The 6 Best Whynter Wine Cooler Reviews – Whynter Fridge 2020

As a wine lover, I always try to buy the best. But only buying the best wine don't guarantee me that I can drink the best quality wine as wine cooler part a very important role here. So I had to found a quality wine cooler beside the best wine. The question is which cooler?

The answer is actually simple: a wine’s temperature determines its flavor. By doing so, I’ve been able to enjoy the best wines flavors and maximum enjoyment. To help you guys to do so, I am sharing my knowledge through this article.

Top 6 Whynter Wine Cooler Reviews 2020

1. Thermoelectric Whynter 20 Bottle Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door

Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler with Black Tinted Mirror Glass Door

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This is one if the best wine coolers out there. It can house up to 20 standard size wine bottles. 

Its sleek glass doors provide protection for your wines from UV rays and heat which may affect the quality and taste of your wines.

The adjustable shelves allow you to store non-standard size bottles. This wine cooler is vibration-free so as not to disturb the wine sediments that settle in the bottles.

The soft digital control panel assures easy and fast adjustment of cooler temperature. This allows you to adjust the temperature to suit the type of wine you are storing.

It has a built-in fan that circulates air in all corners of the cooler to ensure even temperature for all bottles from the top to the bottom shelf. Its free standing installation allows you to put it anywhere you deem fit. Its neutral black shade complements to any room color scheme.

2. WC28S SNO Whynter  28 Bottle Wine Cooler, Platinum with Lock

Whynter WC28S SNO 28 Bottle Wine Cooler, Platinum with Lock

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Looking to put in more bottles in your wine cooler? Then the Whynter wc28s sno 28 bottle wine cooler may just be the right fit for you.  

This elegant cooler can store up to 28 standard size wine bottles. It also runs in thermoelectric system with a built-in fan to ensure even cooling from top to bottom.

Included in the package is a towel rack type handle for easy door access. The built-in lock with two sets of keys offers security and protection from children or pets. 

The easy temperature control panel with blue LED light display allows for easy adjustment to suit specific wine needs. The shelves are removable for storing bigger bottles.

With its quiet, zero vibration thermostat, you’ll never know it was turned on if not for the LED light in the temperature control.  The free-standing design makes it easy to fit into any space in your house.

3. Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator, 28-Bottle

Whynter BWR-281DZ Dual Zone Built-In Wine Refrigerator, 28-Bottle

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The Whynter BWR-281DZ dual zone wine refrigerator is a beauty at 22.5" long, 15" wide, and 34.5" tall. It can easily store a total of 28 standard size wine bottles.

This refrigerator has dual zones for different types of wines. The upper zone can hold 10 bottles and 18 bottles for the lower zone. So you can say it whynter 18 bottle wine cooler as well.

Both zones have an independent adjustable thermostat control. Can be either free-standing or built-in, this wine refrigerator is a stunner in its jet black cabinet construction with a stainless steel trimmed glass door.

The tempered UV protected smoke gray glass door keeps the excellent quality and taste of your favorite reds and whites. The shelves are removable and slide out to allow storage of non-standard size bottles.

It’s also well-protected from kids and pets with its built-in security lock and keys. Overall, this is a great buy especially for those with preference to both reds and whites.

4. Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator with Internal Fan

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If you’re looking to cool sodas and beers, this is the right refrigerator for you. With 5 slide-out shelves, this refrigerator can hold up to 120 soda or beer cans.

The top, second, and third shelves can hold up to 15 cans each. Meanwhile, the fourth, fifth, and bottom shelf each can hold up to 25 cans. You can either stack the cans on their side or in an upright position.

The quiet yet powerful compressor can cool your drinks with its temperature control ranging from a high 30ºF to mid 60ºF.

The built-in internal fan circulates the air throughout the refrigerator to ensure even temperature distribution. Inside, you can find LED lighting with a manual on and off switch.

Design-wise, the classic black cabinet complements with the stainless steel trimmed glass door.  This is a stand-alone appliance that can perfectly fit in your modern or classic homes. For easy access, it offers a pro-style stainless steel towel bar handle.

5. Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door Dual Zone Built-in Wine Refrigerator

Whynter BWR-171DS Elite 17-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door Dual Zone Built-in Wine Refrigerator

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Struggling with a tight kitchen space? This is what you need. This wine refrigerator is built and designed for tight spaces.

Supporting either built-in or freestanding installation, this 23" long, 12" wide, and 34.5" tall fridge can squeeze right into any tight spot in your home. 

This stunner has a seamless stainless-steel door with tempered double-pane glass. The door is tinted with smoke gray for better UV protection, thereby protecting the quality and taste of your favorite wines.

For better access, the door has a built-in elegant and luxurious curved handlebar. It can hold up to 17 standard size wine bottles. The two storage zones have individual thermostat adjustment.

Therefore, you can store two kinds of wines with different preferential temperatures. The upper zone can hold up to 6 bottles, while the lower zone can hold up to 11 bottles. It has five removable and slide-out shelves for storage of bigger wine bottles.

6. Whynter BWR-401DS Elite 40-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door

Whynter BWR-401DS Elite 40-Bottle Seamless Stainless Steel Door

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The Whynter BWR-401DS refrigerator is the biggest and holds the most number of wine bottles on this list.

The 40-bottle capacity of this classy stainless-steel wine refrigerator is sure to be the focal point of your kitchen or cellar.  

Making it more elegant is its seamless stainless-steel curved door handle and French doors. It’s built with tempered double-pane smoked gray glass to ensure UV protection for your wines.

If you have big bodied wines, the shelves are also removable to fit them right in. Each zone holds a maximum of 20 standard size 750ml wine bottles. Keep your white and red wines separate to enhance their flavor and taste. The dual zone operation allows for independent control for each zone.

The fridge’s strong and dependable compressor cooling with powerful fan circulation ensures even temperature distribution. This beauty can be used as a stand-alone appliance or built in wine refrigerator because of its front ventilation design.

About Whynter

Founded in 2006, Whynter is based in Santa Fe, California. It’s relatively a new player in the field, but it’s already making its name in the heating and cooling industry. It’s widely known for manufacturing sturdy and durable air conditioners, ice cream makers, water dispensers, freezers, wine coolers, and beverage refrigerators.

This small company started out making air conditioners and eventually went on to establish a name in the other cooling and heating market. It’s also known to have manufactured the best ice cream makers in the market today.

Whynter prides itself on making exceptional products that redefine comfort and innovative living.  It’s focused on space saving and utilization as evidenced by the portability and slim fit design of its products. Moreover, you can also notice elegance and style in the products’ modern looks and design.

At Wynther, researchers are always innovating new products and technologies that utilize space, offer the best performance, and ensure portability. It is evident in the different and unique designs of the products that can easily meet the discriminating taste of the customers.

The new line of products at Wynther is now geared towards going green. It has released products that are energy-efficient but with the same kind of durability and high performance. This new line of products can surely go head to head with the more popular cooling and heating appliances today.   

With the combination of beauty, portability, and durability, Wynther is slowly becoming a trusted name. 

Specialty of Whynter Coolers

Wine speaks to all the senses: taste, color, smell, and touch. To satisfy the senses, one must know the intricacies of wine keeping. Wynther has perfected the art of keeping good wine and ensuring it tastes its best at all times.

The company has designed and created the best specialty wine coolers. But what exactly makes Whynter coolers unique? In case you’re wondering, here are the features of the products that make them stand out:

  • Design - all wine coolers were designed with the most discriminating customers in mind.  Design is one of the key components intended to complement the modern features of most homes nowadays.
  • High Performance - the wine coolers are all equipped with the latest and most durable thermostat and cooling systems to ensure high performance and durability. There are also a ton of features and technologies that make them perform well in their own field.
  • Functionality - designed to cater to all types of wines and customers, these wine coolers can be easily adjusted to the right temperature specific to your type of wine. The tempered smoked glass doors ensure that your wines are protected from UV light that can affect the taste and quality of your wines.
  • Space Saving and Utilization - space has been an issue with fridges and coolers. Fortunately, Whynter products get rid of that. You can choose from different models with varying capacities ranging from 20 bottles to as many as 28 standard size wine bottles.
  • Security - the secure lock feature gives you peace of mind knowing that children and pets are protected from unexpected falling of wine bottles and even restrict their access to them.
  • Durability - the Wynther products use premium and durable materials to ensure that your wine coolers will last for years.

For the wine connoisseur and wine lovers, keeping the wines at a specific temperature is vital to preserve and even improve their taste. The Wynther wine coolers are the right appliance for this job.

Final Note

These feature-packed specialty wine and beverage coolers from Wynther indeed provide a great value for your money. By storing your wines at the right temperature, you can preserve its most vital component: taste.

The Wynther products are available in a variety of models to choose from. Choose one that fits your preferences.

Hopefully, my top Whynter wine cooler reviews can provide you an idea of which product/model to buy. So how about you share me your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below!