How to Remove Chevy Heater Hose Quick Connect

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Removing the heater hose quick connect off a chevy vehicle is not actually as easy as you may think. But it is far from being impossible. Before everything, it is mandatory to think about why you need to disconnect it. If you want to replace the heater hose quick connect without any experience, you should contact professional help.

We will only describe how to remove the heater hose quick connector using a disconnector tool here. It is only for minor issues that don’t require the connector to be replaced. Sit back and go through the whole process. Learn more about your car heater, here

Instruments You Should Collect

Firstly, you should gather these two tools for this project-

  • A handsaw that comes with a hacksaw blade.
  • A disconnector tool.

The Main Procedure

Keep in mind that the hose quick-connector in chevy is of plastic that breaks in the middle. As a result, you cannot place any worn clamp on it. So, you must know to take out the remaining plastic connector properly.

We have added a step-by-step guide for the whole process below. Take your disconnector tool and get ready.

  • Locate the plastic connector that is broken. With the use of the disconnect too, let out the spring fingers from the connector.
  • Fold the disconnect tool circling the tube. Let it reach up to the connector. Doing so will let the fingers out, and the connector will also slide the pipe off.
  • Now you have to use your handsaw to cut the disconnector tool off. Use a linear cut at the top and the bottom.
  • As the connector is broken into two pieces, you should remove and replace them. Doing so will ensure the event not happening again in the future.


  • Make sure to cut the connector with care. Try not to shake it, or it can damage the heater core.
  • If your heater core needs replacement, don’t try it yourself. It is a job for the expert.
  • If the quick connector has dirt on it, or you are unable to let it out, you should cut it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Should I Do If My Heater Core Is Damaged?

If the heater core is damaged, don’t try to replace it yourself. It is hard to even for a professional.

What Material Are Chevy Heater Hose Quick Connectors Made of?

Chevy heater quick connectors are of plastic, which is pretty weak.

What to Do If I Don’t Have Any Replacement Tool While Removing the Quick Connector?

If you don’t have any replacement tool as you are removing the quick connector for replacement, you can use a hose clamp on the copper hose tubing.

Final Note

You should only use the disconnector to remove the quick connector if you have the tool. Without it, the only other option is to cut the connector. But keep in mind that if you try to cut it, you must be cautious. Don’t end up breaking your heater core in the process.

 Hopefully, you can now do this task yourself. We suggest you keep a disconnector tool always with you in your garage. It will come in handy in situations like this.

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