Do Space Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity? A Brief Guide

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Do Space Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity

The electrical energy for running heaters often comes with a cost. Normally, efficient space heaters with low electricity consumption are ideal. One of the surest ways of reducing electricity bills with heater is to check their specifications. With the label on a space heater, you’ll know it’s electricity consumption and make good buying decisions. However, this buying guide helps to pick the best cost-effective product.

Do Space Heaters Use A Lot Of Electricity – Determining Factors 

Since the intensity of heat brings more expense, homeowners should buy cheap-to-run products. Let me show you some ways of consuming low electricity with space heaters.

Wattage is Important

Regular electric space heaters are rated at 1,500 watts. A kilowatt is equivalent to 1000 watts, and 1,500 watts mean 1.5 kilowatts. It’s very easy to calculate your device’s rating with this method. Normally, electricity suppliers charge consumers for each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. So, consumption might depend on how long they run these appliances. With a 1,500-watts garage heater, you should expect a consumption of 1.5 kWh of electricity every hour.

Thermostatic Controls

Many factors determine the cost of running a space heater, but you can reduce electric bills with built-in thermostats. If it takes 10 watts to heat a square foot, your 1,500-watts bathroom heater is perfect for a space of 150 square feet. With a thermostat, you can enjoy the cost benefits of running a low-wattage space heater. Simply adjust (reduce) the heater’s thermostat switch after running the device at full capacity.

  • After adjusting the knob, the thermostat will work automatically. This technique helps to dissipate heat, and maintain the room’s temperature without extra cost. Also, the thermostat has an automatic shutoff feature that resets the appliance when it overheats your space.
  • Apply Some Basic Mathematical Calculations

There’s a universal formula for calculating energy consumption, and requirements for space heaters. Check the cost of a one-kilowatt hour of electricity from your utility provider. Simply divide the wattage of your space heater by 1,000 and multiply what this value by 1.5. Multiply your result by the cost of a one-kilowatt hour of electricity for the final result. This final output shows what it will cost you to run a 1,500-watt space heater for one hour.

How Much Energy Does A Typical Space Heater Consume

Other Basic Formula For Wattage

There’s no need to worry if your portable heater doesn’t come with a label that shows it’s wattage. Generally, the formula for wattage is ‘Watts = Volts X Amps X Power Factor. In this formula, ‘X’ means the sign of multiplication, and the power factor is 1 for most conditions. For example; the wattage of a space heater with 150 Volt, and 10 Amp rating is easy to get. Multiply 150 by 10 and 1 to give 1,500 Watts.

Formula For The Heater’s Efficiency In Percentage

You’ll use a different formula to determine the space heater’s efficiency. Simply divide your heater’s capacity by its wattage, and multiply by 100. What you get is the heater’s efficiency value in percentage.

Get The Unknown Wattage From the Label

However, you might be disappointed to see a space heater’s specification like the description above. On the label, specifications for some space heaters might be written as 150VAC and 10A. While the ‘V’ means volts, ‘AC’ is alternating current, and ‘A’ is Amperes (or Amps).

Smart Ways of Reducing Space Heater’s Power Consumption

Portability Ensure Even Distribution of Heat

Electricity units for space heaters in temperate climates depends on the rate of consumption per kWh. Unlike central heating systems (like the HVAC unit), portable space heaters are built for localized areas.

However, you might be lucky to have other rooms close to the localized area for the space heater to heat them. Since most space heater products are portable, move them to any room that needs warmth. Portability is a surefire way of reducing the heater’s power consumption.

Save Electricity Units By Adjusting The Timer

Every smart homeowner tries to maximize their space heater’s potential and save money. Use the timer to set it’s the number of operational hours (or minutes) if you want to use a space-heating unit wisely. The timer feature works with a knob on the space heater.

It’s the timer’s function to shut-off your device when you don’t require more heat. Usually, timing features on space heaters work automatically. So, setting the timer is an ideal way of reducing your energy bill.

Don’t Run A Space Heater When You Don’t Need It

It will be a waste of electrical energy to run space heaters when the environment is not cold. Also, you might not need to run this device when someone isn’t in the room. There are misconceptions about portable space heaters.

We know that a low-wattage, a portable space heater can help you to avoid unnecessary running costs. Apart from the heater’s wattage, its running costs depend on size and capacity. In this article, you’ll see other conservative ways of saving electric costs with space heaters.

Heat Loss Preventions

Different methods can prevent heat loss when running a space heater. Look at the windows, and doors to a closed room for traces of outdoor light. If you are sure of leakages, call the technician to inspect and calk these points.

Ask the technician to inspect your fireplace damper, and ductwork too. Most homeowners might install weather-strip doors and windows. Apart from your room, insulating the attic and basements can prevent heat loss. Also shut your windows, and doors before running the space heater.

How To Be Safety-Conscious With Space Heaters

This guide is helpful because it gives safety tips for running a space heater.

  • Read and understand all safety precautions on the instruction manual of your space-heating unit. Don’t forget that heat is a dangerous type of energy that might cause damage to property, fires, and death.
  • Maintain a safe distance (at least 3 ft) between the space heaters and fabrics like curtains and blankets.
  • Turn off the space heater unit when you are set to leave your home.


Naturally, everyone in a temperate region needs a space heater to survive. During the winter months, an energy-efficient space heater is a useful property. Electricity vendors are happier when consumers run their space heaters because of high profits. However,  you can checkmate the vendor with this guide. I hope, this cool guide of EmiNickReview expert will help you to understand the space heaters billing options and pricing as well.  

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