Color Combination Ideas for Livingroom with Brown Furniture

If you are looking to tie all your decor in your living room around your furniture. The color scheme has to compliment and harmonize with that furniture. There are many people who love the look of the neutral color of brown in furniture. 

There is a great selection of brown shades that are a great selection. The colors you want to use though depends on if you want to stick with shades of brown for the rest of the scheme. Or if you want to add that slight little bit of color difference for a more eye catching look.

Complimenting Browns

If you are going with a dark brown or medium brown and want to keep that calming serenity look. You should use a shade of brown lighter than your furniture, but only by a couple of shades. Too light won’t tie in right and too dark it will melt right in with your furniture. You just want that slight color differential too offset the two different items.

If you have molding you could do that in a darker color, which would be ideal for the color scheme. It will also allow the walls to show off their own beauty while offering a noticeable contrast. Giving the naked eye depth perception.

Blues & Greens

If you are looking for a more drastic color combination, blues and greens will give you that. Especially if the brown furniture has an orange or red undertone. If you choose to go with a bluish grey color or a greenish grey color it gives you a softer contrast to the brown furniture. You could do a combination of both, if you would like to use one color for the walls and the other for other things such as curtains, pillows or accent décor.

Orange-Red Color Combo

Orange – Red (reddish orange) colors are a beautiful combination especially for dark brown colors. It gives that spicy but yet warm look to a room. This is a great choice for those who like the south western style. Since it is the color scheme that relates closest to that.

It is a great choice for the wall paint as well as for throw pillows to offer a break up to the dark furniture it sits on. Orange under tone brings oak and walnut furniture together beautifully. Such as if your coffee table, wood floors and cabinets are made of a mixture of the two. So it all melds together smoothly, giving you that perfectly refined looking room while still being inviting and warm. 

Final Note

If there is use of any metallic such as picture frames or electric fireplace edging. Something with a gold tone or a bronze is a great combination for use with brown furniture. Brown furniture is a great choice for those looking for a warm but neutral color scheme. Brown is a great choice for places such as cabins in the woods as well because it melds with the surrounding in most cases wooded areas.

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