Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

Worried on which type of heater to take home during cold seasons? LASKO digital ceramic heater is the best for this as it offers exclusively maximum amount of heat of up to 1500W.It is designed with a super ceramic heat system that provides heat centrally.

In addition it can also be used individually as it has a small size design. LASKO 5165 digital heater also comes with a remote that makes it easy to operate the device.

The heater is also known for its ability to spread widely while making its oscillations; this discourages the limiting factor that one must just be close to the heater to get warmth.

This notwithstanding the 5165 digital type of heater offers to its users a 3 year limited warranty, this is an advantage and therefore, not at any particular time should LASKO 5165 digital ceramic heater be let go.

Features Of This Lasso 5165 Ceramic Tower Heater

  1. LASKO 165 digital ceramic tower heater has got a multipurpose remote control that makes it easy for its users to operate it.
  2. It also provides maximum amount of heat up to 1500 watts that’s makes it more appealing to its buyers to enjoy the warmth.
  3. LASKO digital ceramic heater has got a 3 year limited warranty that’s gives a lot of confidence to the buyers as the maintenance task is covered by the company.
  4. The heater also has got some of the latest digital controls installed with it including the 8-hour timer and a programmable thermostat that makes it more attractive over other types of heaters.
  5. It has a widespread oscillation that makes it provide heat centrally over a wide view of area.
  6. The heater is also designed with some safety measures that make the heater last for several years, this feature relieves the buyer from the high cost of maintenance.


  • LASKO 5165 digital heater provides a 1500 watts amount of heat to the room which give a lot of warmth and comfort.
  • The heater also has a 3 year loan warranty that makes its buyers to have confidence on the device.
  • The heater is also set such that it performs the task of heat regulation, this makes it safer to use.
  • The LASKO 5165 ceramic heater also has a programmable thermostat that can be controlled or adjusted by the user based on the required amount of temperature.
  • It also has a 8-hour auto off timer that makes it more convenience and easy to maintain.
  • LASKO ceramic heaters are also warm, this provides much comforts into the room at any given time that you feel some bit of cold penetrating.


  • LASKO 5165 heater has got a plastic cover that has a very bad smell making it uncomfortable for its users.
  • It has got programmed settings in the fan and thermostat which makes it hard for its users to enjoy aa per their expectations
  • The heater is not energy friendly as such as it has got high settings which consume a lot of electricity.

Final Note

Having said all, it would be a very great move when you take your LASKO 5165 digital ceramic heater as it has all that it takes to feel comfortable in your house. Otherwise when searching for a heater that you as a user can change its fan and temperature settings then choosing LASKO 5165 ceramic heater will be regret as it is limited in that.

The heater having a 3-year warranty, programmable thermostat, installed safety measures, small size design and many more advantageous features it would considered as a great achievement when you walk into the stores and purchase your LASKO 5165 ceramic heater.

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