Different Type Of Fireplaces And Fireplace Inserts Explained

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A fireplace warms your body by the heat it produces but the mesmerizing flames produced by the fire will warm your spirit and soul. A fireplace is comforting to look at and efficient at providing heat to a room, a specific area, or even to an outdoor patio.

Fireplaces can be fueled by gas, propane, electricity, gel and bio ethanol. This article covers the different fireplaces and the different fuels they require so you can be fully informed about the product. The following reviews will hopefully allow you to determine what type of fireplace you need according to the fuels they burn.

Summery of Fireplace Types In 2020

Electric Fireplaces For Heat

The most popular electric fireplace heaters today are the faux fireplaces. These heaters are usually powered by electricity. They provide realistic appearing flames so it looks like you have a wood burning fire in your home.

These fireplaces provide you with the same amount of heat that your traditional gas or chimney heaters provide. They are simply more aesthetically pleasing, and the glow of the fire often makes people feel as if they are warmer.

Traditional fireplaces required you to have a supply of wood to burn, and a chimney to draft the smoke from the burning wood out of the room. These fireplaces do not need chimneys, and they produce no smoke or foul odors when they are in operation. They work on the same heating technology as other space heaters, but they provide an ambiance to the space they occupy.

Electric Fireplace Insert

An electric fireplace insert is used to convert an existing traditional wood burning fireplace into an electric powered fireplace. These inserts come with artificial logs so the “fire” they produce will look just like a fire from a wood burning fire.

You may not know that technology now allows you to have an electric fireplace insert that produce smoke!

Some of these appliances can do air purification while they are in use. You get safety, warmth and clean air all from one device.

These units are easy to install, they do not create a mess, and the smoke they create does not affect your lungs in a negative way.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The electric fireplace TV stand is perfect for anyone that does not already have a fireplace to place an insert into. These electric fireplaces allow smaller homes to have the ambiance of flickering flames without taking up too much room.

The electric fireplace TV stand remains cool to the touch and the heat emitted from the fireplace will not damage your television, DVD player or other electronics. There is no need for a chimney or external vent when you use this type of heat source.

The electric fireplace TV stand comes in many different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of televisions being used today.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

A wall mounted electric fireplace is a space saving heat source that does not get hot to the touch. These fireplaces provide you a beautiful view of burning flames, but remain cool to the touch so you do not have to worry about catching the wall on fire. They do not smoke or emit a foul odor when they are being used.

You can buy these electric fireplaces in many different sizes and shapes so you will be able to find one to fit into every room of your house. They are attractive and can be left in place year-round as part of your decor.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace can provide you with the warmth and glow that you expect when you burn logs, but the gas fireplace does not create the mess that comes with burning logs. A gas fireplace is efficient, cost effective, easy to operate, and they come in many different sizes.

You can even convert some wood burning fireplaces into gas fueled fireplaces.

A gas fireplace can be installed into your home at a fraction of what it would cost you to install a wood burning fireplace. The gas fireplace also does not require you to cut wood, split wood, or have wood stacks near your home.

Tabletop Gel Fireplace

A tabletop gel fireplace requires no chimney so when you use one of them you do not have any heat escaping out the vent or chimney. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and they are perfect when you want to add an extra amount of heat to one area in your home.

You can expect to be able to operate your gel fireplace for between two and three hours on one thirteen ounce can of gel fuel. The gel fuel does not smoke as it burns and it does not create a bad odor in the room.

Bio Ethanol Fireplace

A bio ethanol fireplace provides you the warmth you desire, the beauty of flames, without smoking up your room. Bio ethanol is an efficient fuel source that is odorless and it creates no problems for people with breathing disorders. The devices stay cool to the touch and will not damage your flooring or the tabletop they sit on top of.

These fireplaces can be bought in a wide variety of sizes so you can heat an entire room or just a spot close to your chair. You can even use these fireplaces outside on your patio, and some of the bio ethanol fuels have an insect repellent added to them so they keep mosquitoes away.

Final Notes

In order for you to select the best fireplace you should first consider how easy it will be for you to get the fuel the device needs for operational purposes. Gel fuels and bio ethanol fuels can be ordered online if you do not have a store close to you that carries them. The majority of all homes have electricity and these electric fireplaces do not require 220v they plug into a standard electrical outlet.

This article explained that these units come in a wide variety of sizes so you need to measure the area where you would like the unit to sit. You can find many of the heat sources that do not require a vent or chimney during operation.

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