Broan 174 Wall Heater 750/1500 Watt 120 VAC – White Painted Grille

Thinking of how to heat –up your small room or that dressing room that is always chilly? No needs to worry get yourself a broan 174 heater. This wall mounting electric space heater  is the best choice for taking the chill out of ounces rooms .

It’s ideal for small room and not the whole house. It takes a shorter time to heat the room. It’s a good energy saver and gives comfort warmth.

Broan 174 Wall Heater, 750/1500 Watt 120 VAC, White Painted Grille

Though it’s small you can easily convert it from its manufacturer setting of 1500 watt to 750 watt. It’s simply the best since an overload protector that is combining make sure there is a comfortable operation and durable heater.

Features Of Broan 174 Wall Heater 750/1500 Watt 120 VAC

  • The Broan 174 is very safe and has a high efficient comes with a  blower wheel, with nickel-chrome alloy heating element .with a rapid warmth-up time due to an efficient alloy element heating that increases the temperatures within second, with a zig zag element configuring insulted with mica.
  • Easy installation that is surfaced-mounted, which relay on the application it need design 84 surface Maud kits that come separately.
  • Additional feature is it provides supplemental heat and should not relayed upon for home’s main heat.
  • It has a white grille features a baked enamel finish for durability and it has an auto shut-off.
  • The Broan 174 heater is designed from housing steel material and comes with variable heat comes with a heavy –gauge steel louvered that is used to direct air downward when you want to heat-up the room.
  • The Broan heater has setting that can be controlled, with front-mounted thermostat that illustrates an easy way to manage the temperature that is released.
  • This heater is a complete assembly that is very easy to clean and comes with permanently lubricated motor.
  • It has a thermostat that automatically maintains a comfortable temperature and has a color coordinated knob.
  • The Broan heater is wired for 1500-watts at 12OVAC that is easily converted to 750-watts at 120VAC and 1500-watts at 240VAC.


  • Broan heater 174 gives you the choice between recessed or surface –mounted installation.
  • The heater comes with a possible wattage conversion.
  • The Broan 174 heater is designed with steel material that makes it very durable making it worthy your money.
  • The heater is very easy to use that has no difficult menu that makes it hard to understand.
  • It’s small in size and very useful in small rooms like bathrooms and dressing rooms, it’s also easy to clean and with its size you can use it in your small office.
  • This heater is affordable with just a few dollars you can purchase one and save yourself from the chilly mornings.


  • It is limited to small rooms, due to its size it cannot heat up large numbers.
  • At some point the way it’s made it raises Quality concern on some parts and also produces a lot of noise when it is in use.

Final Note

Good material that is used to make this Broan 174 heater and wattage conversion makes it very useful and important around offices and your house. Its advice that in cases like this is good to open it and clean it up. With a very good fare price it motivates one to invest in this heater.

This heater is such a great to purchase but when you want to heat-up large rooms it’s good that you do a good research since the broan 174 is only suitable for small rooms. It’s very economically electric heaters f for your small rooms and you can reduce the wattage your desired temperature. 

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