Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Or even if you do, do you find the chore of cleaning up ashes and tidying the fireplace daunting? If these concerns bother you, it might be time to consider a modern solution: a clean-burning wall-mounted electric fireplace. 

As the colder seasons approach, adopting this idea could be a wonderful way to add warmth to your space. After all, there’s nothing quite like unwinding in front of a cozy fire. So, rather than investing in a new heated blanket or comforter, why not explore the benefits of an electric fireplace insert? These innovative units provide both warmth and the delightful ambience of a traditional fireplace, that too without any maintenance headaches. 

Unlike wood-burning or vented gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces don’t require external ventilation as they operate solely on electricity. This translates to a clean and hassle-free alternative for warming up your home. Moreover, they even present multiple fire color options to suit your room’s aesthetics. 

To assist you in finding the best electric fireplace heater, we delved into various options available online. After thorough research, we’ve rounded up the finest choices for you to consider to warm up your home.

Reasons to Invest in Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Before we start exploring the options for wall-mounted electric fireplaces, let’s take a moment to consider the advantages these fireplaces offer.

  • Personalized Style: Available in a diverse range of sizes, materials, framed panel designs, and colors to ensure you can easily find an option that complements your unique preferences.
  • Prioritized Safety: Families with children can find peace of mind as electric fireplaces have cool touch safety glass that minimizes the risk of accidental burns.
  • Versatile Placement: The flexibility of wall-mounted electric fire appliances allows users to effortlessly move and install them in various rooms around their home. The convenience of wall-hanging means adaptability to different wall types.
  • Efficient Heat Distribution: Wall-hung electric fireplaces have ventless designs for efficiency. By eliminating the need for chimneys, they prevent heat loss through exterior emissions, ensuring that the warmth remains within the room.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Electric fireplaces are synonymous with easy upkeep. You can bid farewell to the tasks of ash disposal, chimney cleaning, and the hassle of procuring and storing fuel.
  • Environmentally Conscious Choice: For those mindful of their ecological impact, electric fireplaces offer a greener alternative. They have lesser carbon dioxide emissions as compared to traditional gas fireplaces. 

Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace In 2023

1. Touchstone Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace

Transform your home atmosphere with Touchstone’s Sideline Elite range of electric fireplaces. This collection redefines your home atmosphere by seamlessly blending modern style, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled coziness. 

Featuring a captivating palette of 6 colors, along with 5 levels of adjustable brightness and 3-speed settings, the Sideline Elite gives you complete control over the flames’ appearance, allowing you to set the perfect mood. Whether you’re seeking a serene evening glow, a dynamic blaze, or an intense roaring fire, the choice is entirely yours.

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Elevate your sophistication with the Sideline Elite’s sleek and compact frame. An upgrade from the original Sideline series, this version takes elegance to new heights. With a larger viewing area, it beautifully showcases Touchstone’s signature lifelike flame effect in all its glory. Plus, the WiFi connectivity seamlessly integrates with your smart home setup, placing ambience control at your fingertips. Equipped with its very own thermostat, the Sideline Elite ensures optimal warmth in spaces as large as 400 square feet.

So, why wait? Choose the Sideline Elite Smart Electric Fireplace and make relaxation and delightful atmosphere an integral part of your home.

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Selection of 60 flame and base color combinations.Flexible Installation: hardwired setup or a plug-in connection.Controlled Flame Speed.Necessitates the availability of a 2.4 GHz WiFi router.Higher Price Tag.

2. R.W. FLAME Electric Fireplace 

Revamp your living space without straining your budget – with this wallet-friendly electric fireplace! This ingenious device not only infuses your room with a comforting ambience but also provides an extra dose of warmth.

The R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace is the epitome of practicality. With the ability to customize flame colors and adjust speeds, it offers a unique touch to your space. The sleek touchscreen adds a modern flair, and a remote control option is available for your convenience.

Its slim profile is a blend of style and functionality. This fireplace not only radiates heat but also fits seamlessly into any decor. Thanks to the auto-heat kill safety feature, the warmth remains cozy, not turning into uncomfortable. And the best part? The emitted heat preserves the room’s humidity, banishing that dry feeling.

Prioritizing safety, the RW Flame Electric Fireplace is stamped with the ETL Certificate Approval, assuring both reliability and security. Sizing isn’t a concern either; the RW fireplace is available in various lengths from 30 to 68 inches, thereby adapting effortlessly to your wall and space.

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In comparison to alternatives, this option offers exceptional value for your investment. Thus, if you’re yearning to give your space a makeover in a budget-friendly way, the R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace is your steadfast companion.

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Efficiently warms spaces of up to 1,000 square feet. Option for wall-mounted installation as well as recessed placement.Absence of adjustable heat settings. Potential for repetitive grinding noise during operation.

3. Northwest Electric Fireplace wall-mounted

The Northwest Electric Fireplace effortlessly merges style and comfort, far exceeding the capabilities of a regular fireplace. This modern treasure combines both warmth and charm.

What sets this fireplace apart is its versatility. It offers a choice of three distinct decorative backgrounds: classic logs, trendy pebbles, or sophisticated crystals. Moreover, you can select from an array of ten colors to create the perfect ambience that suits your mood. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy rustic feel or a sleek modern look, this fireplace has you covered.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this fireplace is cleverly designed. Utilizing advanced LED technology, it generates flames that look incredibly authentic while keeping energy consumption in check. With the added convenience of remote control, adjusting heat settings from 750 to 1500 watts is a breeze.

In regards to safety, the Northwest fireplace is encased in durable tempered glass with a chic white frame. What’s more, the built-in timer allows you to schedule automatic shutoff, ranging from 30 minutes to a generous 7.5 hours, putting to rest any concerns about accidental overheating.

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However, the Northwest Electric Fireplace is more than heat – it’s a sophisticated masterpiece. Its stainless-steel design seamlessly fits modern decor, letting you craft an ambience that’s uniquely yours.

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The height-to-width proportions are well-balanced, and the firebox is not overly narrow.Individual adjustments are available for both the red and blue flames.The heater is vented from the top, not the front.Comes with a limited warranty.

4. Dimplex Sierra Linear Electric Fireplace

Elevate the ambience of your home with the Dimplex Sierra Linear Electric Fireplace. Featuring a sleek and versatile design, this fireplace can be both wall-mounted as well as placed as a tabletop fireplace. What sets this favored model apart is its remarkable customizability. It offers you multiple installation choices along with a spacious heating capacity.

When it comes to size options, the standard 48-inch width of the Dimplex Sierra model is a fit for most homes as it blends well with various decor styles. But if you have a big wall to fill, don’t worry—there are larger 60- and 72-inch-wide versions available too! So, you’ve got choices to match your space and style.

The Dimplex Sierra electric fireplace boasts an enticing feature – its captivating display. What makes it even more appealing is the choice it offers for the fireplace’s ember bed. You can opt for classic logs, sparkling glass media, or smooth stones, giving you the flexibility to set it up to your liking initially or make changes down the road.

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Apart from its stunning appearance, the Dimplex Sierra Linear Electric Fireplace does a great job of keeping your space warm. What’s cool is that you can choose to enjoy it with or without the flame effect. It’s a versatile pick that adds both style and warmth to your home.

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Customized look of logs, flames, and embers.Separate illumination options for flames and ember beds.The highest temperature it can reach is 82 degrees.Its primary focus is on aesthetics rather than heating.

5. Napoleon Entice Electric Fireplace

The Napoleon Entice offers great value for its price, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enter the world of electric fireplaces. This fireplace features a sleek black frame that effortlessly adds a cozy ambience to contemporary settings. But it’s not just about looks – the Entice delivers both warmth and style, making it a fantastic choice for homes and commercial spaces alike.

Now, when it comes to installation, you’ve got options. You can mount it on the wall, partially recess it, or embed it fully into your chosen wall. Plus, with built-in brackets included, setting it up on your own is very easy, thereby giving you the freedom to design your space just the way you like it.

Moreover, its beautiful tall flames are adjustable, you can pick between vibrant orange, soothing blue, or a mesmerizing mix of both to set the tone. Besides, to let you fine-tune the ambience, there are eight different ember bed colors to choose from.

But that’s not all – for those who appreciate a more classic touch, there are two optional log sets available.

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Thus, with an Entice line of fireplaces, you’ll get to enjoy everything you expect from a modern electric fireplace. From mesmerizing and relaxing flame effects to creating a warm and inviting visually stunning space this fireplace will adjust to your unique style.

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Easy installation with a built-in mounting bracket. Plug-in or hard-wire capable.Crystal ember bed.Not enough warmth for certain customers.Can produce noise when the flames are activated.

6. Amantii Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplace

The Amantii Symmetry series brings together a mix of timeless style and advanced technology features. It gives you the option to choose between two distinct flame patterns: the classic Amantii diffused flame or a newly introduced, realistic flame style.

It’s important to highlight that the Symmetry features a captivating multicolour FIRE & ICE flame display and has a sleek appearance with no visible heat vents. The flames it produces have an impressively ‘natural’ look. Furthermore, it enhances the atmosphere with canopy lighting that comes in 13 different colours, bringing a refreshing element to your decor. What’s especially exciting is that it comes with two top-notch audio speakers that recreate the soothing sound of a crackling natural fire. You can easily control this audio or turn it on or off, through the WiFi app.

Since this fireplace is WiFi-compatible, you can connect and control it from your smartphone. 

But wait, there’s more! This fireplace also features a programmable timer and thermostat. That means you can decide the room’s temperature and even schedule the fireplace to turn on before you get home or when the weather turns chilly. To sum up, the Amantii Symmetry fireplace is all about convenience and creating the perfect atmosphere right at your fingertips.

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Hidden venting for a clean-face look. Easy switch between flame patterns with the included stencil.Built-in Bluetooth speakers for smartphone music playback.On the higher end of the price spectrum. Some functions may not be manual-control-friendly.

7. BOSSIN Linear Electric Fireplace

If you’re someone who prefers pin-drop silence, then this fireplace from Bossin is here to make your day even more peaceful. Known for its remarkably quiet performance, this fireplace is a perfect addition to your home. It features a specially designed whisper-quiet fan system that guarantees a cozy and peaceful atmosphere, eliminating the annoying disruptions commonly associated with other fireplaces. Even when running at its highest setting, this heater generates less than 40 decibels of noise, ensuring you can enjoy complete serenity while staying warm.

This fireplace is a breeze to use and offers extensive customization options, making it a standout choice. You can choose from a palette of 12 full-spectrum LED flame colors, adjust the flames at five different speeds, and set the brightness to five different levels.

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Furthermore, the fireplace’s control system is designed for ease of use. It features a convenient power switch and a timer that allows you to set it for up to eight hours. You’ll also find separate switches for adjusting the heat and flames. Want more? There’s also a convenient sleep mode that lets you schedule when the fireplace should automatically turn off. Additionally, you have the option to customize the intensity of both the flame and media bed light settings to perfectly match your preferences.

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Handy remote control for flame, heat, and timer adjustments.Quietest operation at less than 40 dB.The realistic flame dances elegantly over a crystal stone ember bed.The remote control range may be limited.Possible need for recalibration following cycling off.

Important Things To Keep In Mind: Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Amid numerous options flooding the market, finding the electric fireplace that aligns best with your requirements can present a significant challenge. To navigate this complex landscape, we’ll provide you with an exploration of the key aspects to consider when searching for the ideal electric fireplace for your home or office.

Here are the things to consider to find the ideal model that perfectly aligns with your preferences and financial constraints.

  • Size and Weight: When choosing a wall-mounted fireplace, it’s essential to think about its weight and dimensions. Start by measuring the space where you plan to install it, and then check if the fireplace’s size and weight match the chosen model. 
  • Heating Capacity: The heating capacity of an electric fireplace is determined by its BTU rating, wherein a higher BTU indicates greater heat output. But factors like insulation, room size, climate, and temperature settings should also be taken into account as they also tend to impact heat output.
  • Temperature Control: Ensure you choose an electric fireplace offering customizable heat settings. Some fireplaces may feature heat level adjustments, temperature personalization, or the added convenience of remote thermostat control. Moreover, a few models may include wireless controls and timers, ensuring your room maintains the perfect temperature while preventing overheating.
  • Safety Features: Before making a purchase, make sure to inspect the fireplace for safety features. Prioritize options like a timer and a cool-touch exterior. Additionally, opt for brands that follow UL standards and incorporate overheat protection for added peace of mind.
  • Energy Efficiency: Consider options with high-efficiency ratings, temperature adjustments, and customizable flame and brightness options. These attributes aid in decreasing energy usage, conserving electricity, and thus reducing operational expenses.
  • Warranty: Ensure that the fireplace you purchase is covered by a warranty. This warranty may encompass the replacement of parts and labor for a specified period if any problems arise after purchase. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly examine the warranty terms in advance to gain an understanding of the support provided if the fireplace encounters any issues.

Final Words

To sum up, in 2023, a fantastic variety of modernistic wall-mounted electric fireplaces await for you to be explored in the market, with each promising unique features and benefits to transform your space. The combination of cozy warmth, a sleek and low-maintenance design, and that comforting crackling sound truly offers you excellent value for your investment. And the best part? You get all of this without the hassle of dealing with actual firewood. It’s a win-win for both your comfort and convenience.

As we explore the aforementioned top choices, it becomes evident that one can easily discover the ideal fireplace to suit their preferences. Be it efficient heating, stylish aesthetics, or cutting-edge technology, these electric fireplaces have you covered. They feature sleek designs, energy-efficient functions, and user-friendly controls, ensuring not only warmth but also an enhanced ambience in any room.

So, as you set out to find the ideal wall-mounted electric fireplace for your home, don’t forget to consider your specific needs and budget. With the right choice, you can enjoy warmth and stylish charm all year round.