Broan 198 High Capacity Wall Heater, 2000/4000 Watt 240 VAC

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The wall mounted electric heater is one of the best designs of its make. The Broan is designed with the best engineering team making the leading model of bathrooms heaters.

It comes with the best innovation that you cannot find anywhere in the industry. The type of heater is very powerful enough to save commercial application but suitable to be used at home. It is an electric wall heater that makes it very efficient and inconspicuous.

Broan 198 High Capacity Wall Heater, 2000/4000 Watt 240 VAC

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If you purchase the model 98 surface mounting kit then it will make it very easy for you to mount it. This is the best to trust around with those areas in your office and at home that needs to be warmth quickly before use. What makes the Broan 198 even more advantageous is that it does not make noise while in use.

Features Of This Broan 198 High Capacity Wall Heater

  1. The Broan 198 is designed with a thermostat security cover this protects or prevents the heater from being tampered with.
  2. It comes with heavy 18 gauges steel, that is louvered to specifically direct air downward that can also be used for heating the room. It is designed with heavy –duty to sheath element with steel plate fins.
  3. The heater is front-mounted, and it is built with an adjustable thermostat that automatically provides comfortable temperature and has a color-coordinated knob.
  4. The heat has a fan that delays preventing the cold air delivery as electricity heats up and provides warm air delivery as heat cools the floor.
  5. It a complete assembly ready to remove from the house which makes it easy for cleaning at any time, the heater operates on a240 VAC or 208 VAC.
  6. The Broan is manufactured and comes wired for 4000w at 240VAC-that makes it possible to convert to half-wattage which makes it able to convert more electricity to heat; also the heater is clean, white baked enamel finish.
  7. The heater is permanently enclosed with a lubricated motor. Also, the Broan heater is designed to offer a supplement heat and not act as a primary source of heat.
  8. The Broan has optional line-voltage wall thermostat that comes separately and it’s a very convenient way to control the heater.

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  • It has a fan delay switch that helps to control the heater.
  • The heater comes with a thermostat with a switch on/off switch that helps you control the temperature and saves power.
  • The heater is designed with steel material that makes it very durability
  • The heater is easy to install and it’s easy to use at home and offices.
  • It comes with air blower with downwards direction also comes with a good price that is affordable.
  • The heater has a variable voltage. It’s made of housing material that is steel which makes it maintain its appearance last for long.


The Broan 198 is limited to a small area and it’s not suitable for large rooms.

Final Note

This is the right heater for small rooms, it’s very efficient in apartments .the heater will work fast and gives you the good feeling. This heater is worth your money it makes the room warm-up quickly.

It a perfect model to be used in the laundry or a bathroom, but also works well in the living room. Even though the broan 198 heater is the best type if you are looking for a heater that is very effective and wall mounted electric heater. While with other many options do your full research according to your need keeping in mind that the Broan 198 is a very economical heater.

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