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I love outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking. But I do not like to be cold when I am trying to sleep. That is why finding the best tent heater is so important to me. I want to enjoy the outdoors more and stay warm and cozy at the same time.

I knew that there are other people just like me so I asked a group of outdoor enthusiasts to try out several tent heaters and help me find the ones that are the most effective, and the safest to use.

After a lot of consideration, the following heaters were chosen as being devices that offered the most warmth and comfort, and the most peace of mind for the user.

Best Heater For Tent Camping 2022 Reviews

1. Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

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You can heat a space that has as much as 225 square feet using this appliance. It is a 4,000 to 9,000 BTU device that will only use about 0.044 gallons of fuel per hour on the low setting and about 0.099 gallons of fuel per hour on the high heat setting. This is a very economical heating appliance and perfect for your garage as well.

This device is safe to use inside the tent and outside of it as well. When you are above 7,000 feet the device may shut-off or not function properly. 

The unit has a shut-off feature that turns it off in the event of a tip over to prevent the possibility of fire. If the pilot light of the unit goes out, or there is not an adequate amount of oxygen the automatic shut-off will turn the unit off or prevent it from being lit.

This heating unit only weighs nine pounds. It has a swivel out regulator and a handle that folds down so it can be made more compact for traveling. The swivel out regulator makes it possible for you to operate the heater from a five-gallon propane bottle or from a smaller disposable cylinder of gas. That increases the portability of this device.

2. Mr. Heater MH12B Hunting Buddy Portable Space Heater

Mr. Heater MH12B Hunting Buddy Portable Space Heater

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Safety and versatility are two of the major features of this heating unit. It has an automatic shut-off feature designed into it so the heater will shut down completely if it is tipped over.

That means that you can go to sleep at night with fewer concerns about fire hazards. It also has a low oxygen sensor that will shut the unit down in the event that the oxygen levels in the air or less than desired.

You can take this camping and connect it to a 20-pound propane cylinder. You can take this backpacking and attach it to a one pound propane cylinder. 

It is a versatile unit with a swing away regulator that allows you to use it in more places and have greater freedom of choice.

In the lowest setting, this heater produces 6,000 BTU and in the highest setting, it produces 12,000 BTU. That means that this heater can keep a 300 square foot area comfortable for you to enjoy.

You do not need an external flame to light this device. It has a built-in ignition that is silent and does not require you to strike a match. It is quiet while in use so you can sleep undisturbed.

3. Mr. Heater Corporation MH18B Portable Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Corporation MH18B Portable Propane Heater

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This heating appliance offers you three heat settings. You get 4,000 BTU out of the lowest setting, and as many as 9,000 BTU out of the medium setting, and a whopping 18,000 BTU out of the highest setting.

You can effectively heat as much as four hundred and fifty square feet of space using this device.

Safety features like automatic shut0off in the event of a tip over, and automatic shut0off, if the oxygen in the space is lowered, will allow you to rest comfortably. Your risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning is reduced.

Swivel regulators allow you to use small disposable one-pound propane cylinders or the large 20-pound cylinders. It has a single control knob and is self-igniting so you do not need a match or lighter to get it started.

It has a convenient carry handle for transportation. It weighs less than 17 pounds, and it is extremely durable. It is safe to use inside or outside of your sleeping quarters.

Warning: Never leave children or pets unattended in a tent with a heater that is lit. Always keep flammable materials a safe distance from the heating unit.

4. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater

Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater

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This is a small but powerful heat source. It can provide up to 2,890 BTU and is powered by the small propane cylinders that are disposable.

It can operate with the 16.4-ounce cylinder or the smaller 14.1-ounce unit. It is light and easy to carry with you when you go hiking, or when you are sitting in your deer stand.

It is a stainless-steel product that has an attractive copper finish. It comes with a plastic base that holds the one-pound propane cylinder so it is more secure and stable.

It produces as much as 847 watts of heat so you can heat as much as 84 square feet of tent, hunting blind, or outdoor area.

A one-pound cylinder of propane will normally allow the heater to operate throughout the night without running out of fuel. It can be used inside a tent as long as you make sure that the tent is properly ventilated to eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The heat settings are adjustable so you can have a warmer area if you choose. The higher heat settings will cause the unit to use fuel faster so it is recommended that during the night-time hours when you are asleep you turn the device to the lowest possible setting that you can be comfortable with.

5. Honeywell HHF370B Fan Forced Heater

Honeywell HHF370B Fan Forced Heater

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This is an electric powered device that can provide you with warmth in your tent, home, office, or anywhere you want. It does not create carbon monoxide and it is easily operated by simply plugging the power cord into an electrical outlet. 

This is a safe device that remains cool to the touch so contact burns are not a problem. It is safe to use around children and pets and will automatically shut off if it is over-heated or if it is tipped over. 

The handle remains cool to the touch even after it has been running for several hours so you can safely move the device to another location like from outside the tent to inside the tent.

This device is small enough to be sat on a tabletop and can be used in your home or office to supplement the heat. If you like the air to be warmer than the rest of the family you can simply set the heater close to you and turn it on.

The heater has an auto timer that will turn the unit on or off according to your selections. It is a 1500-watt device that can heat up to 150 square feet. It also provides heat all around the unit so you do not have to try and gather in front of the device to be warm.

6. Amazon Basics Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

Amazon Basics Ceramic Small Space Personal Mini Heater

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This small electric appliance is designed to be operated in small confined spaces. It does not require propane and creates no flame when it is operating.

It does not produce carbon monoxide and it remains cool to the touch so it is not a contact burn concern. It is designed to be a personal heat source in a tent, or small office, or close to your chair at home.

It has tip-over protection designed into it. It will automatically power off if the unit becomes unlevel as if it has been tipped over. 

This ceramic heating appliance reduces the possibility that the device will be a fire hazard. It also automatically powers off if it is over-heated so electrical shorts are not a concern.

It is small, compact, and light. You can easily carry it with you when you go camping, or set it on a table, or the corner of your desk at work or school.

It is only 6.3 inches high and is attractive in appearance. It also requires very little electricity to power it. You can operate it from your home electrical supply or plugged into a generator if you are at a campsite.

7. Honeywell HCE100B Energy Efficient Portable Personal Heater

Honeywell HCE100B Energy Efficient Portable Personal Heater

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This is a compact electric heater that is perfect for spaces not larger than 25 square feet. It produces 250 watts of heat so it can be sat on your desk, on a table close to you, or in a small tent to help keep you warm on those cool evenings.

It has two heat settings so you can create the exact amount of warmth that you need.

It is designed with all of the latest safety technology. It has tip over protection that shuts the unit off if it becomes severely unlevel as if it has been tipped over. 

That energy efficient heater reduces fire hazards. It is cool to the touch so you can move it after it has been used without fear of burning yourself when you touch the heater. It also will automatically shut off if it becomes overheated.

The device is simple to operate. You plug it into an electrical outlet and then push one simple button and it begins to work immediately. A push of the button powers it off and you have no concerns of flames, or carbon monoxide concerns.

How to Choose the Best Camping Tent Heaters

Tent heaters are a game changer for campers and hikers. These devices make it possible for you to camp during any month of the year, but how do you know which heater is best for you? There are a lot of heater varieties and most of them have the latest in safety technology.

To choose the best appliance for your needs you need to make a list of the type of camping you do. If your camp will be in remote locations you need a heater that can operate on small propane cylinders, but if you camp in established camping areas you may have access to electricity.

Once your list is completed look for heaters that will accommodate your needs, and then search for the ones that offer the most benefits.

Fuel Sources required

To take a heater with you on a camping trip you have to have one that will use the fuel you have readily available. In parks and campgrounds, there is often access to electrical outlets so you can easily take an electric device.

If you camp in remote areas you will need a propane fueled unit, but it will need to be able to function connected to a small propane cylinder that will be easy to carry with you.

Size of Appliance

The size of the heater is important when you are going to be traveling with it. You do not want an item that is very large or heavy, yet you want an item that produces enough heat for the area you need to be warmed.

Cool Touch

If you can get a device that is electric powered you can often find units that remain cool to the touch. The cool to the touch units are safer around pets and children because they eliminate the possibility of contact burns.

Carbon Monoxide Considerations

Electric heaters do not produce carbon monoxide so you do not have to be concerned with tent ventilation. If you use propane heat you must make sure that the tent is properly ventilated.

Safety Features

Automatic shut-off for appliances when they are tipped over is one of the latest safety features that helps reduce possible hazards from tent heaters. Read the details of the heater you are buying and discover what safety features the appliance has to determine if the unit is going to be the best for your circumstances.

Tent Heater Safety

A tent heater is a device that has specifically been designed and engineered for use in camping tents. With that said you must also consider that there are things you can do to make sure that you remain safe while using a tent heater. The following suggestions will improve your camping experience and let you feel more secure about using a heating appliance in a tent.

  • Position the heater with enough space around it to keep blankets and other bedding, and flammable items from coming into contact with the device.
  • Make certain that you have adequate ventilation if using a carbon monoxide producing heater. (Heaters that are fueled by propane do produce carbon monoxide.)
  • Position the heater so that it is not directly in the walk-way and will be less likely to be tipped over when someone gets up in the middle of the night.
  • Do not leave children in the tent with a heater burning.
  • Make sure that the appliance is not setting directly against the wall of the tent.
  • If you are using an electric heater be sure that the cord is not covered by clothing or rugs in the tent. Always check the cord for knicks or possible breaks in the insulated wire prior to using.
  • Electric cords can become tripping hazards so make sure they are not in the walk-way area.
  • Buy a heater that has an automatic shut-off safety feature. This feature will normally power off the device in the event that the unit is tipped over or becomes over-heated.
  • Buy a unit that remains cool to the touch to help avoid contact burns. You will still have to keep space around the heater cleared but if you bump into the device you will not be likely to get a burn.
  • Always check gas connections using liquid soap so you can detect any leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a safe way to heat a tent?

Tent heaters are designed to be used in a tent so the newer devices are safe and effective at providing the heat you need. Always read instructions and position the device away from flammable items like bedding.

2. What are some of the types of backpacking tent heaters?

For backpacking tent heaters, you need a heater that is fueled by small propane cylinders that are lightweight and easy to carry. Electric heaters are not a good option unless they can be battery powered, or you have a generator with you.

3. Is it safe to sleep in a tent with a propane heater?

It is safe to sleep in a tent with a propane heater as long as you make sure there is adequate ventilation and nothing is touching the heater so you reduce fire hazards.

4. Can you run a buddy heater in a tent?

Yes, because these heaters are constructed and approved for use inside a tent or structure as well as outside of the structure.

Final Note

If you are looking for an electric tent heater, we suggest you look into the Honeywell HHF370B with Surround Heat Output Charcoal Grey Energy Efficient Portable Heater with Adjustable Thermostat & 2 Heat Settings. It can be used indoors and outdoors and does not create carbon monoxide dangers.

If you are looking for a versatile propane burning device that can heat a large area, we suggest the Mr. Heater Corporation MH18B. It has a high setting that produces 18,000 BTU and can heat an area of 450 square feet.

Tent heaters make it possible for you to enjoy the cool weather outdoor activities without ever feeling uncomfortable.


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