Best Smokeless Fire Pits For Camping & Bonfire – Reviews In 2021

Fire pits that create no smoke make it more pleasant to sit on a patio or deck while the unit is lit. We wanted to find the best smokeless fire pit so we asked a large group of homeowners to try out a few of these items and tell us what they thought of them.

We wanted to know how easy the items were to use, how effective they were at producing heat, if they were actually smoke-less, and if the reviewer would choose the unit for their own personal use. Our panel of judges provided us with a great list of appliances and even schooled us on the features and differences in the items.

Smokeless Fire Pit Reviews 2021

1. TACKLIFE Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

This is a 28-inch fire table that is fueled by propane. The propane cylinder stores beneath the table behind a closed door. It is out of sight and positioned so that the controls cannot be accidentally turned or changed.

This is a CSA certified device because it meets all of the safety regulations established for appliances of this type.

This unit puts out a lot of heat. It produces 50,000 BYUs so everyone can enjoy the warmth and you do not have to stand right beside the stove to break you chill.

This unit is unique and when the metal covering is positioned over the fire bowl the appliance can be used as a table, so it is functional, practical, and convenient all year.

This appliance can be transported with you if you are going camping. It also works great on patios, decks, in backyards, on terraces, and anywhere you might want a warming fire or a cooking fire. You can roast wieners, and make S’mores using this attractive appliance. 

This is a steel appliance that will not be damaged by the heat of the fires burned inside it. It is meant for outdoor use, and the metal covering ensures that when you extinguish the fire nothing will come into contact with the hot rocks left inside the device.

2. Outland 883 Mega Outdoor Firebowl

This compact fire pit is easy to transport because of its small size. It also uses propane as a fuel source so it does not create ash, soot, or smoke and can be carried with you when you go camping, or go out on the deck for an evening with friends.

In just a few minutes you can have this unit set up and burning brightly. It produces beautiful flames that warm you and give you a visual escape on those chilly fall evenings. 

It is a safe unit that is CSA certified so you know it has all of the safety regulations and specifications met. It is a powerful little device that can produce 58,000 BTUs an hour. You can warm a large area with that kind of heat output. It connects to a 5-gallon, (20LB) propane cylinder.

It is made of durable steel  includes a propane tank fire pit stabilizer ring that is why the heat does no damage to the appliance. It has an adjustable regulator so you determine how high the flames will be and how much heat the unit creates. It even comes with lava rocks that hide create a mesmerizing flickering effect when the device is lit.

3. HY-C FG-16 Flame Genie Portable Smoke-Free Wood Pellet Fire Pit

This is a small device that consumes wood pellets as a fuel source. It is light and easy to carry so you can take it camping, to the beach, or to the backyard to enjoy. 

Wood pellets have a low moisture content so they burn cleaner and more efficiently than the sticks and logs from trees and limbs do.

The wood pellets do not create the smoke that is created when you burn natural wood and there are no flying sparks and embers to deal with.

Wood pellets do create ash when they burn, but they do not create the amount of ash that natural wood sticks, limbs, or logs create. Cleaning up after using this stove is a lot easier than cleaning up after using a traditional wood-burning device.

The upper section of the appliance has room for the bottom base section to nestle inside it making it easier to transport the unit. You can quickly assemble and have a delightful fire burning within a few minutes. You can be certain that the device can handle the heat because the upper section is created to withstand as much as 12000 F. 

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

This Solo Stove appliance is crafted from stainless steel to create a durable, sturdy, and attractive appliance. It is perfect for outdoor use because the stainless-steel is impervious to the elements of wind, rain, and fire.

The unit looks good the day you get it and still looks good years after you have been using it.

This stove burns natural wood as a fuel source. You do not have to buy pellets or lug around heavy bottles of propane.

When you get to your destination you simply gather natural sticks and limbs that have fallen from the trees and you are ready to go. This appliance is NOT a smokeless appliance because natural wood can create smoke and ash while burning. To reduce the amount of smoke produces burn dry wood instead of green. 

Dry wood burns hotter and faster than greenwood. This appliance is designed to burn the wood more efficiently and that will result in a lot less smoke from the fire. The bottom vent holes on this unit maximize the airflow so the fire inside it burns brighter and hotter. 

5. Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Fire Pit

This CSA certified fire pit will allow you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of fire whenever you are outdoors.

It is small enough and light enough for you to carry when you go camping or to the beach. It is handy and effective enough for you to use on your deck or in your backyard.

It is fueled by propane and does not create irritating smoke, ash, or flying embers that can ignite flammable materials around you.

The natural lava rocks in the bowl of the pit make the flames dance and flicker in mesmerizing patterns. You can sit back on the patio with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the firelight, The unit comes with a regulator positioned on a 10-foot length of hose to use connecting the 20-lb propane bottle to the device.

The regulator allows you to adjust the height and intensity of the flames. This also gives you greater control over the amount of propane the device uses while in operation.

The realistic flames created by this unit are great to look at but they are also producing as much as 58,000 BTUs per hour. You can effectively warm a large area so multiple people can stay warm and cozy outside.

6. Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit

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This is a unique fire pit that is designed to be compact and portable. It is made from fire-resistant materials and has stainless-steel fire mesh beneath the upper layer so the fire receives the maximum amount of airflow and can burn more completely.

You do not need any tools to erect this fire pit. Sixty seconds after you arrive at your destination you can have the pit up and ready to use. 

You can use natural twigs and wood to create an authentic smelling and looking fire for your enjoyment. The fine stainless-steel mesh in the elevated portion of the unit will trap the ash that is created when the fire is burning so there are not fire hazards from hot ash. You can easily empty the ash after the unit cools and pack it back up for use at a later date.

This device is perfect for creating small intimate fires when you go outside to enjoy the cool crisp autumn evenings. It also creates a fire from natural wood so you can roast a hot dog, or make a S’More with no worries of contamination. 

7. BALI Outdoors Outdoor Fireplace Wooden Fire Pit

This fire pit provides you the mesmerizing beauty of logs burning with round wire mesh screening. The flames flicker and dance and the aroma of real wood-burning waft into the air giving you the comforting feeling a fire should.

You do not have to worry about escaping embers being lofted by the wind and starting a fire on other flammable materials.

This fire pit is encased in a mesh that holds the embers in and lets the air get to the wood so the fire can burn more efficiently and produce less smoke.

This is not a portable unit because it is made of heavy-duty cast iron. It is very heavy and ideal for outdoor use because the cast-iron is impervious to the heat of the fire or the elements of nature that can ruin many other materials.

Ash removal is as easy as sliding back a door to reveal the ash captured on a special tray. Lift the tray out, eliminate the ash by placing it in a trash receptacle, or around plants in your yard, and then replace the tray.

8. Esright Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

This is a wood-burning fire pit that effectively uses the fuel you provide so that you get greater warmth from it and less smoke.

The unit has double sidewalls that insulate the fire bowl and make the fire burn hotter.

The insulation also helps to reduce the possibility of severe contact burns by lessening the heat of the exterior portion of the device.

The air is allowed to pass through the center of the device which causes the wood inside the fire bowl to burn more effectively. When wood burns at high temperatures it does not produce the same amount of smoke that it would if it were burning at a lower and slower temperature. To decrease the smoke effect even more always burn dried twigs instead of using green limbs.

You get all of the hardware and tools you will need to assemble this device. It is made from stainless steel so it will not rust or corrode and will last for a very long time. Stainless has the unique ability to remain attractive even when it is exposed to rain, snow, heat and the ravaging effects of the sun.

9. BREEO Double Flame Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit

This is a uniquely designed fire pit that feeds the fire oxygen through the bottom while surrounding the fire with a double wall of insulation that makes the fire burn more intensely.

The double walls draw extra air into the fire and cause smoke to be burned off or dissipated at the top of the device.

The result is you get a unit that burns natural fuel so you do not have to worry about carrying propane or pellets with you when you travel.

The natural wood is better for the environment and allows you to cook over the flames and create great tasting foods.

This unit is 24-inches in diameter so it provides you with a large surface area of flames to enjoy. It stands on raised legs so you can use it on your decks or in the yard without worry about the heat affecting the flooring beneath the device or causing dry grasses to combust.

This is for outdoor use only. The appliance does get hot to the touch and you should never try to empty the ash before the unit has time to completely cool after being used.

10. Blue Sky Outdoor Living Patio Pellet Fire Pit

This round device burns wood pellets as a fuel source. The pellets are designed to burn at a higher temperature than natural wood does and this allows a greater amount of the pellet to be consumed so they leave less ash and residue behind after they burn.

Pellets burn hotter than natural wood so a smaller fire can give off a greater amount of heat. 

The device is crafted from durable steel materials that allow it to be exposed to high temperatures or common outdoor elements like rain and snow without being affected or damaged. This device will last you for many years to come.

There is very little assembly to do before you begin to use this device. It is compact and light enough for you to carry it to the beach or when you go camping. It does not require propane or gas lines so it is easier to move around or transport.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit Buying Guide

To make sure that you get the best smokeless fire pit for your purposes you have to weigh the pros and cons of the different devices and decide which ones have more benefits that you will enjoy. I suggest creating a list of the features that you want your fire pit to have and then comparing that list to the descriptions of the appliances you are considering.


The type of fuel that the appliance will use to create the fire is going to be one of the biggest factors in your decision. The smokeless firepits may burn wood, wood pellets or propane as a fuel. 

You have to determine which fuel source is easiest for you to get, and cheapest for you to use. Wood requires you to gather the natural wood, and pellets do create some ash when they burn, so most people prefer the propane-fueled devices if they travel with the appliance.


The size of the device matters because a larger unit may be heavier and harder to move. A larger unit may also generate a greater amount of heat so a larger outdoor area will be warmed and there will be less need to crowd around the appliance to stay warm.

Materials and Design

The material the fire pit is made from will determine the durability and longevity of the device. If the unit is made from stainless-steel then it will not corrode or be damaged by water or snow. If the unit is painted metal then it might discolor slightly after the initial fire is built inside it.

If the appliance is raised and has mesh at the bottom of the fire bowl then a greater amount of air will be introduced to the fire so the fire can burn hotter. If you have a propane-fueled fire you do not have a need for the extra airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a smokeless fire pit work?

A propane fire pit is smokeless because the gas does not create smoke as it burns. A wood-burning or pellet-burning stove can be smokeless due to the double-wall secondary combustion technology that allows heated oxygen to be mixed with the smoke created so the smoke actually burns.

2. How does a smokeless fire pit help eliminate annoying smoke?

A smokeless fire pit uses creative designs and intricate air hole placement to allow air to be pressurized and the oxygen to be heated. This pressurized air then combines with the smoke and the smoke is burned away or eliminated.

3. How to keep mosquitoes away from a smokeless fire pit?

One of the best ways to reduce the presence of mosquitos while you are outdoors using a fire pit is to light eucalyptus wood along with the other wood you are burning. The eucalyptus wood naturally repels the mosquitos.

Final Note

If you are looking for a smokeless fire pit that is powered by propane, we suggest the Tacklife Outdoor Companion. It has a 50,000 BTU output so it is perfect for a large outdoor area, and it has a beautiful design that will enhance your space.

If you would prefer a unit that consumes wood pellets to create the fire consider the Blue Sky Outdoor Living PFP2416 Patio Pellet Fire Pit. It has a round design that is attractive, and it is very easy to transport and reestablish in a new location.

Smokeless fire pits are available in so many sizes, designs, and varieties that there is an appliance that is perfect for everyone.

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