Best Firestarter For Fireplace Reviews In 2022

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Whenever you want to start a fire in a fire pit, wood-burning stove, or other fire fueled appliance you have to have a method of igniting the fuel. The most common method of starting a fire is to use a Firestarter like a liquid agent that ignites easily.

The best Firestarter for fireplaces is not the quick igniting liquid but is the all-natural cubes and cakes that are made from wood shavings and food-grade wax.

We had several people review the different fire starters available and then we compiled the most frequently recommended items to create this article for you.

Best Fire Starters for Fireplace Reviews 2022

1. Fire Starter Cubes by Zorestar

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These waterproof fire starter cubes will make starting your next campfire, or fire in your grill easy to do.

You will use one or two of the cubes to quickly ignite a fire fueled by charcoal briquets, wood, and traditional fire fuels.

These small and lightweight cubes are safer to use than a liquid charcoal starter. They cannot be spilled and cause skin contact irritations. They do not have the same harsh odors as a charcoal starter, and they are easy to store. 

The cubes can be lit and used to light your other fire fuels like you would light tinder to start a fire. Many people use easy to ignite rich lighter pine pieces to start a fire quickly.

These cubes work like the rich lighter pine and safely allow you to quickly ignite a small flame. After positioning the fuel on top of the small flame within ten to twelve minutes your fire will be burning at full force.

When you use a tinder such as this it is recommended that you allow the tinder to completely burn up before you start to cook anything over the fire.

The ingredients of the fire starter are not harmful to you but waiting to start adding your meat will guarantee that your food will not be affected at all.

2. Fire Starters by Grill Trade

Fire Starters by Grill Trade

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Natural pine wood shavings combined with food-grade wax has been used to create a quick and effective method of igniting your home fires.

These fire-starting pieces can be used in pizza ovens, charcoal or wood-burning grills, outdoor fire pits, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, campfires and more. They are easy to use, easy to ignite, and less troublesome than liquid starting fluids.

There is no need to wait until the fire starter cubes burn away before you begin to use the fire for cooking. These cubes are created from 100% natural substances that are not going to harm your food or alter the flavor of the food you are preparing.

If you pack these fire starter cubes along when you go on outdoor excursions where you may want to build a fire you will always be prepared.

The starter cubes are very small, and they are very light so you can easily put a handful of them in a zipper seal bag in your backpack and be ensured of a way to start a fire quickly.

These cubes have an unlimited shelf life so you can keep them for as long as you want without them losing the fire-starting abilities.

3. Lightning Nuggets Fire Starter Discs

Lightning Nuggets Fire Starter Discs

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These fire-starting pieces are made from natural pine wood. They are placed in your fire location, ignited, then small pieces of wood or charcoal pieces are placed on top of them and allowed to be ignited by them.

They are super simple to use. They are perfectly safe to have around children and pets.

Liquid fire-starting fluids can burn or irritate the skin. These starting pieces do not have a toxic effect and they need to be exposed to a flame before they will ignite.

Liquid fire ignition fluids can often spontaneously combust if they are stored in close proximity to a flame, but these little pieces need you to introduce them to a flame using a match or lighter.

These pieces should be stored out of direct sunlight to stop the rays of the sun from drying them out and causing them to burn away before they have time to fully create a fire source.

They are small and can easily be stored in a container and placed on a shelf so they are neat and out of reach of children and pets.

These starting pieces are made in the USA. They are crafted from pine shreds and treated with food-grade wax to bind them together. They are okay for use in food cooking fires, campfires, bonfires, fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and even in small ceramic cookers.

4. GreenSpark Fire Starter Bundles

GreenSpark Fire Starter Bundles

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These fire-starting bundles will allow you to quickly light a fire in your fireplace, wood stove, fire pit, or anywhere you want a natural fuel or charcoal fire.

These bundles are made of food-grade wax and natural pine fibers so they will not harm you if you cook your food before the bundles burn away.

You will also like to know that the bundle will burn completely away in as little as ten minutes so if you choose to wait you will not have to wait for long.

The bundles are made with looser shreds of pine and they ignite three times faster than the flatter more compressed squares do. They also burn more completely and faster.

That means they burn hotter than the flat squares so the fuel for your fire is exposed to higher temperatures and will ignite more completely in a shorter amount of time.

You can use these fire-starting bundles indoors or outdoors. They contain no toxic or harmful chemical components. They are safe to have around children and pets. Even if your pet were to get one of the bundles and chew on it the ingredients of the bundle will not cause any harm to your pet.

5. Light-A-Fire All-Natural Fire Starter Pods for Fireplace

Light-A-Fire All-Natural Fire Starter Pods for Fireplace

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With the Light-A-Fire starter pods, you only need one pod to start a fire. They can be used by campers, hikers, and people who enjoy outdoor activities because they are light, natural, and safe.

When you pack these pods along with you the worry of spilling the fire starter on your belongings is taken away. The pod is very light so you do not add excess weight to your backpacking stuff and the pod takes up very little room.

The pods arrive in a waterproof bag that can be resealed. They can easily be stored on a shelf so they are out of reach of children and pets. 

They are non-toxic and will not harm a child or a pet if they do come into contact with the items.

The ingredients of these pods are simple. They are made of wood shavings and wax that are designated as food grade.

If you cooked on a fire built with these pods before the pod burned totally away there would be no toxins or hazards in your food. The pods burn completely away in a 15-minute period so most of the time they are burned away before you would start to cook.

6. Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares

Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares

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These fire starter squares are the “green” method of starting a fire. The liquid and chemical fire starters produce harmful odors and toxins when they are burned.

These fire starter squares are made from natural ingredients and produce 80% less carbon monoxide when they are lit so they are a safer alternative when lighting a fire inside.

When you use these fire-starter squares you will not need kindling or paper to assist you in starting your fire.

The square ignites instantly when exposed to the flame of a lighter or match. They burn for about 15 minutes so they burn long enough to ignite the other fuel you are using. They are the safest fire-starting alternatives. 

These squares will not create a fire that flares up and poses a danger to anyone in close proximity. They can be used in wood-burning appliances, fireplaces, and wood burning grills.

You can even light these squares after they have gotten wet or damp. They are the perfect addition to an emergency supply kit when you are going on an outdoor excursion.

7. Duraflame Fireplace Firelighters

Duraflame Fireplace Firelighters

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These firelighters from Duraflame will give you the ability to light a fire fueled by wood or charcoal.

The firelighter pieces ignite very quickly when they are introduced to the flame of a match or lighter. You do not need any liquid fire-starting fluid to light the pieces.

Once lit the fire igniters will eliminate the need for small pieces of kindling or pieces of paper to get a hot fire burning quickly.

The Duraflame fire-starting cubes are not made of pine shavings. They are made of biomass fibers that are non-toxic and safe to use both indoors and outdoors. The only ingredient besides the biomass fibers is wax that holds the fibers together. To make the squares even more “green” friendly the fibers they are crafted from are a blend of recycled and renewable fibers.

You can take one stick from the package and break that into ten or twelve small pieces. Each of those pieces is capable of igniting a fire for you. The pieces are not independently wrapped inside the carton.

8. Plow & Hearth Fire Starter

Plow & Hearth Fire Starter

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100% natural kindling sticks that ignite easily and provide you with the ability to start a roaring fire in your BBQ, fireplace, wood-burning stove, fire-pit, bonfire, campfire, pizza oven and more.

They can be burned indoors and outdoors with no problems or complications because they produce no harmful toxins or odors when they burn. The sticks ignite quickly and they do not produce toxic smoke.

The smoke from them is a bit acrid and to ensure that the food you cook has the taste you want it to have you should allow the stick to burn up completely before you place your food over the fire.

These are durable items that do not have a shelf life. After you store them for a few years you will notice that the aroma of the sticks is reduced significantly. The lessened aroma has no effect on the piece’s ability to ignite quickly and start a roaring fire for you.

9. Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter for Fireplace

Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter for Fireplace

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Safe Light squares allow you to provide the ignition source for a fire without taking a chance on a flare-up like can happen with gas, or chemical and toxin exposure.

You simply are able to instantly light the square using a match and then the square provides enough heat and flame to light the other fuels you plan to burn.

No dangers, no toxins, and a quicker fire. These squares will not change the flavor of the wood you are using so you can cook over the wood with no fear. 

The squares burn quickly away in as little as ten minutes so from the time you light the square until you are ready to start cooking is reduced. When you use charcoal starter fluid to light a fire you must wait about 30 minutes for the starter to burn away before you can begin to cook.

These are 2” x 2” squares that come on a sheet. You break away the number of squares that you need. One or two squares will be sufficient for the starting of most fires.

Fireplace Firestarter Buying Guide

Before you buy Firestarter pieces for your fireplace you need to consider what you are buying, the purpose of the starter, and the ingredients of the starter. You want to get a starter that works effectively and quickly. You also want a starter that is going to be safe and non-toxic.


The ingredients that the starter pieces are made from making a big difference in whether they can be used indoors safely. If you plan to use the starter pieces indoors then you need to make sure you are buying pieces made of natural ingredients like wood shavings from pine.

If you are lighting a fire in an outdoor setting there is more air ventilation and you can use pieces made from materials that are not 100% natural without feeling ill effects from the burning.

The natural ingredient pieces are kinder and gentler to our environment so I personally would choose all-natural pieces even when I am lighting a fire outdoors.

Food-Grade Wax

Most of the fire-starter cubes and pods are shredded wood pieces that are compacted and compressed and then held together with wax.

If you plan to use the fire-starting cube to light a fire that you are going to cook food over then you want to make sure the wax used to hold the ingredients together is designated as a food-grade wax.

Even when using an item that is put together with food-grade wax it is recommended that you wait until the fire-starting square is totally consumed by the fire before you cook your food.


The effectiveness of the starter that you use will determine how much of the starter is needed to light a fire. Some starters require you to use as many as three pieces to start a fire.

Some of the starters are so effective that you can break the pieces they come in into smaller sections and start multiple fires. Read the reviews of real customers and see how effective the cubes are.

How Quickly do they Burn Up?

Most of the time you do not want things to burn up quickly. But when you are using fire-starter cubes the faster that the cubes burn up indicates how hot they burn. You want cubes that burn up quickly because you will be getting items that burn hot and their intense heat will be better at igniting the other fuel you use on the fire.

Final Note

If you are looking for a safe fire-starter that you can use indoors and outdoors we suggest you look closely at the Lightning Nuggets Fire Starter Discs. They are all-natural and non-toxic so they can be safely used indoors.If you go on outdoor excursions and want a fire-starter that will burn even when it is damp or wet, we suggest you look at the Bangerz Sunz Fire Starter Squares.

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