Best Golf Cart Heaters In 2022 Reviews With Buying Guide

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For those who love golf and winter sports, a heated golf cart is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

A heated golf cart is essential if you live in an area that has harsh winters and want to be able to play golf regardless of the weather. The best golf cart heaters use electric or gas-powered heating elements that will keep your feet warm and make it feel like springtime all year long.

These heated carts come with a few different options for heating mechanisms and they vary in price accordingly.

Here’s a list of the best golf cart heaters available on the market today.

Best heater for Golf Carts: In-Depth Reviews 2022

1. Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater

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Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart heater is a 4,000 BTU device that can run for 5.5 hours on one propane cylinder.

It is designed with oxygen depletion and a tip-over safety switch. It helps you automatically shut the unit off in the event of an accident.

The large radiant heating surface will keep you toasty while you are moving across the golf course or waiting your turn to putt.

The F242010 has a wind-protective screen so every little breeze that blows will not extinguish the heater. This is important because you need the heater operating while you are driving from one location on the course to the next and the movement of the golf cart will cause slight breezes.

The ergonomic carrying handle makes it easy to carry the device with you. The cup-holder adapter allows it to fit most golf carts perfectly. Requires a one-pound propane cylinder for fuel.

The wire guard on the front of the device is made of heavy-duty wire so it will not easily bend or allow anything to penetrate it. It has a pilot wind guard so the pilot remains lit even under windy conditions.

2. Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts

Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts

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This 3G portable propane heater for golf carts is a 3,000 BTU appliance. It has a ceramic heating element that provides you with a large area of radiant heating so you can be comfortable even on those dreary days when the temperatures are dropping and Mother Nature is not smiling.

There is a stainless-steel regulator on this device so moisture or dampness is not going to cause corrosion or rust to form. 

It has a sturdy base that fits comfortably into the majority of cupholders on golf carts. It has a sturdy one-pound propane cylinder which is a free-standing appliance.

This device will operate for as many as seven hours on one propane cylinder so you can play through the day and stay warm and comfortable. It has a Piezo matchless ignition so you do not have to have an external flame source in order to light the fire.

There is a pressure regulator built into the device so it will function perfectly at all altitudes. You do need to be careful and not touch the external portion of the heater while it is burning.

3. TSI Products Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater

TSI Products Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater

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TSI Products has developed a heater that is powered by the 48-volt battery of your golf cart. It creates ample warm air to heat you up and make your day on the green more enjoyable.

It also has a fan and can be used in the summer months when the temperatures soar to cool you off.

This is an electric appliance so it does not produce harmful gases like carbon monoxide and will not pose a threat to you.

It slips into the cup holder of your golf cart so it does not require you to drill any holes are install any brackets prior to use. It connects to your battery using easy-to-place alligator clips.

The durable plastic resists damaging UV rays and is protected in case you get caught in a shower, or the air is damp on the day you are playing.

This device is safer than most propane-fueled units because it does not have the propensity to create contact burns to the same degree that they do. It does not have a flame that will be extinguished by the wind, and it requires no external fuels to be purchased and brought to the course with you.

4. Buggies Unlimited Portable Propane Golf Cart Heater

Buggies Unlimited Portable Propane Golf Cart Heater

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Buggies golf cart heater is the perfect solution to cold days on the course. There is no reason to not tee-off now.

This heater fits into your cup-holder so you do not have any installation concerns and you do not have to drill any holes in the dash of your golf cart.

It is fueled by a one-pound propane cylinder so it will not affect the amount of battery life your cart has.

It has its own fuel, and that fuel will allow it to operate for up to seven hours before it needs replacing. You can play all day through the eighteenth hole and still be warm and toasty on the way back to the club-house.

For safety purposes, it has an automatic shut off designed to kick in if the unit is tipped over and not standing upright while it is in use. It has a safety guard over the front of the device to protect you from coming into contact with the actual flame. It is encased by a durable stainless=steel heat reflector so the same flame can produce a greater amount of heat with less effort.

5. Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

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This Mr. Heater golf cart heater easily fits into the cup-holder on the majority of all golf-carts.

It also has an adjustment to make certain that it fits into the holder securely. And, will not be able to tip over while the cart is moving.

The flame is wind resistant so go ahead and light the heater and let it warm you up while you drive to the next hole. If the device were to be tipped greater than 90 degrees the heater has an automatic safety shut off that will kick in and extinguish the flame.

The protective grid is tight and will stop most things from gaining access to the flame. It has an automatic electronic ignition so starting the device is as simple as pushing a button. You do not need matches or external sources of flame.

It has an oxygen depletion sensor so the unit will shut off if the sensor detects a drop in the oxygen level. That means if you accidentally have the device running in the garage and carbon monoxide starts to build up the device will power off.

6. Stansport Outdoor Infrared Radiant Propane Heater

Stansport Outdoor Infrared Radiant Propane Heater

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This Stansport Deluxe golf cart heater is capable of operating for a period of 8 hours. A one-pound cylinder is all you need to keep the heater operational for eight hours or more.

It is whisper-quiet while it is running. It will not distract your thought process while you are trying to make your next putt. It provides 3,500 BTUs of heat and a matchless electronic ignition that starts the heater for you without requiring you to have a match or lighter.

The protective wire guard stops casual contact with the flame from occurring. You can still receive a contact burn when the unit is burning so do not touch it with your bare hands while it is running.

It free-stands in your cup-holder so you do not have to install this device. It requires no tools or special objects to prepare them to operate. Simply uncap the propane cylinder and screw it onto the heater head.

How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Heaters

If you are considering purchasing a golf cart heater you should familiarize yourself with these appliances so you know what features you want your unit to have. You want to get a device that is going to provide the heat you need according to the way it will be used, the area it will be used in, and the restrictions you may have for the appliance.


The number of BTUs that the appliance is capable of producing will tell you if it will do well for your area. If you do most of your golfing on cool days, but not on frigidly cold days, a heater that produces fewer BTUs will be acceptable. If the temperature that the device will be operating in is going to be close to freezing then you need a device capable of producing more BTUs and generating more heat.


Some of these heaters will have blower motors and others will not. The blower motor propels the heat farther away from the appliance so you can feel more warmth over your entire body instead of just feeling warmth when you hold your hands in front of the heater.

How does it Install?

If the heater is designed to sit in the cup holder of the golf cart you have to remember that not all cup holders are the exact same size. Get the measurements of the portion of the heater that will go into the cup holder and then measure your cup holder to ascertain whether the two are compatible.

Wind Resistance

The heater needs to be able to operate even in slight winds. If every slight breeze blows the flame out then the unit is useless as an outdoor appliance.


A push-button ignition with an electronic igniter will keep you from having to carry an external flame source with you to light the fire. The push-button ignitions are easy to operate, and often these heaters also have a simple push-button that will shut the device off.

Automatic Shut-Off

An automatic shut-off designed to extinguish the flame if the heater is tipped over or in the event that the heater was to overheat will be the safety feature that you want. 

Golf Cart Heater Safety Tips

All heaters have some variation of safety issues. These devices demand that you treat them cautiously and take the right steps to avoid any possible injuries or complications with them.

  • Never attempt to light the heater if you smell gas prior to lighting.
  • If you smell gas be sure to extinguish any open flames and disconnect the heating unit from the fuel supply.
  • Never operate the heater if the golf cart is inside a garage or structure. Carbon monoxide is produced as propane burns and the heater must have proper ventilation when in operation.
  • Do not use non-approved attachments.
  • Do not place clothing or flammable materials near the heater.
  • Never operate the appliance with the safety guard removed.
  • Never leave the heater operating when children are present with no adult supervision.
  • Do not leave the heater operating while you are going to be away from the cart.
  • Do not use the heater if it has been submerged.
  • Never operate the heater with the regulator removed.
  • Do not touch the external portions of the heater while it is running because it has a tendency to develop high surface heat that can cause contact burns and injuries.
  • Do not make alterations to the heater or attempt to disconnect the automatic shut-off switches that prevent overheating or operation after a tip-over.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to light a golf cart heater if the igniter doesn’t work

If your heater does not light when you use the igniter you can try turning the heater on and using an external flame source like a match, or cigarette lighter to light it. In case the heater does light when you introduce it to an external flame source this is an indication that the thermo-coupling in the device is bad. Also, If it tries to light but simply sparks then the fuel is not getting to the unit properly or it is out of fuel.

2. How to clear a corroded igniter on a golf cart heater

If the igniter on your golf cart heater has corroded there is a good chance that you are going to have to replace the igniter. You can clean away corrosion with a wire brush and possibly get the device to spark again, but the safest thing to do is replace the igniter with a new one.

3. How long can golf cart battery last with heater

Typically, a battery in a golf cart will last for a period of five years. If you run a heater in the cart it will strain the battery to a degree and may shorten the life of the battery by a few months. Using a heater in a golf cart will not drastically reduce the battery life expectancy because the heater is used sparingly and not as a daily strain on the battery.

4. How to hook up a 12-volt heater to a 48-volt golf cart

You will need to attach terminal connectors to two of the insulated wires and then connect one wire terminal to each of the terminals on the battery. The wires are then run to the location that requires the 12-volt supply. 

Final Note

If you are looking for an electric-powered heater for your golf course TSI has a powerful unit that is safe and easy to use. It also has a fan so you can stay cool in the warm months. It connects to your golf cart battery with the alligator clamps that are on the end of the wires.

If you wanted a propane-fueled heater that could provide up to eight hours of heat on one propane cylinder then you should consider the Stansport infrared propane heater. It is a safe and effective device that makes efficient use of the fuel you provide.

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