Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG Heater Review

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Mr. Heater Big Maxx
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Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG Natural Gas Heater is a different type of space heaters than another conventional heating system.

This heater uses an electric high-velocity fan which is built in to bring cool air from the surrounding area.

It creates a heat exchanger when it forces the air into the surrounding area.

You can use it for larger spaces like a garage or workshop to make the place barn into a heated workplace with great comfort all round the year.

Features Of This Mr. Heater F260550 Big Maxx MHU50NG

It’s capacity for working

This 50,000 BTU natural gas heater is a great source of efficient heating for the larger spaces. It requires 115vAC power and it can be set horizontally or vertically. It can be installed by the clearance of only 1 inch, with the help of brackets, external access to power and with an adjustable thermostat.

It has factory-installed Durable spark ignition along with a self-diagnostic control module, is has become a great device. For ensuring its quality service and trustworthiness of the customers it has provided 3 years warranty and 10 years of warranty for any defect is found by this time. All these features have made it a great device for getting the best service from it.

Quick and bigger space heater

This space heater is a very quick service provider. It can produce 50,000 BTU per hour and can warm a space of 1250 sq ft. To provide service for the bigger places it needs a 8-foot clearance from floor to the base is necessary. As it can supply power from vertical and horizontally, it is more efficient than other space heaters.

Using thermostat

It has a 24-volt thermostat with a 35-75 degree temperature range. You can easily set up the thermostat for getting the best output for your space.

Safety shut off

It is always a necessary element that keeps a safety shut off. Without a safety shut off customer may not feel better and trustworthy. So, automatic safety shut off is its good feature which works automatically. It has a shutoff flame sensor which makes it possible to shut off while needed.

Additional kit

It includes all the necessary elements and kits needed for installation and additional service. It also has a propane conversion kit so that you may run it from natural gas to liquid fuel.

Design and structure

It has an aluminized steel tubular shape tunnel for heat exchange. It ensures maximum efficiency of getting heat and longer life expectancy of the device. It is a very strong device for its strong exterior.

Different size

It has 4 different sizes. It may be set as a vertical and horizontal venting system. These sizes will give you the freedom to choose the perfect one for your desired space.

Easy outside

This device is very easy to access control from outside by its thermostat. It can have very easy to connect the gas line. By the thermostat, you also can set the desired temperature to be more comfortable.


  • It’s a ceiling-mounted space heater which runs on natural gas
  • It is a very quick heater. It provides 50,000 BTUs per hour. It can heat a large space of about 1250 sq ft.
  • It uses 24 Volt thermostat with 35-75 degree Fahrenheit temperature
  • It can be set at least 10 ft away from the ceiling
  • Safety shut off if there is high temperature created
  • Electric spark type ignition. It also  works on the self-diagnostic control module
  • Is equipped with installation bracket and conversion kit of natural propane
  • Very strong structure of aluminized steel tubular
  • Provides maximum heat with great efficiency
  • Can be had in 4 different sizes
  • Can be set vertically or horizontally


  • Not suitable for smaller places
  • Should not be set in low height

Final thought

It’s really a wonderful space heater for bigger spaces. You can easily set it up to your garage, workshops to have your expected warmth. But this device is not perfect for an outing like camping or fishing or outdoor sporting. If you want to want to buy a space heater for outing Dura heat TT-360 Propane may be a very good option for you. Both the devices are good for their own perspective.

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