DeLonghi TRD40615T Review – AKA Dragon4 Portable Radiator Heater

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DeLonghi TRD40615T Review
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DeLonghi TRD40615T is also known as the DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Radiant heater. It’s a very good heater of 1500W which serves heat with a gentle and smooth way but faster.

This radiant heater uses a convection system and serves 40% extra radiant heat to ensure quick and instant comfort inside the room.

When the surface is very low temperature, its patented thermal chimneys allow it to maximize heat.

It’s can be moved around with its attached wheel so that you can have the warmth exactly where you want.

This TRD40615T is able to heat 1500W with its three power settings. It is really a superb oil radiant heater which will help you to get the best support even in time of extreme cold.

Features Of The DeLonghi TRD40615T

Adjustable thermostat

Adjustable thermostat is one of the most important features that you need to adjust the heat inside your room. This space heater also has it available to adjust three levels of heat. With this device, you easily can have your expected service by reducing the consumption. 

24 Hour Timer

It has an adjustable timer. With the timer, you set the time that you need. It will help you to save energy and money as well. 

Patented thermal Chimney

It has a patented thermal chimney which is the most effective feature of this device. With the help of these chimneys the heater spreads the heat as quickly as possible and reaches it to every nook and corner of the room. It saves energy and gives a comfortable environment within the shortest possible time. So, DeLonghi Dragon4 is really an awesome space heater for your room. 

Eco Plus Function

Now a day the whole world is trying to develop eco-friendly technology to save the environment from different types of gases and to save energy as energy is not unlimited. This space heater uses advanced Eco-plus technology which helps it save up to 40% energy. This is simply great. 

Fully enclosed

The elements of the device are fully sealed. So, it does not need any servicing or its very easy to run. So, it provides a hassle-free service.

Thermal protector

It has a thermal cut off function which ensures continuous problem-free service. If the device is overheated, it will automatically shut off. Thus it works with great safety of your room and area of heating. 

No refilling

The device is permanently sealed. It has pure diathermic oil in its tank and it does need any refilling for its lifetime. So, pure oil gives you the best service as it can. It also helps to heat the room quickly. 


It has a very good structural design. With the help of very durable metal which is also rust-free, it has got a very strong exterior. The design is a round shape that does not have any sharp edges. The design of this product will surely enhance the beauty of your room. So, from the perspective of design and structure, it is really a superb one. 

Safety and warranty

It has an automatic thermal cut off option which helps it to shut off when necessary. It is also protected with a year warranty which will surely give you extra comfort.

Remote control

This product does not have a remote control for the room over 144 sq ft. The attached cable is 6 feet long. With its great sleek design, it is a superb device for your home. It has adjusted wheels which makes it easy to move wherever you stay. 


  • Option to set from the three levels of heat
  • The option of using a thermostat 
  • 24 hours on/off timer
  • Patented thermal chimney (spreads heat within a short time to every inch of the room)
  • In low surface temperature produces high heat as necessary
  • Saves energy up to 40%
  • The advanced eco-plus function really awesome
  • Heating elements are tightly enclosed 
  • Thermal shut off technology
  • The permanently sealed oil reservoir
  • Anti-freezing technology helps to tackle extreme cold like minus 44 degree  
  • Very strong and durable metal construction 
  • Beautiful sleek design 
  • Limited warranty of 1 year 


  • Not suitable for a very big room

Final Thought

DeLonghi Dragon4 is really a cool device for your room. It is energy efficient and quick service provider. Others model of DeLonghi like Oil Filled EW7707CB is also a very good option for you. Have a DeLonghi product, have a hassle-free great experience.

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