Hiland GSF-PR-PC Fire Pit in Hammered Bronze and Stainless Steel

Everyone looks for warmth alternatives to keep off extreme cold during cold seasons. Then it should not be a great concern for you because Hiland GSF-PR-PC Fire Pit in Hammered Bronze and Stainless Steel, Bronze is an outdoor patio that will be of great help in your house. With your family or friends, you will enjoy chilly or winter evenings.

If you are looking for a Hiland GSF-PR-PC Fire Pit reviews, then you are on the right track. It provides a fiery focal place for cooking, entertainment, heating the deck, patio or the surrounding area. Here you will find the best features, pros and cons explained.

Hiland GSF-PR-PC Fire Pit in Hammered Bronze and Stainless Steel, Bronze

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Outer Integrated Piezo Ignition. BTU's: 40,000. Utilizing a 20lb Propane Tank

BTU's means; British thermal unit, which is the unit used to determine thermal energy. In particular, it is the measure of energy expected to raise 1 pound of water 1°F sea level.

BTUs will protect you from exceeding your comfort level. It protects the excessive heat load on your device which may damage it because warmth load will be excessively for your unit to deal with. Finally, it may damage the lifespan of the all unit.

Stainless Steel Lid

The steel material conveys the durability of the brand, and a hammered bronze polish awards it a charming look suitable for outdoor living.

A Hose and CSA Regulator Included:

The purpose of the regulators is to reduce the gas pressure in the cylinder to emit the proper pressure for the device. It also maintains the overall pressure within limits. For the hoses, the little diameter hose is for use with high-pressure controllers and the bigger diameter for low-pressure controllers.

Fire glass Included

It contains a fire glass cover that helps to burn and also helps to add the quality of the touch.

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Burner Size: 10" x 10":

Composed with an elaborate looking over vine theme with bronze features, a defensive work vault top to uncover or conceal a beautiful copper 10" x 10" inch fire bowl and a dark metal mesh resting at the base. This outline has the quality and typical style of excellent craftsmanship to stand out for a long time.

Thermocouple and Anti Tilt Safety Devices:

It is a protective tool that keeps the flame burning. It comes with the package.


  • Simple to set up and looks great
  • The process of lighting is not complicated since the surface is open and no obstacles when setting out the fire.
  • The table space is ample and open. Thanks to the designer. It allows space for working on while setting on fire.
  • Tough due to the materials used to build it. It can last longer.
  • It's big enough. Produce very bright flames with good warmth production. It heats the entire room and also the surrounding. It is also a source of light to the covered area.
  • It’s a form of a luxury table where the top area can be used to place drinks, plates and sturdy.


  • It doesn’t include enough fire glass; therefore, you have to buy.
  • The igniter doesn’t work perfectly well


If heating your outdoor space is your main goal and you want a beautiful, decorative addition to your patio, deck or lawn without an open fire, Hiland GSF-PR-PC Fire Pit may be the right choice for you.

These fire components are effective outdoor heating, without the use of an open fire, while adding a touch of old-world style to any area. It also fits the bill for these uses as well, providing effective 360-degree heating for the surrounding outdoor space.

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