Is It Dangerous If The Pilot Light Goes Out On Water Heater?

Have you ever experienced an unexpected shock of a cold shower and wondered? Is it dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater? If so, what is the role of the pilot light and what if it goes out of the water heater? Here in this article, you will get to know about the pilot light and how it can go out of the water heater due to which you may cause any danger. We will also explore the importance of pilot lights, the potential risks that arise when the light goes out of the heater, and what necessary steps should be taken if it happens in your home. For this, a detailed understanding is given in this article and you get your answer to the question “Is it dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater?”

What is Pilot Light?

A small flame that gives to the burner of the water heater. The pilot light supplies to the burner when the gas goes on to respond to cooling the water tank by which the flame supplies to the burner to ignite the gas. It should remain on all the time. The pilot light works as a match or hand-handler lighter without which you can’t even start the fire and won’t be able to get a gas stove for dinner. When the pilot light goes out then the water heater stops working and you only get the cold water from the heater. Now the question is how to get notified if the pilot light goes out of the heater or if is there any other cause in the heater due to which it not working properly. So to answer this question there are three easy signs by which you will get notified that your pilot light goes out of the heater and those are as follows:

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No Hot Water

No Hot Water

The most recognizable way to determine if the pilot light goes out or not is by having no hot water. When you turn on the heater but it faucets and no hot water comes out from the heater then might be the light extinguished. 

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No Flame

With very first you have to check the water heater once you suspect the pilot light goes out. Once your checking is completed discover no flame, then only you can confirm that the pilot light has gone out. 

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Gas Control Valve Indicator

The third but not least is the valve indicator where you can notify the blinking light or error message to check the water heater. The water tank already has stickers that give guidance on what messages mean. 

Other reasons might be as:

No Combustible Air

Air is required for any gas appliance to function. If there is no air or the windowless basement then it causes the pilot light to go out and the water heater might not work properly. 


It is used to shut down the valve at the moment when the pilot light goes out of the water heater. It helps to prevent the leaking of gas and stop the chambers where any gas can be reached. 

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Is It Dangerous If The Pilot Light Goes Out On Water Heater?

It is not dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater but it simply makes the water cold. If you wish to have hot water then you need to relight your pilot light. As soon as you relight the pilot light, will ensure you get soon the hot heater. Most of the time when the pilot light stays on for a longer time then it gives you very warm water and a little bit of relight of the pilot light can solve the problem of going out of the water heater. If this problem continues for a longer time the pilot light goes out on the water heater, then you should check with another problem that causing this. 

Also if you smell something strange like rotten eggs in a nearby area of the water heater, then you need to think is it dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater? Or this is the sign of leaking the gas. You should keep off all the gas burners in your home and contact the gas company immediately. Even don’t try to to ignite that smell with the pilot light, you will get hurt or have more explosions. It is a good idea to look around for clues regarding why the pilot light goes out before you relight the pilot light in the water heater. 

Now it is very important to relight the pilot light, as you do not take it seriously then think is it dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater?

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Steps to Relight the Pilot Light

There are some steps you need to follow to relight the pilot light and again you get the hot water from your heater. So let’s follow the below steps:

  1. One of the lowest settings possible is resetting the thermostat.
  2. To on the pilot position turn the switch of a pilot light.
  3. Panels should be taken for the water heater so whenever you want to can get the pilot light.
  4. Hold down the ignite button or pilot button or you would use a long match to get lighter your flame. If you don’t see the button of the pilot light then you can flame without pressing down on anything. 
  5. You should continue to hold on to the pilot light button or ignite button once the flame is lit to keep it burning. Keep until you get the blue color flame from the burner. 
  6. Now everything you get is the same once you can turn the setting button.
  7. Keep the thermostat to the same temperature as it was before and add the access panel back. 

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As per mentioned above points if you follow it can be easy to restart the pilot light and easily you can get the hot water. If you feel like the above steps are not working and you do not get better results then it’s time to call the professional who can check the pilot light can help to fix something that is required to relight the pilot light. 


The takeaway of the above article is diply gives you an understanding and knowledge of the pilot light and hope you get your answer to the question i.e. “Is it dangerous if the pilot light goes out on the water heater?” Well, the answer is no it is not as dangerous until you can’t able to fix the problem by yourself. Simply you just need to go with the process given above to solve and relight the pilot light. However, it also recommends that if the above steps can’t help to fix the problem, then you should not wait and immediately call the professional to fix the issues and get warm water from your water heater.