How to Make a Brick Fireplace Look Modern

If you have a brick fireplace that’s looking a little dated, there are some easy ways to give it a modern makeover. Paint is an obvious choice, but if you want to keep the brick look, there are some other options. Brick can be cleaned and sealed to restore its original color or whitewashed for a more contemporary look.

Adding new hardware, like glass doors or brass tools, can also give your fireplace a fresh update.

  • Remove any old paint or varnish from the fireplace with a paint stripper
  • Sand down the fireplace to create a smooth surface
  • Apply a primer to the fireplace
  • Paint the fireplace with a high-quality latex paint in a modern color such as white, light grey, or beige
  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before replacing any decorations on the mantle or around the fireplace


Are Red Brick Fireplaces Outdated

If you’re considering giving your home a makeover, you may be wondering if red brick fireplaces are outdated. While the answer may depend on personal preference, there are a few things to consider that could help you make your decision. For one, red brick is classic and timeless.

It’s been used for centuries in homes all over the world and it still looks just as good today as it did back then. If you want a fireplace that will stand the test of time, red brick is a great option. However, some people feel that red brick can be too bold and overwhelming in a space.

If you’re worried about your fireplace being too dominant in your room, you might want to consider painting it white or another light color. This can help tone down the look of the fireplace and make it blend in more with your other decor. Ultimately, whether or not a red brick fireplace is right for your home is up to you.

But if you’re looking for something classic and timeless, this may be the perfect option for you!

How to Make a Brick Fireplace Look Modern


How Do You Make a Red Brick Fireplace More Modern?

If you have a red brick fireplace that you want to make more modern, there are a few things that you can do. First, consider painting the bricks. You could go with a white or light grey to brighten up the space.

Or, you could go with a dark grey or black for a more sophisticated look. Either way, painting the bricks is an easy and effective way to change the look of your fireplace. Another option is to tile over the existing brick.

This is a bit more work, but it can really transform the space. You could use large format tiles in a solid color or pattern for a contemporary look. Or, opt for small mosaic tiles in different colors for something more unique and eye-catching.

Finally, don’t forget about accessories! Adding some new artwork above the mantel or placing some candles on the hearth can really help to update the space and give it some personality. With just a few simple changes, you can easily take your red brick fireplace from dated to modern!

Are Brick Fireplaces Coming Back in Style?

Are brick fireplaces coming back in style? If you’re considering adding a fireplace to your home or renovating an existing one, you may be wondering if brick is still a popular choice. Brick fireplaces have been around for centuries and their popularity has waxed and waned over time.

Today, brick is once again a popular choice for fireplaces, thanks to its classic good looks and durability. Brick is a timeless material that adds character and warmth to any space. It’s also relatively easy to care for, which makes it a great choice for busy families.

If you’re looking for a classic look that will never go out of style, brick is the way to go.

How Do I Modernize the Look of My Fireplace?

If your fireplace is looking a bit dated, there are several ways you can modernize the look. First, consider repainting or restaining the wood surround. A fresh coat of paint in a contemporary color can really brighten up the space.

You could also try painting the bricks or stone surround. White paint can give the fireplace a clean and modern look. If you have a gas fireplace, you may be able to switch out the old insert for a more modern one.

There are many sleek and stylish options available that will instantly update the look of your fireplace. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you could consider adding glass doors to give it a more updated appearance. Finally, don’t forget about accessories!

Fireplace screens and tools can be found in many different styles to suit any taste. Adding some new candles or other decor items can also help give your fireplace a fresh new look.

How Do You Make an Old Fashioned Fireplace Look Modern?

If your old fashioned fireplace is looking a bit dated, there are some easy ways to give it a modern makeover. Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your fireplace. A fresh coat of white paint can brighten up a dark room and make your fireplace look new again.

You could also try painting your fireplace surround a more contemporary color like grey or black. If you have a brick fireplace, consider painting it white for a clean and modern look. Another way to update your old fashioned fireplace is to change out the hardware.

Replacing outdated knobs and handles with newer, more stylish ones can give your fireplace a whole new look. Or, if you want to really go for a modern look, consider replacing the entire fire screen with something sleek and minimalist. If you’re not ready for such a big change, simply rearranging your furniture can help give your old fashioned fireplace a more modern feel.

Moving your sofa away from the fireplace creates more space and makes the room feel bigger and brighter. And placing chairs or floor lamps on either side of the fireplace helps balance the space and gives the room a more cohesive look overall.


A fireplace is a great addition to any home, but if yours is looking a little dated, you may be wondering how to make a brick fireplace look modern. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to achieve this! One way to modernize a brick fireplace is by painting it white.

This will instantly brighten up the space and make it feel more contemporary. If you don’t want to paint your entire fireplace, you could try just painting the bricks around the firebox or accenting them with another color. Another way to update your brick fireplace is by adding new hardware.

This could include replacing the old mantel with something more sleek and modern or installing new doors or screens. You could also add some decorative tile around the firebox or on the hearth for an updated look. If you’re really looking to make a statement, you could even consider removing the bricks altogether and exposing the stone underneath.

This would give your fireplace an entirely new look that is sure to be eye-catching. Whatever route you decide to take, with just a few simple changes you can easily give your brick fireplace a modern makeover!

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