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Painting your fireplace brick is an inexpensive way to give your fireplace a makeover. You can create a beautiful piece that goes well with your decor and not spend a lot of money or time in the process.

We asked professional painters and home decorating pros to tell us which products made the best paint for brick and tile fireplace. The list we got back is included here, along with the professional’s recommendations for how to choose the right paint, and how to apply that paint.

Best Paint for Fireplace 2022 Reviews

1. Brick-Anew All-in-one Brick Fireplace Paint Kit

Brick-Anew All-in-one Brick Fireplace Paint Kit

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This is the perfect do-it-yourself painting kit for brick and tile fireplaces. It will allow you to 60 square feet. The color is a refreshingly light color that is accented with grey tones.

It creates a calm and soothing color that looks natural on your fireplace brick, It can be paired with furniture and decor that is different shades of grey, or blue for a nice contrast.

This product can be applied to a brick that has never been painted previously or to bricks that have been previously painted. You have the option to change the look, color, and texture of the brick surrounding your fireplace so you can create a more modern and elegant look in your home.

The paint is specifically designed to be applied to brick and is a heat-tolerant substance that will not blister and peel because of the location it is being used in.

The kit has everything you need for the job you are about to do, including the paintbrush, roller pan, rollers, sponge, painters’ tape, roller handle, and the paint.

2. Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint for Brick and Fireplaces

Giani Brick Transformations Whitewash Paint for Brick and Fireplaces

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When diluted this whitewash will cover 100 square feet of brick. It has a very low odor and is easy to clean up because it is a water-based paint.

You will not need any harsh chemical components to clean the paint applicators you use, and if you accidentally get paint on a surface you can wipe it away with a damp cloth.

This product is specifically designed to be used on porous material such as brick. It does not work as good paint for a glazed ceramic tile because it needs the porous surface to perform properly.

It is true white color and not yellowed or off-white colored paint. You will be able to make the product thicker for your application purposes by simply mixing less water into the paint.

The thicker paint will make the white color stand out more predominantly but the paint will cover less square feet when it is not as thinly diluted. This paint is easy to apply using a rag and brushes and rollers are not needed.

3. Rutland Premium Hi-Temp Brush-On Paint

Rutland Premium Hi-Temp Brush-On Paint

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If you want to be sure to get paint that can withstand the high heat associated with a fireplace then look no farther. This paint is capable of withstanding temperatures as great as 14000 F.

It is safe to use and does not contain any lead, no vinyl chloride and no fluorocarbon. It is easy to apply and has a low odor so it can be used indoors or outdoors.

This paint can be used on grills, stoves, cast iron items, and stainless steel. It is designed for application on metal like the metal stoves but it also does a fantastic job when applied to firebrick.

It can withstand the heat of the fire pits and fireplaces, and will not bubble or peel due to exposure.

This is a flat black paint that does not have to be heat cured. It does not peel or blister when exposed to high-heat situations. It is durable and long-lasting.

4. Hi-Temperature Stove and Fireplace Paint from Forrest Paint

Hi-Temperature Stove and Fireplace Paint from Forrest Paint

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This paint is extra convenient because it comes in a spray can so you do not have to have rollers, brushes, or rags to apply it with.

You simply shake the can, hold it about 12” away from the surface and depress the trigger. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can customize the look you are creating.

You will find that this high-temp paint adheres beautifully to brick and mortar. 

You do need to clean the brick carefully and allow it to dry before applying the paint. It goes on in a smooth coat, and it is best if you spray the paint on in light coats and use more than one application rather than trying to spray the paint on thickly and use only one application.

The paint is easy to use and beautifully colored. It can transform your fireplace, camp stove or fire brick quickly. It is very durable so it will last for many years without peeling or blistering.

It is best to apply this paint in a room that has plenty of ventilation. It can be used for interior or exterior projects.

5. Giani Brick Transformation Whitewash Paint Kit

Giani Brick Transformation Whitewash Paint Kit

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The beautiful look of whitewashed brick can transform any fireplace into a fresh and clean thing of beauty.

When you are redecorating it is nice to have a way to transform the brick around your hearth into a new and cleaner looking substance.

This whitewash kit will cover the existing color of the brick and allow you to create a new look in very little time.

This is a complete whitewash kit so you will have nothing else to buy in order to apply the substance. The whitewash can cover as much as 100 square feet depending on how much water you add to thin it down. You can have thicker paint that is brighter and whiter or you can thin it to a wash and have the popular splashed on look. 

This kit allows you to take the tired old fireplace in your living room and transform it into a centerpiece of beauty and elegance. The paint is designed for porous surfaces so it does very well applied to brick. It is also designed to withstand high temperatures without peeling or blistering.

6. Rust-Oleum Satin BBQ Black

Rust-Oleum Satin BBQ Black

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This is a high heat paint that is perfect for touching up or refinishing your outdoor grill, firepit, wood-burning stove and other heat-producing appliances.

This paint is impervious to high temperatures and it protects your property from corrosion and rust formation.

It is the best painting substance to use on metal objects that are going to be exposed to heat and to rain, snow, cold and normal outdoor conditions.

You will find this paint easy to apply with a roller or a brush. It is a fast-drying substance that can be used indoors or outdoors. It is black with a nice satin finish that enhances the beauty of your appliance. It can withstand temperatures of up to one thousand degrees Fahrenheit so go ahead and paint your firebrick or your fire rings. It can take it.

The paint does not peel or blister and once it is applied you can expect it to provide great protection for many years. It is easy to clean up after you finish applying, and you can even apply this paint without doing a lot of preparation, cleaning and sanding first.

How to Paint a Fireplace: Step by step guide 

Most people who have a fireplace in their homes have at one time or another thought that they would love to have the bricks painted a different color.

Most of the brick fireplaces are made from bricks that are red, or that match the bricks on the exterior of the home. The bricks are good, they are solid, but you can get awfully sick of seeing the same color year, after year, after year.

Luckily there are painting products designed to be used on brick fireplaces. The paint can withstand the heat of the fireplace without blistering or peeling. It gives you a fresh clean look and allows you to modernize the look of your décor.

Painting your fireplace is not that hard. It is a great do-it-yourself project that will allow you to enjoy a sense of accomplishment when it is complete.

Gather your Tools

You are going to need a few tools and accessories to use for this project.

  • Wire brush
  • Stiff bristle scrub brush
  • Plastic pail
  • Degreaser
  • sponge
  • Clean dry cloth
  • Shop-vac if you have one, if not a small broom and dustpan to use sweeping around the fireplace
  • Drop cloth, tarp, or large pieces of cardboard
  • Painters tape
  • 2” paintbrush with a good angle
  • 1” flat paintbrush with stiff bristles
  • Mini roller handle and cover that has a ½” nap
  • A heat-resistant high-temperature paint designed to be used on porous surfaces

Step One

Clean the brick. You need to use the scrub brushes to brush away any resistant debris that might be present on the brick or the mortar. 

Use the shop vac to clean away any dust anywhere on the brick. If you do not have a vac then use a broom and sweep the brick then pick up the dust and debris with a dustpan.

Step Two

Once you have used the brushes you can mix the degreaser and water and wash the brick down. Use the dry towels to mop up any water that gets on your walls or flooring. You do not need to wipe the bricks with towels.

Step Three

While the brick is drying use the painter’s tape and drop cloths to cover your walls and floor and protect them from possible paint transfer.

Step Four

Get your paint out and starting with the 1” brush paint all of the mortar joints. Then use the roller and roll all of the exterior sections of the brick. Then finally use the 2” angled brush to do any touch-up work and catch any places that you might have missed.

Repeat this process until you have the coverage you desire.

Buying Considerations for the Best Fireplace Paints

If you are considering painting your fireplace bricks the main priority you have is buying the best paint for the job at hand. If the paint you buy is not proper for the job then it will not look professional and it will not last.

Look for the following features in any paint that you are considering using.

Materials Designed For

Some paints are made to be used on wood, some are better suited to painting metal surfaces, and some are good for painting porous surfaces like brick.

You have to read the label and find out what surfaces the paint is approved for. Buying the wrong paint will simply be a waste of time and money.

High heat paint

The paint that you buy must be manufactured to withstand high temperatures. The side of the fireplace gets hot when a fire is built in it and if you do not use high-temperature paint then the paint will blister and peel the first time you build a fire in the hearth.


You will find paints that come in spray cans and need no external applicators like brushes or rollers. You will find some paints that are designed to be applied with a rag or sponge instead of a brush or roller. 

The main difference in all of these paints is how you like to apply paint.

Square feet of Coverage

The paint container should tell you the approximate number of square feet the paint is going to cover properly. If you are buying a whitewash remember that water is mixed with a whitewash before it is applied and most of the time when a whitewash says it will cover 100 square feet that are going to be at the thinnest possible application.

Final Note

If you would like to get a paint that is a beautiful shade of grey and comes in a complete kit ready for you to apply consider the Brick=Anew all-in-one brick fireplace paint kit. It paints up to 60 square feet and gives you the precise details for how much paint to buy if you have a larger area.

If you would like to find a whitewash that can cover a large area consider the Giani Brick Transformation. This product can be thinned so that it covers as much as 100 square feet of a porous material such as fireplace brick.

Changing the color of your brick freshens your house and creates a new and clean look.

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