Broan 9815wh Electric Wall Heater Review

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Broan Heater
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Broan 9815WH is a superb efficient heater that is different from many other space heaters. Many efficient heaters deliver heat by heating up the chimney but Broan heater doesn’t do that. It delivers the whole heat and energy back home.

It is so efficient that it converts the whole electric energy into heat energy and ensures a delivery to every nook and corner of the room.

This wall heater can warm the room considerably quickly. All this quality makes it one of the most choice of able products for space heating.

This product is especially suitable for long and common areas like entryways lobbies, vestibules, etc where high wattage heating is required. Though it is factory wired 1500 Watts, at 120-V AC, you can convertible easily to 1500 Watts at 240-V AC as an added advantage.

Features of Broan 9815wh

Efficient and safe

This device can warm up the place quickly. So, it can be hot within a short time. But it will shut off automatically if it is overheated. It has a long life bearing which helps the transverse blower to circulate heated air to the downward. It has an extra-large oil tank which ensures working of it continuously for a long time.

Functional design

This electric wall heater has a great contemporary design. It is very much stylish with radius edges and straight louvers. It has a clean and lucrative appearance.

Easily usable

It is very much easy to use. It has a front-mounted thermostat which is adjustable and provides a simple way to have control over it.

Supplementary heat

You know it better than wall mounted heaters are always used for secondary level or expert level of warmness. So it is perfect for large space for making heat within a very short time.


It has a very trustworthy service record. Its UL-listed Alloy elements of heating create a comfortable environment within seconds. It is very quiet and its thermal protector motor shuts automatically if it is overheated.

Installation & others

Installing the product is not a big deal. An expert hand can do it within a very short time. This has to be wired to a panel board and it must have to include a circuit breaker. Its Volt will be 110VAC or 220VAC which will also save the cost of running this product. 9815WH and 9810 are the two closest units. They have good housing dimensions of 11-9/16”x 14-3/4” and 10-1/2”x12x3-3/8”. The technical support department is ready to support you al the time.


  • Wall mounted heater can work faster
  • Vestibules and work faster to reach warmness to any area of the room easily
  • Galvanized steel body which ensures durability
  • Attractive white grille which gives a contemporary and clean look
  • Heat resistant and rarely durable
  • Very quiet service provider
  • Very quick and efficient
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat and easily adjustable
  • Protective motor and auto shut off
  • Also protected by a thermal fuse
  • Very big fuel tanker to avoid refueling it again and again
  • Not very heavy
  • History of hassle-free long service  


  • Should not be used in small places

Final thought

Broan 9815 is very favored by the customer for its random and hassle-free service. By the expert hand, it can be set up easily. Its design is simply awesome and looks very clean and aesthetic. It creates warmth within a quick time but efficiently.  It may be a very perfect choice for you. It will surely give you some sort of relaxed feeling.

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