How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Heater Core

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Heater Core

Like any part of a machine, the core of a heater is not permanent and can break down after a long time of usage. The heater core keeps the flow of the antifreeze function smooth and lets you have a comfortable moment.

It is very important to replace your heater core to keep the temperature in a proper state in your car. Otherwise, you will not have optimized cooling, and it will also lead to an uncomfortable situation while staying in the vehicle.

Replacing your heater core can be a costly job. But the benefits it holds are so high. In this article, we will explain the cost of heater core replacement in detail.

Cost of Replacing a Car’s Heater Core

How much it will take to replace the heater core bases on some factors. You will have to buy the parts and hire an expert to do the labor. Both take a high sum, but the labor will take up the lion’s share. Keep in mind that even both the parts and the labor cost can vary depending on where you live and where you are buying from.

Below, we have made a list of average total expenses of heater core replacement from various places-

  • Walmart- You can only buy the parts from here, and it will take within $75 to $399.
  • Mr. Tire- As you can get both the parts and labor from here, the total average price will be around &571 to $999.
  • Midas- Like Mr. Tire, you can get both parts and labor. The costs may range from $580 to $920.
  • Pep Boys- Going for the parts and labor will cost you from $545 to $978 if you take service from Pep Boys.
  • Amazon- Only the parts are available at a rate from $61 to $450.
  • Local Mechanic- You can hire your mechanic for the job too. Depending on the location, it may require around $550 - $940.


Why Replacement of a Heater Core is So Expensive?

The parts aren’t that costly. But the heater core of your car stays deep inside the dashboard. As a result, the mechanic may need to remove the entire dashboard to replace the heater core. It makes the labor highly expensive.

When Should I Replace the Car’s Heater Core?

You may consider replacing the heater core when you feel like not getting enough heat inside your car. It can either be that the coolant is leaking or the heater core has clogged up.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace the Heater Core on a Honda Model?

It can be different based on what Honda Model we are talking about. For Honda Civic, expect to spend around $564 to $757. If you own a Honda CR-V, the cost can be from $647 to $871. As for Honda Accord, the replacement may take within $657 - $844.


Did we mention that different car also has different costs of heater core replacement? It is mostly because of how the internal function of the vehicles is made. For example, if you own a Toyota Corolla, you should ready a sum of $631 to $847 beforehand.

Although, it still depends on where you live. We can’t give a solid number. Before going for one place for the core replacement, check the prices from everywhere and compare them. By doing so, you can pick the most convenient option. It may take some time and effort, but it will help you greatly in saving some money.

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