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Lava rocks and stones are often used in fire-pits to disperse the heat evenly. They create air channels that allow the fire to distribute in a more uniform and attractive manner.

We wanted to make certain that we included everything we could about heaters for our readers. That’s why we asked some fire-pit owners to try out a variety of these items. They let us know which ones they thought were the best.

What I considered was how easy the items were to use, how easy they were to get, how well they disbursed the flames in the pit and other considerations like the aesthetic components of the rocks and stones. 

Best Fire Pit Rocks and Stones Reviews 2022

1. Hiland RGLASS-2-BB Bahama Blend Fire Glass 

Hiland RGLASS-2-BB Bahama Blend Fire Glass

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Hiland RGLASS-2-BB Fire Glass emits no ash, soot, or smoke when it is used in your fire-pit. That makes the glass easier to maintain and the fire-pit easier to keep clean.

It also allows you to use this glass around people who may suffer from breathing conditions like asthma, or COPD. This is because there will be no smoke or foul odors to irritate their lungs.

You can use these rocks instead of the common lava rocks. Why? Because they give the fire in your pit a more aesthetically pleasing look.

When you place this fire glass in the bottom of the pit you can cover up the practical pit elements of pipes and tubes that take away from the elegance and beauty of the fire.

Cover the bottom of the pit with this beautiful glass. When you light the fire, you see a mesmerizing fire with glistening rocks instead of metal pipes and gas outlets.

You can use these glass pieces either indoors or outdoors. They can be excellent in pits that burn either propane or natural gas fuel. The glass pieces do not have sharp edges that could cut you or cause any abrasive damages.

2. Uniflame Lava Rock and Log Kit for Propane Fire Pits

Uniflame Lava Rock and Log Kit for Propane Fire Pits

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Uniflame Lava Rock and Log Kit provides you with the classic looking lava rocks. They evenly disperse the flames created in your propane fire pit.

The fire pit emits propane through a cylinder or tube and the propane burns in a single position. The lava rocks pour over the bottom of the pit and visually displace the propane tube the fire burns from and allow the fire to peak out between the rocks.

On top of the rocks are realistic looking logs. They appear to have been in the flame for a long time and are starting to char with ash. The logs give the fire the realistic look of a wood fire like you might have if you were camping.

The beauty of the logs is they do not create ash, soot, or smoke like real burning wood do. You get the beauty of a real wood fire without any of the cleanup or hassles that accompany a real wood fire.

You can also use these items in fire pits that are burning natural gas.

3. Blue Ridge Brand Sky Blue Fire Glass

Blue Ridge Brand Sky Blue Fire Glass

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Blue Ridge Brand Sky Blue Fire Glass is a professional grade of fire pit glass. It offers you beautiful solutions to change the look of your fire pit. Moreover, it creates a more decorative item from your fire pit.

You can customize your fire pit and make it something of beauty by adding these shimmering glass pieces to the interior bottom of the pit.

The glass pieces are not sharp on the edges. Therefore, if they displace from their seat in the pit they will not cut or damage you or your property.

You can even use these beautiful pieces in the bottom of vases, around flower beds, and in the bottom of aquariums to bring a little color or depth.

The glass does not smoke or create ash or soot. It will not melt when used in a fire-pit that uses natural gas or propane. Moreover, the glass will not discolor when used in these fire-pits.

It does not break down or disintegrate due to exposure to the high heats produced by the burning gases.

The glass can be used indoors or outdoors. If you are placing the glass in a gas burning fire pit you must provide ample ventilation. It is because the burning gas can create carbon monoxide gas.

4. Venetian Princess Lava Rocks

Venetian Princess Lava Rocks

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Venetian Princess Lava Rocks are decorative landscaping rocks that can also be excellent in gas-fueled fire-pits. They are not sharp so they do not cut or damage surfaces they come into contact with. 

They are attractive and when placed around plants or trees. In addition, they add a decorative touch that also helps you control the amount of grass and weeds that grow in the flower bed or around the trees.

These rocks are perfect for use in a fire pit. It’s because they do not melt, they do not smoke, they do not create ash or soot. In addition, they do not produce an odor when the fire is burning.

They provide a decorative touch to your fire pit that makes your pit look nicer. It allows you to add a little more beauty and elegance to your life.

To accurately figure how many rocks you need to fill your space multiply the width of the area by the depth of the area and then divide that number by 16. The answer will be the number of pounds of lava rock you need for your purpose.

5. GASPRO 20 LB Fire Glass

GASPRO 20 LB Fire Glass

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GASPRO ½-inch reflective tempered fire glass brings you more joy and more beauty from your fire pit. The fire pit keeps you warm and gives you a place to gather with friends and relax.

The reflective blue glass creates a mesmerizing fire that appears to have more depth and greater dimensions due to the reflection of the flames on the glass surfaces.

The glass also creates small channels that the fire can travel through. As a result, the flames dance, flicker, and seem to be alive at the bottom of the fire pit. They are a conversation starter and a mood enhancer.

The pieces are not uniform in size so they add depth and interest to the pit. They do not have sharp edges that you could be injured by. They do not discolor, smoke, or create ash and soot when they are used in natural gas or propane-fueled firepit. 

6. Skyflame High Luster 10-Pound Fire Glass for Fire Pit

Skyflame High Luster 10-Pound Fire Glass for Fire Pit

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Skyflame High Luster 1/2 -inch reflective glass pieces are ideal for fire pits, fireplaces, the bottom of vases, around potted plants, around trees, in flower beds, and as decorative pieces of interest around your home.

They come in a wide variety of dazzling colors that reflect the natural light of the sun, or the intense light of fire flames to create a visual movement across their surfaces.

These items are designed from heat tolerant materials that can withstand the intense heat created by a firepit that is fueled by propane or natural gas. 

They can be excellent to cover the bottom of the fire pit so you hide the useful but unattractive gas supply lines. You can leave a shimmering pool of reflective glass that the fire will surround and dance across the top of.

These pieces are about ½” in size but they are not all uniformly shaped so they create greater visual interest. They do not melt and they will not discolor when used in your fire pit. They do not need to heavy maintenance to keep them working properly and looking beautiful.

7. Stanbroil 10-Pound Fire Glass

Stanbroil 10-Pound Fire Glass

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Stanbroil reflective tempered fire glass for fire pit and decorative uses around the home. These glass pieces can be used to give your fire pit a unique finishing touch that makes it more attractive to look at when it is not lit and when it is lit.

Your fire pit is simply an extension of your home and you want it to show your personality and love of the finer things in life.

The reflective glass pieces provide a mirror effect for the flames that the propane creates when you fire up the pit. The reflection of the flames makes it appear to be thousands of tiny flames dancing across the surface of the pit.

The different shapes of the glass allow pits and channels to form. Thereyou see flames that appear to be deep inside the pit as well as the flames that appear to be sitting on top of the amount of glass.

You do not have to worry about washing or maintaining these pieces. They are in no way affected by the flames of the pit so they do not get sooty, or discolored. They retain their brilliance and provide you with a shimmering delight for many years.

8.Alan Stone High Luster Reflective Fire Glass Gravel

Alan Stone High Luster Reflective Fire Glass Gravel

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Alan Stone High Luster reflective fire glass will change the appearance of your fire pit. You can replace your dull lava rocks with this amazing glass and create a luxurious fire that you never expected.

It is beautiful, it is alive with brilliance and color, it is enchanting. People cannot resist staring at the beautiful fire created by these amazing glass pieces sitting in the bowl of your fire pit.

They continue to reflect and shine even after they have been exposed to the fire in your pit. The rocks do not tarnish and they do not fade from exposure to high temperatures. They continue to produce the same brilliance time and again without you having to do anything to protect or clean them.

These pieces are surprisingly light and they do not have sharp edges that can cut or harm you. They are non-toxic and produce no toxic fumes or smoke as they burn with fire. They are non-radioactive and can be used around people who have breathing conditions like asthma and COPD with no adverse reactions.

9. Onlyfire Reflective Fire Glass for Natural or Propane Fire Pit

Onlyfire Reflective Fire Glass for Natural or Propane Fire Pit

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Onlyfire reflective glass is inspected to make sure that each piece meets the high-quality standards the manufacturer has set for its products.

The result of these high-quality items is impeccable performance, enchanting beauty, and sheer elegance.

These glass pieces will help you turn an ordinary fire pit into a magical work of art. They are excellent for your entertaining and decorative needs.

They are designed in a way that prevents them from discoloring, fading, melting, or being dangerous to you or your pets. You can use them in the fire pit, or the gold fishbowl, the aquarium, and anywhere you would like to add a splash of color or a touch of elegance around your home.

They sparkle and shimmer when the light of the sun, the moon, or the flames of fire hit them. They can make one sliver of light dance and throb like it is a thousand pieces of light.

Each fire will be different, and each moment will change as the reflective properties of this glass allows the flames to take on a life of their own.

Buying Guide for Best fire pit glass rocks and Stones

When you need rocks and stones for your fire-pit or grill you want to make certain that you choose the very best ones according to how you plan to use the items. 

Buying lava rocks and stones for decorative purposes requires you to know what features are available so you can select items you will enjoy.


The materials the items are made of will increase their durability and their usefulness. Lava rocks may not last as long as some of the high-quality glass pieces. You need to read the manufacturer description of the possible life expectancy of the pieces you are considering.


Most of these items will be ½” or larger. The items are not going to be uniformly round, or oval. They are in a mixed lot of shapes so they add more depth and interest to the fire pit.

Safe around children and Pets

You want to get pieces that have no sharp edges if you are going to use these items in homes where there are children and pets. We recommend that you buy glass pieces and rocks that have larger diameters. As a result, they cannot be a choking hazard if a child or pet were to place them in their mouth.


You want to make sure that the items you buy will not produce any toxic fumes. There are pieces that will not melt, not burn, not discolor, and produce no smoke or ash when you are using them.


The color and variations of reflective exteriors are personal preference choices. You want to look for items that are available in colors that you think are attractive and will add ambiance to your home.


You want to consider getting items that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can coordinate your vases with your firepit by placing matching stones or rocks in the bottom of each vessel.

You can also use some of these items in goldfish bowls and aquariums. This allows you to use a particular color or design in several areas. Moreover, it lets you tie your decorative aspects together so your home has a natural flow.


If you prefer you can find these items that are configured to look like natural pieces of wood that are burning on a fire. This allows your fire pit to resemble the fire you might gather around if you were camping in the woods. They bring a little nature into your patio area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use lava rocks for a fire pit?

Place the lava rocks on the bottom of the fire pit. Make sure that they cover the pipes and tubes that bring the gas into the unit. They are simply a design and decorative tool. Be sure not to block any air vents that may be important to keep the fire pit burning.

2. How to install fire glass in a fire pit?

Open the package the fire glass comes in. Pour the fire glass into the empty fire pit deep enough to cover the bottom. You can leave the illusion that the glass pieces are the source of fire in the unit.

3. How to light fire glass in a fire pit?

You must have a gas burner at the bottom of the pit. You turn the gas on to fuel the fire and then use a match to light the gas. Some burners have electronic ignitions that will allow you to fire the pit without using an external flame source like a match.

Final Note

If you would like stones and rocks that appear to look like real lava rocks and pieces of wood in your fire then we suggest the Uniflame Lava Rock and Log Kit for Propane Fire Pits. These items produce no smoke, no ash, and create the look of real wood logs burning without the mess of real wood logs.

If you are looking for a fire glass that you can use in your pit and in other areas around the home to tie the décor together, we suggest you look into the Blue Ridge Brand Sky Blue Fire Glass. It is suitable for use in fire-pits, vases, aquariums, and around flower beds and containers.

Stones and rocks for fire pits give you another way to beautify your home and make your place unique.

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