DeLonghi EW7707CM Review – Quiet 1500W And Adjustable Thermostat

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DeLonghi Oil-Filled Radiator Space Heater is an extremely efficient and effective space heater for your home. It can easily set up in your expected spaces and can get the best service from it.

This heater is a great saver of energy and money because it can work automatically and can maintain the room temperature as you need.

If you simply press the button ComforTemp. It will produce the maximum amount of radiant heat while the surface is very cold.

It has a superb user-friendly feature by which you can easily adjust its thermostat for desired heat.

Features Of This DeLonghi EW7707CM

A quiet service provider

It is an awesome device for your home use. It serves quietly which will ensure a very favorable environment in your home. By using 1500watts it can produce 5120 BTUs power to give you the right warmth as you expected.


It’s really a durable space heater. It is high quality which is patented with a permanently sealed oil tanker that never needs refilling. So, it is obvious that it is a hassle-free device that will give you much more comfort in your home and maintain it.


We know it very well that all the time the necessity of heat is not the same. So, with its adjustable thermostat, you can easily set up your desired heat setting. There are three heat settings available for you. So, it will help you to get the best service.

Intelligent service provider

It has a thermal shutoff to prevent the device from being overheated. It has an anti-freezing setting that works automatically to warm the heater so that the pipes can’t be frozen. So, it will surely make a peaceful situation for you. You shouldn’t have any worry about running this device at your home.

Patented Thermal Slots

It has a unique thermal slot that works with great efficiency. This device maxims heat flow while it is extremely cold on the surface. It can automatically control this and ensures a very congenial and warm atmosphere in your room so that you can have the best.

Area of working

This device is perfect for your rooms which are about 250 sq ft in size. You can set it in any room as you wish. Within a quick time, it can warm your place and give you the desired comfort. It can work constantly for a long time to make your winter the best one.

No assembling required

It is totally a mobile device. It does not need any assembling. DeLonghi has patented devices like  Smart Snap which has pre-assembled wheels. That’s why it does not need to install, you can move it from one room to another within a minute. So, have fun in every room in your room with a single DeLonghi oil filled radiator heater.

Energy saver

It is a great energy-saving device. As it is totally controlled in its service providing, it utilizes very low energy. So, it is a superb cost-effective device. It will surely cut down your energy consumption. So, have unlimited comfort with it.

Safety feature

With its three heat settings, its safety control is also very good. In its safety highlight includes a rounded design and thermal cut off.


  • Full room warmth quietly
  • High quality assembled with patented steel
  • Sealed of fueling reservoir deviates the hassle of refilling
  • Ensures personalize comfort with adjustable thermostat
  • Easily movable from one room to  another with wheels
  • Ensures safety with the automatic thermal shut off
  • Very effective for smaller spaces like 250 sq ft
  • It can be used in any room because it hasn’t set up fixedly anywhere
  • It has patented thermal slots
  • Adjusts heat  with temperature of the room or surface


  • Not suitable for bigger places
  • Not suitable for outdoor spaces

Final thought

DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator heater is an awesome device for you and your family. It is a very cost-effective and smart device at the time of providing service. With its three heat setting system it can serve continuously for a longer  period of time. It is movable with its adjusted wheels. By considering all the features, you can take it as one of the best heaters for your rooms.

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