Dura Heat TT-360 Propane(LP) Tank Top Heater Review

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Dura Heat TT-360
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For getting heat for you and your family Dura-Heat-TT-360 Degree Propane heater is an excellent choice.

It can take a device everywhere you like and will get a 360-degree heat which will give you a very good feeling in extreme cold.

This 360-degree heater is a great option for your outdoor activities and indoor as well in case of any emergency.

It has a disposable 1-pound propane cylinder that has made this product completely portable and perfect for carrying for outside use.

Features Of Dura Heat TT-360 Propane Heater

Structure and working capacity

Whenever it comes to outdoor use, it is really a great option. For your outdoor use, you can have an extra option of attaching up the 360 degrees with a 20lb tank which can be fueled again and again with an extension hose. It has a good handle to carry it easily from one place to another. It has two heat settings which will allow you to create heat up to 10,000 BTU within an hour.

Design & Effectiveness

It is a tank top heater in which the working capacity is very good. This Dura Tank Top propane heater provides 360 degrees of heat. Its portable design has made it very easy and comfortable to carry and it is also small in size.

It has different heat outputs such as 30,000 and 35,000 also 40,000 BTU. This unique design tank top heater is a very cost heater. It is a quiet infrared heat supplier, no need for any electricity and obviously it has a strong construction.

Whom does it suitable for?

Though it is suitable for outdoor activities, some special categories of people can use it perfectly. It can be a very good device for sportsmen, garage, construction worksite, workshops, camping, etc. It is a quick heater and can make the place comfortable within a short time.

Radiant and infrared heating system

It is a radiant and infrared heating system that can produce heat instantly. It can work for a bigger space easily which you can use as much as 1,000 sq ft for your outdoor use.

Continuous working ability

It has a long working capability. It is connected quickly with its POL tank connection. It can run 14 hours without any break on its 20lb propane tank.


It has a structural design. It is made of high-efficiency stainless steel which is a very good heat reflector. It has a rust-resistant guard so that it can’t get rust for outdoor use.

Safety feature

It has a good safety feature as well. It has a mercury-free shut off system. This system is based on the tip over. It will shut off automatically if there is a possibility of an accident. It also has a match light ignition.

Need to be careful about

You need to be careful with one point while using this device. You should have made any combustion of liquid to use this heater. This is made for liquid propane. So, you always should keep in mind that you only use this fuel to run it. Combustion of a fuel may cause instant problems or can create a health hazard in the future.

Where to use?

You should use this device only for outdoor activities. If you want to use it indoor, you should not do that continuously in a particular place.


  • Instant radiant, infrared heat of 360 degrees in a good portable design
  • It has stainless steel heat reflector which is highly efficient
  • Chrome safety guard which is very good rust resistant
  • Tip over shut off which is mercury-free and CSA approved
  • Can work for 14 hours at a stress
  • Shut off automatically
  • Can show match light ignition
  • Very good option for outdoor activities


  • Should not use in indoor
  • Not perfect for smaller places

Final thought

It is a very good option for your outdoor activities such as for sporting activities, construction job sites, workshops, garage, etc. it will give you the instant comfort in your space. For outdoor activities like camping, fishing, the garage you also can try DH Propane tank top heater.  Both the heaters are a good service provider and you will get your expected service from that.

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