The 7 Best Fireplace Grates – Reviews 2021 With Buying Guide

Every fireplace has to have a fireplace grate in it to provide a sturdy foundation for the fuel you are using. The best fireplace grate is one that fits properly into your fireplace and is made from materials that will be able to withstand the high temperatures it will be subjected to. Your grate must also be capable of supporting the type of fuel you use in your fireplace.

Before you purchase a new grate you have to know the exact measurements of your fireplace so you can buy the proper size grate. You also need to know some of the features that are available on these items so you can make an informed decision.

The following 7 fireplace grates are all considered to be high quality merchandise. Reading these descriptions can help you to choose the best fireplace grate to use in your home.

7 Best Fireplace Grates Reviews 2021

1. SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

When you are shopping for a fireplace grate you want to find one that is built from heavy duty materials. This 30” wide x 14” deep grate is crafted from heavy duty 3/8” x 1” solid bar steel.

Being crafted from solid bar steel of this thickness means this grate is going to last for a very long time, and possibly for your entire lifetime.

Your grate suspends your firewood so that air can flow under and around the wood. Fire needs oxygen to burn and this appliance will hold the wood in the precise position it needs to be in to get the proper oxygen it needs to burn. This means the wood you burn will produce less smoke and more heat.

Many people think that cast iron is the best choice for fireplace or heat resistant products, but this heavy duty solid bar steel item will last for longer than a similar item constructed of cast iron. 

The grates are tapered and they fit the majority of fireplaces. The unit is very sturdy and will secure your wood pieces even though the grate weighs only 19.6 pounds.

The SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate is manufactured in the United States by Federated Trade.

2. HY-C Liberty Foundry G27-BX Cast Iron Franklin Style Fireplace Grate

This Franklin style cast iron fireplace grate is 12” in depth and manufactured in one piece. The one piece construction means there are no welds that can become weakened by prolonged exposure to the high temperatures inside a fireplace. This unit is 27” wide across the front and 22” wide across the rear.

It has a depth of 12” and it is supported by 2” tall legs. The grate comes to you completely intact with no assembly required. All you have to do is place it in your fireplace.

The grate has a black finish that is high heat resistant so it will stay looking nice for a long time. Not only is this grate aesthetically pleasing, it reduces the amount of clean-up you have to do. The grate helps to keep the wood logs in one position so the ash they produce is neatly kept in one place under the grate. You will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your fireplace.

The design of this unit is perfect for keeping logs where they are supposed to be and not allowing them to shift and roll out of the fireplace. You will feel more secure about using your fireplace when you install this grate because you will know that the fire is not going to threaten your safety. This appliance weighs 21 pounds and is manufactured by Hy – C.

3. Model M-6 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate

Fireplace grates are designed to keep the fuel for the fire in the proper position so it can receive adequate amounts of oxygen to burn. The majority of fireplace grates look the same, but the decorative fennels on the Model M-6 High Efficiency Smoke – Free Fireplace Grate creates a more attractive device. This grate is high functioning and pretty all at the same time.

This grate is a one sided unit that allows the wood for your fire to burn slower, produce increased amounts of heat, and less smoke. The embers shift to the bottom of the grate and the resulting fire is hotter and cleaner.

You will find much fewer chunks of wood that did not burn when you clean up the ash. This unit is designed to sit far back in your fireplace. By positioning the fire further back in the fireplace the smoke is made to hug the rear of the fireplace and less smoke escapes into the room.

This device is 26” wide x 14” deep, by 15” tall. It is made from solid steel bar that is ¾” thick. Your fireplace must be a minimum of 26” wide at the rear wall in order for this unit to fit properly. Your fireplace also needs to be 16” deep and have a minimum height of 25”.

4. Model M-5 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate

The vertical grates on the Model M-5 manufactured by Grate Wall of Fire are patented. They are precisely positioned so that they so they reduce the amount of smoke that is emitted into your living area when you use your wood burning fireplace.

They do this because the vertical design allows the fire to be kept at the rear of the fireplace and the smoke hugs the rear wall and then goes out the chimney quickly. This vertical design also allows you to increase the amount of heat that is produced when you operate your wood burning fireplace. 

By having the wood in a vertical position the embers go to the bottom and that allows the logs to burn more efficiently. You will reduce the amount of firewood you burn by using these vertical grates.

You will also reduce the amount of time you spend stirring your fire to get the wood to burn. These vertical grates create a self-feeding fire that rarely needs any attendance after it is lit, unless you are adding a few more logs.

The appliance is built from solid steel which is sturdier than cast iron, and will be able to withstand the high temperatures produced by the fires in your fireplace for a longer amount of time.

5. Model S-5 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate

This solid steel fireplace grate manufactured by Grate Wall of Fire is 21.5” x 12” x 12” and weighs 25 pounds. It is crafted from solid steel and has decorative fennels at the top of the vertical grates to increase the aesthetics of the unit.

This fireplace grate is built on the patented vertical design that Grate Wall of Fire uses to build the majority of their fireplace grates. The vertical design allows more air flow around the individual pieces of wood and allows each piece of wood to burn more efficiently, more completely, and hotter than it would if it were in a pile.

There is not any need for you to stir the wood on your Grate Wall of Fire grate because the vertical design eliminates that need. The wood burns from the bottom up because the embers are kept at the bottom of the grate.

The vertical grate sits farther back in your fireplace so the smoke produced when the wood burns will escape out the chimney and not out into your home. This feature makes using your wood burning fireplace more pleasant. 

But, you will also love that with the vertical design the wood logs cannot roll out of the fireplace and into your room, You get an increased measure of safety, a hotter burning fire, less smoke and fumes, and since the ashes are kept to the back of the fireplace the cleanup is also easier.

6. Model M-7 High Efficiency Smoke-Free Fireplace Grate

The Model M-7 High Efficiency Smoke Free Fireplace Grate is ging to make you fall back in love with your wood burning fireplace. Most fireplace owners agree that they would burn more wood fires if they could find a way to have less smoke and more heat from the wood.

Most fireplace owners feel that wood fireplaces are not efficient sources of heat. This fireplace grate removes all of the problems that you have with your wood burning fireplace, and gives you back the opportunity to sit around the fire enjoying the flickering flames.

Grate Wall of Fire has a patent on the vertical design of their fireplace grates. This grate holds the wood you burn in an upright position. The embers are at the bottom of the grate and they cause the standing pieces of wood to burn, and the increased air flow around the standing pieces of wood cause it to burn hotter. You get more heat from each lighting of your fireplace so you use less wood, which saves you time, money and energy.

The vertical design allows the grate to be positioned farther from the fireplace opening. That position causes the smoke produced by the burning of the wood to hug the back of the fireplace and then waft up the chimney unnoticed by you. Not to mention, when wood burns hotter it produces less smoke.

7. Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate

A Black Wrought fireplace grate is a distinctive addition to your fireplace and your home. Each time you light a fire in your fireplace your family name will be depicted in the warm glow of the fire. It is beautiful to look upon, and a great conversation starter.

The copper plate front of your black wrought grate will look beautiful, but these grates are also built from 100% recycled American steel. They are built from strong materials that can withstand many years of exposure to fire, and they are built from recycled materials so they are also good for the universe.

These grates measure 28” x 16” x 8.5” and they weigh only 18 pounds. You are allowed to have as many as twelve letters in the customized personalization. The letters are 1 ¼” high so they are big enough that you will see them easily.

You can use this personalized fireplace grate indoors or in your outdoor fireplace. The grate is designed to provide a secure and sturdy base for your firewood, and it is durable. Your personalized grate will last you for many years to come, and most likely it will be something that you pass down through the generations.

How to pick the best fireplace grate

Choosing the best fireplace grate for your purposes will depend on how you plan to use the item, and what fuels you plan to burn. There are fireplace grates made with bars that are closer together so you can burn coal in your fireplace and then there are grates designed to burn wood.

With wood burning fireplace grates you can buy them designed so that the wood lies flat on top of the grate, or you can buy some that are designed to keep the wood in a vertical position. You need to know that the vertical fireplace grates sit farther back in your fireplace.

This is good because it allows almost all of the smoke created by the fire to escape up the chimney, but it also causes the rear wall of your fireplace to get a greater amount of heat exposure than other fireplace grates would cause. If you use a vertical grate you may have to increase the fire protection by adding more heat resistant bricks to the rear portion of your fireplace.

Commonly fireplace grates are made from cast iron or from steel. Both of these materials are good in high heat situations. Both of these materials will eventually start to rust and degrade because of their exposure to the high temperatures created by the fire.

You can buy fireplace grates that are solid unit construction or you can buy grates that are separate pieces that are welded or connected together. The solid piece construction grates are stronger and tend to last longer. Wherever there is a connection or weld in the grate there is a weak spot in the device. Over time the heat from the fires and the weight of the firewood will decrease the strength of these welds, and eventually the welds will give way.

You can buy fireplace grates that have different thicknesses of steel or cast iron bars. It is commonly assumed that the thicker the steel or cast iron bars are, the longer the item will last. You should also know that the increased thickness of the bars will cause an increase in the price of the grate.

Not everyone needs to buy a fireplace grate that has the thickest possible bars. You should consider how often you will use the fireplace grate to help you determine how thick you want your bars to be. Some people only light a fire on rare occasions and some families burn their fireplaces everyday as a source of heat for their home.

You can feel the difference between the thicknesses of the cast iron or steel bars by the amount they weigh. The more the grate weighs, the thicker the bars are.

In order to buy the best fireplace grate for your use you should properly measure your fireplace so you know exactly what size unit will fit into your fireplace, then you should consider what fuel you will be burning, and finally consider how often you will be using the fireplace. Once you have made these decisions then you are prepared to shop for fireplace grates and get the best appliance at the best possible price.

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How to measure a fireplace grate

Before you can replace your fireplace grate you have to know the exact dimensions of your fireplace. Taking the measurements of the fireplace are quite easy as soon as you know where to measure.

You will need to measure your fireplace opening. Some people call this the firebox, and some people call this the fireplace cavity. No matter what you call it you are measuring the place where the actual fire burns in your fireplace.

You will need:

  • Tape measure
  • Piece of paper to record the measurements on
  • Pen or pencil to write with
  • You may also need a flashlight depending on how much light you have in the room

You are going to need to take several measurements at different places in the fireplace opening in order to get accurate measurements. You must measure the width of the front of the fireplace opening, and then measure the width of the rear of the fireplace opening. The rear portion of the fireplace opening is often narrower than the width of the front of the fireplace opening.


  • Width at the front of the fireplace cavity 
  • Width at the rear of the fireplace cavity
  • Height at the front of the fireplace cavity
  • Height at the rear of the fireplace cavity

If your fireplace has an arched opening in the front, make certain that your measurements are taken at the highest portion of the arch, and then at the lowest portion of the arch. When you buy a fireplace grate make sure that the smallest of these measurements can accommodate the appliance.

If your fireplace has a rod that is positioned from the front across the ceiling of the opening and to the back of the opening then you have to makes sure measurement starts at the bottom of that iron rod and then goes to the floor of the opening, These rods are generally about 1/8th of an inch thick. They are for added support.

Proper fireplace grate placement

You might think that when it comes to fireplace grates you simply purchase the grate that will fit into your fireplace opening and shove it in the opening. Actually there is a little more to placing the fireplace grate properly into your fireplace than that.

First consider whether you have purchased a vertical fireplace grate or if you have a traditional fireplace grate. The vertical grates are designed to sit much farther back in the opening of the fireplace, where the traditional grates are designed to be in the center section of the fireplace.

Before you can properly place your fireplace grate in your opening you have to thoroughly clean all ashes and debris from the fireplace. Ashes and debris could potentially stop the grate from sitting firmly on the bottom of the fireplace and this could cause accidents to happen after the wood is loaded onto the unit.

Check the bottom of your fireplace and make sure that the area where you are placing the grate is even and fairly level. If some of the bricks at the bottom of your fireplace have shifted over time and caused the bottom of the fireplace to be uneven you will need to correct this before you insert your fireplace grate.

Make certain that you have ample room above the fireplace grate to add fuel to the fire when needed you want to place the grate in a position that will allow you to add additional firewood.

You do not want any portion of the appliance to be touching the walls or ceiling of your opening. There should be at least one inch of clearance between the front opening of the fireplace and the beginning of the grate.

Remember that the measurements you take before you purchase the grate will determine if you have an easy time making the installation or not. Measure carefully at all of the strategic points and then measure a second time to make sure you get the same measurements.

Final Note

The best fireplace grate is the one that fits into your fireplace, your budget, and your lifestyle. The grate is something you simply cannot afford to do without. They provide a safe place for your fuel to rest and they allow the appropriate amount of air to flow around the fuel so your fires burns better.

The fireplace grate makes it easier to start your fires because of the air flow around the fuel, and they can even reduce mess, increase safety, and reduce smoke.

Cast iron and steel are the two most common materials used to create these items. If at all possible try to purchase a fireplace grate that is a solid piece and not a welded piece.

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