Best Pellet Stoves Reviews 2022 With Buying Guide

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Pellet stoves are a fantastic way to thoroughly heat your home to a comfortable temperature. They are economically friendly and cost-effective.

In order to provide our readers with as much information as possible on heaters and heat sources, we decided that we needed to create the best pellet stoves review.

Our panel of experts all used these appliances in their own homes and shops to help us determine which stoves were easiest to use, safest to use, and the most efficient at using the pellet fuel completely.

It was important to us to recommend units that were going to useful to the buyer.

Best Pellet Stoves In Depth Reviews 2022

1. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove

Comfortbilt Pellet Stove

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This Comfortbilt Pellet stove produces up to 50,000 BTUs and that enables it to heat a home that has 2,800 square feet. It is a powerful device that has a blower.

The blower pushes the heat created by the stove across the room so every corner can be thoroughly heated. The blower plugs into a standard household outlet.

This is an EPA certified product so you know it meets or exceeds all of the regulations and safety protocol established for this type of heating appliance.

It also has a thermostat that is programmable. You get to set the temperature to your favorite setting and the heater will work hard to maintain that comfort level in your home.

This is a large unit that can hold as much as 55-pounds of pellets at one time. It has an auto-ignition so you do not need an external flame source to light the pellets.

The viewing area is large so you get the full effects of the burning pellets. The visual fire is relaxing, and it actually makes you feel warmer when you watch the flames dance and flicker inside the stove.

2. PelPro Pellet Stove

PelPro Pellet Stove

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This Pelpo Pellet stove is an attractive appliance that can easily heat a home that has more than 2,00 square feet of living space.

This unit is so safe that it can even be installed in mobile homes. It has all of the latest safety features and has met all of the EPA certification regulations.

The lighting of the pellets inside this stove has been made easier by the automatic ignition designed into it. 

You start the fire in your stove by pushing a button and not by lighting a match or lighter. That makes fire-starting easier to do and safer to do.

The heat produced by this stove is controllable. There is a dial thermostat that you use to set the heat output to a level that you find pleasing.

The blower on the unit then takes the heat produced and spreads across the room and into other rooms so your entire home is warm and cozy.

This is a fuel-efficient device that produces 58% more heat than similar appliances. It has a 130-pound hopper so you can expect to refill it about once every four days. The self-emptying fire pot allows you to clean the stove less frequently.

3. US Stove Company GW1949 Non-Electric Pellet Stove

US Stove Company GW1949 Non-Electric Pellet Stove

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This Wiseway pellet stove has a unique design that is modern, attractive, and capable of making the device more efficient and effective.

The design of the stove is such that the clearances needed on the sides and back of the appliance are smaller than the normal clearance amounts. 

This item does not have automatic ignition, but it also does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This is not cool to the touch device and you should supervise children and pets when they are around the unit.

You simply fill the stove with pellets, light the pellets with a propane torch, allow the flue and burn chamber to heat, and the stove will create a natural draft that will increase the temperature and warm your home.

It saves on the cost of electricity and can be used even when the electric power goes out.

You can see the flame as it travels up the body of the stove through the viewing panel. You control the heat and how quickly the fire burns by adjusting the airflow baffles.

It is a simple design that has no mechanical parts so it needs less maintenance and has a lesser tendency of malfunction or breaking.

4. US Stove 5660 Bay Front Pellet Stove

 US Stove 5660 Bay Front Pellet Stove

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This appliance is made by the US Stove Company. The large viewing area provided to showcase the fire inside the device makes it one of the most attractive pellet stoves on the market 

The body of the stove is sleek and appealing, but the viewing space covers almost the entire front section of the device and part of the sides so you can view the flickering firelight from more advantage points in the room.

The controls for the thermostat and other features of the stove are digital. You change the heat setting and other properties by simply pushing a button. An LED display screen shows you what setting the unit is currently operating at.

There are 6 different heat settings so you can always create the perfect temperature inside your home no matter what Mother Nature is doing outside.

This device does have a blower so heat is evenly distributed through the room. It is EPA certified and has all of the latest safety features.

It is also very quiet while it is in operation so you can sleep, read a book, watch television, or entertain with a distraction from the heater.

5. US Stove 5040 Small Pellet Stove

US Stove 5040 Small Pellet Stove

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This pellet stove made by US Stove Company can effectively burn for up to 40-hours on one fill of pellets 

You will refill the unit less often and enjoy the beauty and warmth of the fire for longer periods.

This feature also makes the device cost-effective to use and reduces the amount you spend on heating your home. The control board allows you to select between four heat settings. 

The control board is digital and it is very easy to select the heat you want and program the unit to keep your home splendidly warm. It is even approved for use in mobile homes, but mobile homeowners will need to order a fresh air kit before installing the device.

The front of the stove has a panel of air-wash glass that allows you to see the fire as it consumes the fuel and creates the heat you need.

The viewing area is large enough to be seen from across the room so you have the convenience of a fireplace view without the inconvenient mess that a fireplace can create.

6. Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove

Comfortbilt HP22-N Pellet Stove

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This stove by Comfortbilt will easily warm between 2000 and 2800 square feet of living space.

It is a 50,000 BTU appliance that can hold up to 80-pounds of pellets at one time. You get the convenience of a pellet stove, the cost savings and have to fill the device less often.

This stove has a blower to spread the heat through the house. The blower does need to be connected to an electrical source via the power cord attached to the stove. 

It has automatic ignition controls so you do not need to keep propane torches or matches in close proximity, and you do not need fire-starting gel. You simply push a button and wait for the fire to ignite.

There is a programmable heat setting established on the stove so you get the fire started and then the stove maintains the heat at a level you have selected.

It does not just burn and keep the one room it is hot; it burns pellets and keeps your home comfortable.

You can see the fire burning through the glass panel on the front of the unit. You can relax and let your worries about the cold drift away as you watch the flames flicker silently. 

7. Castle Pellet Stoves

Castle Pellet Stoves

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This pellet stove is made by the US Stove Company. The heat this device produces can keep 1,500 square feet of living space comfortable for your family even during the brutally cold nights of winter when the temperatures drop to sub-zero levels.

The auger system used in the appliance is a Sure Feed system that allows the appliance to perform more efficiently and remain safer to use.

It has an easy light ignition so you will not have to struggle with fire starting gel and matches in an attempt to start the fire. 

It is programmable so you do not have to let the room it is in get really hot in order to heat the rest of the house. Smart technology and the latest in safety features have been used to develop a home heating system that is safe, effective, aesthetically pleasing, and money-saving.

You have a beautiful glass viewing area so you can sit in your favorite chair, talking to friends and family, while you enjoy the beauty and mesmerizing effects of live flames. The unit is quiet, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Best Pellet Stove Buying Guide

When choosing a pellet stove, you will consider more things about the home it will be installed in than about the stove itself. Your home size, the insulation you have, and the number of windows in the room will be big deciding factors on the size of the stove you will need to warm your home effectively.

Insulation Considerations

If your home is well-insulated with new model windows, and doors that seal properly then you will be able to buy a smaller stove. That is because a well-insulated home requires less heat to make it warm and maintain that warmth.

If your home has poor insulation then you will need to get a larger stove in order to properly heat your area. Most older homes have less insulation and require larger stoves.

Windows in the Room

Warm air can escape out of windows and the more windows you have in the room where the stove is being installed the more BTUs you will need the stove to be able to provide.

Ceiling Height in the Room

Heat rises and higher ceilings require additional heat to be able to warm the entire room properly. To assist your pellet stove in the heating of a home with high ceilings install ceiling fans and turn them on the low setting to stir the warm air and push it downwards.

The Area You Live in

Southern states have mild winters that see very few days of freezing temperatures. Northern states see frequent freezing temperatures that may stay frigid for days on end. If you live in a colder climate then you will need a stove capable of providing more BTUs because the stove will need to work harder to keep your home warm.

Is the Stove EPA Certified?

You want to buy a stove that is EPA certified because they offer more effective heat and they burn the pellets more effectively. That means they use less fuel to create the same amount of heat. They also have all of the safety and venting technology inspected so you know you are getting a safe device to use inside your home.

How does a pellet stove work

These heating units convert air that is taken in through a fresh air vent to heated air and the smoke and fumes created by the burning pellets are removed from the unit as heat and smoke are removed from a fireplace through the chimney of the device. Pellets burn inside the device like wood logs burn inside a wood-burning stove and create the heated air, and a blower pushes the warm air across the room.

How to install a pellet stove

Installing a pellet stove is much like installing a wood heater. You need to have an exhaust pipe that reaches from the back of the stove through the ceiling and roof of the home. You can run a single wall pipe from the stove to about 18 inches from the ceiling but from that point on through the roof you need a triple wall pipe that is designed to remain cool and not cause contact fires.

You will need a pipe cap on the top of the pipe so rainwater cannot pour down the pipe. The stove should be set atleast three inches away from the wall so when the pipe comes down you will need to add an elbow to connect it to the stove. It is recommended that you put a mat that is a fire protector beneath the stove to prevent contact heat.

How to start a pellet stove

Turn it on and listen for the motor to start. Then pour the designated amount of starting gel onto the pellets. Use a match and ignite the gel. Close the door. Allow the pellets to burn for about 3 to 5 minutes then set the temperature you prefer.

How to test auger motor in pellet stove

There are a couple of ways to check the auger motor and ascertain whether it is functioning properly. If the motor is making a lot of noise you can pretty much be assured that the device is not long for this world.

If you own a Multi-meter you can start the stove up and connect the meter test leads to the wires that exit the motor. The meter should read between 40 and 120 volts if everything is working. If you do not have a meter you can make a power cord with alligator clips on one end to connect to the wires that come out of the motor and then plug the power cord into a normal household outlet to determine if the motor is running. 

How to clean a pellet stove

Keeping your pellet stove clean can help you to avoid accidental fires and help you to keep the appliance working longer. Start the process by removing the ash pan, empty all of the ashes. Then take the cleaning tool that came with your pellet stove and use it to remove the carbon deposits left by the burned pellets. If you lose your cleaning tool you can use a standard putty knife or a wire brush. Use the lever at the top of the stove to push the carbon deposits forward so you can remove them. You can vacuum the ash pot out if you like. Finally, wash the glass panes.

Final Note

If you are looking for a large pellet stove that can heat almost 3000 square feet, we suggest the 50,000 BTU Comfortbilt pellet stove. It is efficient, money-saving and very durable.

If you are looking for a specialized pellet stove that takes up very little space and can be installed in a mobile home, we suggest the Wiseway pellet stove that is thin and capable of being installed only 2-inches from the wall.

Pellet stoves can be used as primary heat sources but they can also be kept for emergency heat sources when the power goes out.

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