fast and does not harm the glass surface by scratching it. The manufacture gave it strength and the gentleness it needed.

You can remove old soot and smoke stains from the brick around your fireplace and make your living room, or den look new and bright again.

You can use this amazing cleaner all over your house. Use it on tile, ceramics, grills, chrome, glass, stainless-steel, stoves, toasters, air fryers, microwaves, cast iron, brass, soapstone, and more!

6. Meeco’s Red Devil Woodstove Glass Cleaner

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This ready-to-use product comes with a trigger sprayer that allows you to quickly dispense the contents of the bottle onto the surface that needs clean.

It is a non-aerosol container so the concentrated cleaner is applied exactly where you need it and does not get all over surfaces surrounding the fireplace.

This is a great glass cleaner but the manufacturer recommends that you NOT use it on stove glass like the smooth electric range surfaces. They also recommend that you do not use this produce on gas stove glass like the doors of gas fireplaces or the glass inserts in your gas oven door.

This product does contain Sodium hydroxide or caustic soda. You do want to wear rubber gloves when using the cleaner to protect the skin on your hands from coming into contact with the product. It also has a powerful aroma and you want to use it in a well-ventilated area.

7. Quick N Brite Fireplace Glass Cleaner

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Remove unwanted stains and residue to leave the glass of your fireplace looking pristine. This is an easy to apply product that does not require a lot of intense scrubbing in order for it to remove the buildup of creosote, ash residue, smoke stains, dust, or carbon deposits. The manufacturer does recommend that you use the product on the cool glass when the fireplace is not being used.

This product is safe and effective for a large number of surfaces. It is made with non-toxic ingredients and is biodegradable so it is safe to use in homes where there are children and pets. It is also safe for the environment.

To make your cleaning job easier the manufacture includes a scrub sponge and a terry cloth with the bottle of cleaner. You need nothing else to apply the product.

This is a fast-acting cleaner so the job of cleaning the fireplace will be reduced to a few short minutes. The tedious chore of cleaning is made easier, and the dangers of scratching the surface you are cleaning with an abrasive cleaner are eliminated.

How to Choose the Right Glass Cleaner for a Fireplace

If you have a fireplace with glass doors you know how quickly the glass goes from being transparent to being cloudy, murky and covered with grime. A lot of people dread lighting their fireplace in the fall because the job of keeping the fireplace clean is so tough.

Before you avoid lighting your fire takes a few minutes and learn to select the right product for cleaning your appliance.

With the right cleaner, you can enjoy the fire, and still have a beautiful and clean fireplace to enjoy.

Is the Cleaner made from Harsh Chemicals?

When you are looking for a cleaner to use in your home it is highly recommended that you use one that has natural ingredients instead of harsh or toxic chemicals. Your home often does not have the proper ventilation for you to use the cleaners with caustic or toxic fumes.

Harsh chemicals also take their toll on the surfaces that are cleaned with them. Over time if you use harsh chemicals you will cause visible damages and wear to the surfaces you are cleaning.


How the cleaner is applied can make a difference in how easy it is to use. You want a cleaner in a spray bottle if possible. These bottles apply a small amount of the product when you press the trigger and there is very little chance of you spilling the contents or wasting the product.

You do not want an aerosol can if it can be avoided. Aerosol cans are not environmentally friendly, and they can be hazardous if they are exposed to high temperatures. You want a non-aerosol trigger sprayer for substances that are thin liquids.

If the cleaner is a thicker paste you want a squeeze bottle with a small opening in the lid so you do not pour out cleaner than you need for the job you are doing.


A good cleaner is one that can be used on more than one surface. If the cleaner is versatile and will be handy on multiple surfaces then you spend less money on cleaning products, and you have fewer cleaning products to store in your home.


You want to look at the cost of the cleaner and the benefits the cleaner offers you. If the product cleans only one thing then it is not as beneficial as the products that can be used in several areas of the home.

It is wise to not buy the cheapest product on the market. It is also wise to shop around and find the lowest possible price for a product made of high-quality ingredients by a trusted manufacturer.


1. Can you use Windex on fireplace glass?

Yes, you can use this product on fireplace glass. You need to wait for the glass to be completely cool before applying the glass cleaner to the surface. If you apply with old newspaper and wipe it away with the old newspaper you will get a streak-free shine.

2. Can you use vinegar to clean fireplace glass?

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent for glass surfaces. It is a natural cleaner that is not harmful to use in homes that have pets or children. Vinegar is non-toxic and biodegradable. You should use white distilled vinegar for cleaning and not apple cider vinegar.

3. How do you clean the glass door on a wood-burning fireplace?

Wait until the glass doors are completely cool. Apply your preferred cleanser to the glass surface and use a soft dry cloth to wipe the cleaner over the entire glass section. Use another soft dry cloth to dry the cleaner from the glass and buff it like you were removing wax from a car.

4. Why is my fireplace glass foggy?

This is caused by the temperature of the air surrounding the fireplace. Whenever the temperature of the glass drops below the dew point temperature then condensation or fog will form on the glass. When the fireplace heats up enough to raise the temperature of the glass the fog will clear away.

5. How do you clean cloudy fireplace glass?

Use a good glass cleaner on the glass. You want to apply the cleaner with a soft cloth and dry it completely from the glass before lighting the fireplace.

6. How do you clean the glass on an electric fireplace?

Clean the surface glass of an electric fireplace using a high-quality glass cleaner, vinegar, or non-toxic cleaning substance. Apply the cleaner and then dry it away using a clean dry cloth.

7. What is the white stuff in my gas fireplace?

This is a by-product of the burning of natural gas. When you first light your fireplace the temperature of the glass is below the dew point and the moisture that i8s created when the gas combusts condenses and creates the white residue you see on the glass.

Final Note

If you are looking for a fireplace cleaner that is protective and scrubs away most burnt on residues off of glass or ceramic surfaces try the Weiman Cooktop Cleaner Kit. It does a wonderful job on glass surfaces, and it leaves a remarkable shine.

If you want a powerful cleaner to scrub away years of built-up smoke residue you should try Meeco’s Red Devil Woodstove Glass Cleaner. It is excellent on the brick surface around your fireplace but requires proper ventilation.

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