Broan 100HL Directionally Adjustable Bath Fan with Heater and Light

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You don’t need to heat up the whole house in order to have a warm bathroom; you can always get the broan 100HL. The broan 100HL bathroom heater will make your morning shower comfortable.

It’s designed with a high –output 1500-watts and 100-watt fluorescent lighting. With this type of fan you can easily have your bathroom warmth with just a touch on the switch. This has a ventilation fan and 360 degree directionally that is adjustable heat outlet.

Broan 100HL Directionally-Adjustable Bath Fan with Heater

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When you have the Broan 100HL you don’t have to wait for your primary heating system to do what a broan can do. This operates quietly producing 2.0 ones that fully guarantee’s you that your bathroom remains quiet. When you see the features that come with the Broan 100HL you will definitely love this fan heater.

Features Of This Broan 100HL Fan with Heater

  1. The Broan come with efficient heating element, it has no external venting so the electricity that is used to convert into heat is purely used in your house and goes to where you want it to be.
  2. The fan heater is very simple and efficient to use at your home ,it does not require maintenance. it can be operate with an in-built thermostat that is adjustable and comes with a wall mounted  controller that is optional.
  3. The fan heater has a motor that is permanently lubricated it’s quiet and does not make noise when in use. It gives you the chance to choose what amount of wattages /voltages you prefer.
  4. The broan 100HL brings a very convenient and comforting warmth in your bathrooms during the chilly also come with a fluorescent light designed with 100 watts incandescent lighting.
  5. It has a very high –output 1500-watt heater that comes with directionally adjustable design and has 100 CFM ventilation fan that moves 100 cubic feet per minute.
  6. The Broan 100HL has a warranty limited for 1 year with a system that is flexible installation.

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  • The Broan 100HL requires a 20 amp circuit, designed with Rugged galvanized steel housing.
  • The broan 100HL produces a 2.0 sone level of sound that measures the level of sound in your room; it also comes with a switch making it easy to use.
  • It’s very convenient that brings comfort into your bathroom, its sturdy and it heats fast within a few minutes your bathroom will be warm.
  • It has a ventilation fan that gives the best results and comes with a 1 year warranty. The light and the fan can be connected to operate together or independently.
  • It uses 100 watts A19 lamp and a GU24 fluorescent lamp that does not come with the fan heater.
  • The broan 100HL only supplement the heat it does not take the main system of has a white plastic grille which has snap-in light diffusing lens.


  • The adjustable swings are not that wide
  • It does not get rid of the moisture and the steam around the bathroom.

Final Note

Bathroom fan with heater Broan 100HL directionally shower fan with warmer and brilliant light is a useful gadget in our bathroom, I believe it’s an absolute necessity to place it in the bathroom on the grounds that there is no compelling reason to warm up the entire house or the entire space to make you agreeable after you scrub down amid the cold season.

Now and again the bathroom is excessively hot and there is no ventilation for dampness and the steam, here the bathroom fan and the warmer proves to be useful. Installation is simple particularly when you are familiar with electricity then you don’t have to search for an expert. The Broan 100HL is joined fan, heater and light all together.

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