DOUHE Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/450W Oscillating Fan Heater

Are you among the customers who are experiencing difficulties in operating their newly purchased heaters, or having problems with contacting the customer care support for specific problems with your heater? a new one known as portable space heater is now fully available with all the solutions.

DOUHE Electric Ceramic Heater 950W/450W Oscillating Fan Heater

Portable ceramic heater has got tips over safety that warns against dangerous actions that may cause failure with the system, this means that the customers will be aware of this and will keep themselves safe from the cost of maintenance.

Otherwise in any case failure occurs with the fan or the heater, portable space heater has a 12-monthly warranty therefore the company stands in for anything within this time making the heater one of the best in the market to take home.

Features Of This DOUHE Electric Ceramic Heater

  1. The portable space heater as other types is even safer to use as it contains with it a flame resistant material called ABS, in addition it also has safety precaution tips and built in safety measures like the overheating protection. The safety tips include; don’t operate with the heater in places of water, vapor or steam like bathroom and kitchen.
  2. The heater is ever quiet, giving a more comfort environment to the users. The heater has also good warmth as it is able to provide the desired temperature in the room depending on the preference of the user.
  3. Portable space heater is also normally backed up with good and friendly lifetime customer support that is ever active to deal with the difficulties experienced by its customers.
  4. It is also small in size making it portable and can be placed either in table or even ground. It provides high power of up to 950W and 450W heating level making it good for the users to enjoy without any limitations due to the adjustable settings that it also has.
  5. The portable space heater has a DOUHE personal fan that can be adjusted by the customer at will, for example, the customer is only expected to press the button  written ‘SWING’ to allow the heater  to spread heat over all directions within the room.
  6. The heater is not favorable in places that contain moisture like water or even vapor.


  • The portable space heater has got a fan that can be adjusted in order to supply all the room with warmth.
  • The heater is small in size that makes it portable from point to point, for example from table to the ground.
  • It also provides a lot of energy that makes its customers enjoy a lot of comfort in a room.
  • This heater also has a committed team of support that are available at any time that a customer may be in need of any help with his/her heater. This adds a lot of trust to the product and is highly recommendable to the new buyers.


  • Portable space heater is not recommended in areas such as bathroom since it does not require places with water making its benefits limited.
  • It also lacks a thermostat for controlling temperature.

Final Note

Portable space heater has lots of benefits that can only be explored when you have one. Although there are challenges with the heater, for example it cannot be used in places that have water such like bathroom, this gives its customers hard task of maintenance for it to last longer.

However, there are more than enough to enjoy while using portable space heater as many of its initial customers who purchased the heater with the fun have shown positive response. It’s therefore time to try out this new one and replace your current heater with the highly rated, portable space heater, which provides the real comfort that you need in your room.

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