Lasko 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote Control

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So much has been brought into the market, but now the best among them is currently selling at a very fair price. To me, this is one of the best ceramic heaters on the market.

LASCO 5572 oscillating ceramic heater cares for your being comfortable and as a result it has several interesting features which includes good grip handle system that makes it easy to carry from place to place especially in small rooms such as bedroom and bathroom.

The heater also comes with a digital centre remote control system that makes it easy to operate. The heater is also designed with an elongated ceramic heating element that increases ones comfort by propelling enough air into the room.

Not to forget the built-in safety features and the adjustable thermostat that allows the user to enjoy the heater as they purpose. It also has a timer function that helps to regulate the high and low temperatures making it a very safe type of heater to use.

Features Of This Lasso 5572 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater

  1. The LASCO 5572 ceramic type of heater has got a remote control and a timer function with it a set electronically auto shut off  that makes users stress-free even if they forget to turn it  off.
  2. The heater also has a grip carrying handle; this makes users enjoy the portability advantage of the heater.
  3. It also has an automatic overheat protection that regulates itself making it safer to use.
  4. LASCO 5572 heater also has got a powerful ceramic oscillating tower heater that heats more efficiently and at a very short duration.
  5. The heater is made with a streamlined shape that makes it provide warmth over a wide coverage in a room.
  6. It has various built in measures for safeties which include the automatic overheat protection and the self-regulating ceramic element.
  7. The heater is also unique in the sense that it has a storage area for the remote on its back.
  8. All the settings of the LASCO 5572 ceramic heater can be adjusted; this is made possible by the thermostat that has all high, low and fan settings.

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  • LASCO 5572 ceramic type of heater has got a thermostat that makes it to control both high and low settings not as in other types of heaters.
  • The heater has got a storage position for its remote; probably this can make the remote last longer as it will hardly get lost.
  • LASCO 5572 ceramic heater is also safe while in a room as it, itself has got some built in measures that enables it control itself even if the owner becomes so forgetful to take actions like shutting it off or regulating it at too high or low temperatures.
  • The heater is small in size and in addition has got a grip carrying handle that makes it easy for users to operate it at various geographical positions.


  • The heater does not meet buyer’s expectations at some times. For example the nice remote fails to function at some moments.
  • It does not supply much heat even with the heater oscillating at its maximum rate.

Final Note

LASKO 5572 oscillating ceramic tower heater is worth purchase for anyone who is still having cold in his bedroom or sitting room, and need to enjoy some comfort by feeling enough warmth. It has its limitations that the company is striving so hard to eliminate in a short while, which include less energy supply.

Other few areas spotted by customers as the weak points of the heater are always corrected as soon as they are reported as the heater has a warranty that installs some confidence to the users. It is therefore high time to walk into the shops and order for your LASKO 5572 ceramic heater to enjoy all the interesting nice features that have been of late praised by other users.

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