Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Solid Wire Element Ceiling Heater

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If you live in a small room and have no idea how to keep your room or small bathroom cool and warm, then you should purchase the Broan model 157 heater. This is the perfect solution when you want to heat up your small room.

The Broan 157 heaters are designed with a permanent lubricated motor that helps it in free maintenance. This top rated electric wall heater is easy to install, because it fit into any ceiling electric box.

Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Solid Wire Element Ceiling Heater

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It has an in-built thermostat that helps it not to overheat. This is a compact ceiling heater that can complement any room with its small size. The inbuilt fan scatters the brilliant warmth of this Broan warmer adequately over the room. This is designed in a way that it’s easy to install and is a perfect heater for bathroom.

Features Of Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Solid Wire Element Ceiling Heater

  • The Broan heater requires a minimum of 15amp circuit. it mounts easily to any standard, and has an electrical box surface-mount ceiling Heater for quick and easy installation.
  • It has automatic overheat protection with a permanently lubricated motor, you can also control operation with a selection of Broan of wall control, and with a UL listing ensures reliable and safe operation.
  • It is advised that the heater operation should be controlled separately with a type of Broan wall.
  • It comes with the Encased; metal sheathed component conveys 1250 Watts of moment warm with no holding up time that radiates heat from behind a metal-sheath.
  • The Broan heater has a Low-profile housing with glossy silk complete aluminum grille expands just 2 3/4-inch from ceiling; it comes with a warrant of 1 year.
  • The Broan should be used as a supplementary heater, rather the primary source of heat.

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The Broan model 157 heater is manufactured in a simple way that it’s very easy to install it ,that one does not a qualified electrician to do it .you can do it yourself within just a few minutes.

  • This heater is designed in a fan that helps the heater to distribute the heat evenly. It can be mounted easily on the wall, its perfect for permanent bathroom heating.
  • The Broan 157 heater has a good speed of heating up the rooms very first hence determining its effectiveness; The Broan is designed in a way that it’s very durable.
  • This heater is durable and it’s also affordable with just a few dollars you will get it, with the low profile it will subtly fit into your bathroom furniture.
  • It has been designed with great technology that makes it very durable and it’s a good energy-saving heater.
  • The Broan 157 has the automatic heat that is shut off, with a simple on/of heating action; it has an optional wall-mounted thermostat control. It power up quick enough to provide  a fast solution to a cold bathroom.


This is not the best choice for a big house, it can only save well in a small room mostly also takes time to heat up.

Final Note

This is the perfect heater when you are looking for a permanent bathroom heater. This is the right heater for low income homes, it’s also a good energy saving heater.

You can use it as a supplementary heater but not the main source of heat in your home. It saves better for small rooms mostly bathrooms. Though the Broan heater is very affordable and easy to install it cannot provide heat for the whole house due to its size.

When you have a small permanent bathroom then this is the right model to purchase, though it good to research of what model or type you need.

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