Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

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How would you feel having a fire pit that you can use throughout the summer months? Having a fabulous fire pit is an excellent way of saying goodbye to hiding in the house when the sun goes down.

Imaging, how would you feel when you’re sitting outside with your friends/family enjoying that stylish, bronze fire pit? What about enjoying your cold beer, or roasting marshmallows with your friends? That sounds like heaven on earth right?

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

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But you are actually in your backyard. Choosing a fire Sense Roman fire pit is a wise option. With many options available in the market nowadays, this amazing item will do you more than good.

Why should you go for this product? Well, below are the features and the reasons why you should consider choosing it.

Features Of Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

Grate and Lift Tool

You will find the grate at the bottom of this fire bowl. It helps to place the logs in the pit. It has an advantage of making a slight elevation for the logs so that they receive enough oxygen. Smoothing your fire in the bottom ensures that your fire doesn’t go out. It also makes cleaning easy and fast.

To make it easy for you, there is an added feature, i.e., screen lift tool. The screen is used to hold in the ashes and can get too hot. Don’t even attempt to touch it with bare hands because it will be a ticket to an emergency room. The screen lift tool is there to ensure that you make the most out of the fire without injury.

Mesh Fire Screen

The fire screen used to keep the embers and ash. It assists in keeping the lid on the embers while enabling you to encounter the flames and the heat from the fire. The screen is hard enough and will not break easily. It is made from mesh which can handle amazingly high temperature without melting.

Brushed Steel Legs and Hammered Lip

The brushing of steel legs using antique bronze finish makes the styling beautiful. The fact that several fire pits are black, this one is somewhat different. If you have visitors, they will be surprised with the brushed finishing of the legs.

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High-Temp Fire Bowl

When looking for a fire pit, look for the one with a bowl that can withstand extreme temperature.

The Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit has the raised mesh inside to shield the fire from coming into close contact with the metal; however, the base and sides are secured with a high-temp paint that is exceptionally treated to shield the metal from getting to be fragile and hard from the extraordinary heat.

You should need to include another layer of high-temp paint or a layer of rust protection if you anticipate leaving the fire pit outside consistently. A couple of measures can guarantee that your fire pit will keep going for a considerable length of time while looking as wonderful as the day you bought it.


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Durable steel construction
  • Wood Grate
  • High-temp fire bowl
  • Fire screen lift tool
  • Stylish and detailed


  • The rain cover isn’t included
  • Doesn’t come with a cooking grate

Final Note

In conclusion, there are very many reasons why you should go for this fire pit. The style and the bronze finish make it adorable. It will serve you more than many standard fire pits you see in many patios.

If you want to impress all your visitors, this option is the best. You will feel great to welcome them for a drink by the fire. You may even choose not to reveal to them where you got it, so you can keep it a mystery only for yourself.

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