Comfort Zone CZQTV5M Ceiling Mounted Radiant Quartz Heater Review

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Comfort Zone Heater
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Comfort Zone CZTV5M radiant heater is a good space heater for the wide spaces like garage or storage.

It’s a very good option to warm the place from the ceiling by not wasting your valuable spaces on the floor. 

Its quartz’s bulbs create heat by reflecting on nearby objects which concept has been derived from the sun’s reflection method.

Thus this heater works in the area very gently and efficiently.

Features Of Comfort Zone CZQTV5M

Radiant Quartz heating system

It has a two-unit quartz bulb which shows how it works. It provides heat on the nearby objects just like shining sun. It provides gentle and effective warmth continuously to create a congenial environment for living spaces as well as some important but isolated spaces like garage or storage.

Warmth for the right place

It’s a ceiling-mounted space heater which saves your valuable space on the floor. At the same time, it can create good angles to get the service in a vivid way. It can easily create a 90-degree angle which will help you to get the warmth exactly where you want to get the warmth. So, its output quality is really appreciable.

Perfect space-saving design

It is a good device to work for your space. This radiant heater is set up to mount on the ceiling. It helps to save valuable floor space. For this reason, its working capacity is also very efficient. It can randomly provide service without wasting energy.

Halogen light for added benefit

 A handy and effective halogen light has been kept as built into the heater. As this heater is suitable for the garage and storehouse, it will surely help you at the time of working there. It will help you when you will read anything in those dim places.

Special safety features for you

The device has been designed by keeping safety measures in mind. It has a safety grill to prevent the bulbs from being touched by other things. It also ensures the shutting off of the device if it is overheated. So, it’s a cool safe device.

Strong Radiant Heater

It’s a very strong device for its quality service. It is a very ideal space heater for drafty spaces like workshops, garages, storage and living areas as well. It shows plenty of strength and power to render warmness in the whole space. The heater’s two quartz bulbs work in a similar way to the sun ray’s work and warm.


  • Very strong and powerful space  heater
  • A great space saver
  • Very attractive design
  • Especially good for drafty areas like garage, workshops etc.
  • Very strong service provider
  • Provides heat directly to the objects that needed
  • Built-in halogen light gives the added benefit
  • Quick producer of heat
  • Saves space as it is ceiling mounted  
  • Safety features have made it a very good one


  • Not very suitable for small spaces

Broan-9815 WH Vs Comfort Zone-CZQ TV5M

Both the devices are awesome though you can consider some issues for the best use of that device. Broan 9815wh is a wall-mounted space heater. It looks very much conventional in design and outlook. Its color is white which will give you a contemporary look. 

It is not suitable for a single room rather it is perfect for bigger spaces. It is really an ideal device for the whole space. On the other hand, Comfort Zone-CZQ TV5M Ceiling Quartz is a ceiling-mounted space heater. It is very much suitable for a garage, warehouse, workshops, etc. It is a radiant heater which works like sun rays.

Its radiant bulbs target the things around it and provide heat directly to that direction. It also has an added halogen light which helps to work in diming condition. It is a quick heat producer and a very strong device. It has a very strong safety grill which makes it a very good safety device.

Final thought

Comfort Zone-CZQ TV5M Ceiling Quartz may be a good choice for you. It is a long term service provider. It is also safe for use and can be a safeguard in your space. 

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