Honeywell HZ-789 Review – EnergySmart Oil Filled Radiator Whole Room Heater

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Honeywell HZ-789 Review
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The Honeywell Oil-Filled Radiator is a great heating appliance that provides consistent, smooth and electric heating. Its awesome EnergySmart technology has made this device a powerful and efficient device as well.

It has an adjustable thermostat spreads heat in a more convenient and easy way to cover each and every inch of the room.

The HZ-789 is such a good device that is featuring an overheat protecting safety tip-over switch. All the smart features have made it an awesome appliance for your home.

There are some very good qualities which will help you to make a decision while buying a new space heater for your beloved home. Let’s go through the following qualities.

Features Of This Honeywell HZ-789


It has a super sleek design that will increase the beauty of your home. Its black in color and the adjustable wheel has made it very much easy to move one room to another. It has a handle like luggage which may confuse you at the beginning. It has thus become a very rare one for your home.

Heating capacity

It has a great capacity to make the room warm within a short period of time. It has EnergySmart technology which has made it a very energy efficient device. You also can set a timer from one to twelve hours by its Digital EasySet Option.

Adjustable thermostat

It has an adjustable thermostat which is always considered a good feature in a heating appliance. With its adjustable thermostat, you can easily set your desired heating option from the three options. This will help you to get your expected and best service from this design.

Smart savings

It’s a smart choice for saving energy and money as well. It’s totally portable and movable with the preset wheel that gives you the option to move it from one room to another easily. So, you don’t need to purchase multiple space heaters for different rooms. If you just have one of these, you can take it to any room to save your budget. Moreover, it is very much energy efficient. So, its operational cost is also very low.

Safe and sound

It is loaded with safety features. Its design is really a safe one for the kids or any pets at home. It has a 360-degree Tip-Over safety switch which will shut automatically if it is overheated. It is also equipped with thermally insulated wiring which covers it from any unexpected accident.

Ensured comfort

Honeywell has a great variety of heaters to give you the best comfort. Among them that include personal, fan forced, radiant, ceramic and also the infrared type of heaters. You can easily have your option to get the best benefit from your selected Honeywell space heaters.

Honeywell quality

It’s really a quality product of Honeywell space heaters. The product is a real saver for its customers. It gives heat smoothly. It can be used in homes, offices; small or a little bit large place. It is a very smart option for heating your space.

User friendly

It is really a user-friendly device. It is nicely packaged and safe and secure at its arrival. You don’t need to use any tools to assemble it, even its wheels. You just have to use your finger to assemble the wheel. There is no confusing feature.

It’s as simple as switching a tv. You don’t need any extra electric panel as you just plug in and switch on. It will start working. For your great benefit, you can just set the thermostat and timer in its digital panel.


  • Digital adjustable timer of 1 to 12 hour
  • Fully digital and automatic control
  • Easy-glide wheels will help you to move it anywhere you wish
  • Carrying handle similar to luggage-style
  • Provides heat evenly at every nook and corner
  • Tip-over safety switch for protection
  • Nice stylish black color and sleek design
  • Three heat setting by an adjustable thermostat
  • Three years warranty will be a superb added benefit
  • Movable to any place as your need
  • Is a perfect one both for your home and office


  • None

Final thought

It’s a really great appliance for your home. It is super energy saving, ever service provider, portable and also safe for residents. The more you want are included in it.

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