Dyna-Glo BF30PMDG Liquid Propane Wall Heater Review

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Dyna Heater
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For an indoor supplement heating system, Dyna-Glo propane heaters can be one of the best choices.

This vent free and state of the art technology usually doesn’t need a chimney. This is a superb device that can be used for the cabin, home and garage as well.

This is not an electricity based heating system, so the service never slows down or shuts off due to disruption in electricity.

This device has proved to be an excellent choice for users for a long time.

Features Of Dyna-Glo BF30PMDG


This blue flame Dyna Glo BF30PMDG works with more than 99% efficiency. It is operated on propane only This device has 100 lb of the fuel tank which has two stages of regulation that can be adjusted from the local gas company. This device will work for your supplementary work and will cut off your extra electricity bill. This device will surely make your place as comfortable as you want.

Setting options for getting better service

You can easily adjust the heat setting options manually to your desired temperature level. This device has built-in oxygen deplete sensor (ODS) which helps to immediately shut down the heater when there is carbon monoxide or shortage of oxygen is felt by the device. It also has battery assisted igniter which shows the indication continuously to make ignition quick and effortless.

It has included all essential hardware and elements for wall mounting. If you want to set up on the floor there is an option of WBL 100 base legs. You will also have the option of a wall heater fan that will distribute heat in a simple, quiet and powerful way.

Dependable device

It is really a good and trustworthy dependable device. You can confidently rely on it. It is truly a supplementary device for emergency use when there is a power cut off.

Economical space heaters

It is a great saver for you. It will surely save your electricity bill and heats the confined places so that energy can’t be lost easily.


In case of comfort, this device is a cool one. You can adjust the heat manually as per your desired need and requirement.

Safety measures

It has a cool device called ODS that means Built-in oxygen depleting sensor system. It can also measure the amount of carbon monoxide and can shut the device when the shortage of oxygen is felt. So, your health safety is wisely calculated by the device.


It can be upgraded from time to time if you need so. You can have separate elements like optional base legs and separate wall heater fans that can help to upgrade the service from time to time.

Dyna-Glo is such a superb brand that has already become very trustworthy to its customers. This brand is specializing in outdoor and indoor heating efficiently. All the products are rigorously tested before they are sent to the market. For this reason, the brand already has a good reputation for its quality, functionality, and durability.


  • Liquid propane-based operations (Conversion of fuel is prohibited)
  • Blue Flame technology that works through convection heat to produce warm the air as same as the system of central heating system
  • Heating capacity is 24000-30000 BUT’s per hour can heat a place up to 1000 sq ft easily
  • It has a variable heating system that can be set manually.
  • Customized heat can be set from low-24000 BTU to high 30000 BTU
  • Has the benefit of future up-gradation with adjustable legs and other elements
  • Has a large fuel tank for continuous service


  • Not appropriate for smaller space
  • No transformation of fuel supply is permitted

Final thought

To buy your desired space heater, you can judge Dyna-Glo BF30PMDG for its variations and service quality. It’s a continuous service provider without any interruptions and at a low cost. It’s a quick service provider.

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