Oil Filled Heater Vs Ceramic Heaters – Which Is Efficient?

You’ll need an efficient room heater during winter regardless of the preferable brand. A highly functional heater keeps you warm during chilling weather. The choice between oil-filled and ceramic heaters is sometimes a puzzle. With this guide, buyers can understand what the ideal type of room heater can satisfy their needs.

What Are Their Major Differences?

Also, a smart homeowner checks the features of heaters before making buying decisions. The moment of decision comes after narrowing the online search. Here are some differences between these heaters.

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  • Radiant heating systems are newer technologies
  • Their methods (convection and radiant) of heating are different
  • Energy efficiency

Oil Filled Heaters Are Efficient

As energy-efficient space heaters, oil-filled radiators with automatic shut-off technology are safe. You might have a large room space to heat. Modern oil-filled heaters also come in a range of trendy designs. Also, there are portable and wall-mounted heaters models. They can fit any interior space and provide warmth.

Usually, oil-filled heaters take between 15 to 20 minutes to warm a normal room space. However, these types of room heaters have more efficiency than fan heaters. You can enjoy high temperatures of heat without suffering from allergies.

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Pros Of Oil-filled Heaters

  • No Noise from built-in fans
  • Doesn’t produce allergens
  • Energy efficient for spacious rooms
  • hey don’t produce dust or allergies

Cons Of Oil-filled Heaters

  • Slow-action producing heaters
  • Heavier than ceramic heaters

Ceramic Heaters Are Durable

When heaters go bad every time, that means you have to spend money. You can save money when you do not often replace room heaters. However, you can get electric heaters that are durable. If you have a central heating system, the ceramic heater can supplement the heat.

Ceramic heaters are strong and portable. They run on ceramic plates (heating element) that conducts electricity. Usually, the heat isn’t limited to chilling room spaces. An advantage of ceramic heaters is their portability. Unlike oil-filled heaters, ceramic are ideal types of convection heaters.

While both electric heaters are efficient, they have different mechanisms. Their heating elements are also different.  Unlike oil-filled heaters, ceramic heaters have more models. You can choose either a ‘fan’ or ‘fanless’ convection heater.

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However, they are only ideal for buyers with small room spaces. It’s important to buy heaters that suit your purpose. You’ll enjoy oil-filled heaters if you are allergic to dusty air particles. This type of electric heater doesn’t have a built-in fan for moving heated air. Let’s compare them according to their features.

Pros of Ceramic Heaters

  • Instant heat production
  • Portable
  • Cool plastic housing (case) for easy handling

Cons Of Ceramic Heaters

  • Safety risk for small children
  • Noisy operations

Properties of Premium Electric Heater Models

Ceramic and oil-filled heaters with high functionality are more effective. Here are some factors that make them unique.

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The anti-tip protection switch helps to prevent fire. The safety of buyers is important, and manufacturers consider it when designing products. A room heater without basic safety features is unsafe. Sometimes the fire from electric heaters can cause damage and infant deaths. Property owners also need heating systems that have built-in triggers for overheat protection.

Usually, the tip-over buttons are added at the bottom of electric heaters. These shut-off switches work with temperature sensors. When the heat rises to unsafe temperatures, the appliance goes to safe mode automatically. You should buy space heaters that prevent unwanted conditions.

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Energy Efficiency

Ceramic heating and oil filled radiators have special elements. Without these elements, your room will not get warm. As resistors work to ensure optimum performance, these components increase the electricity consumption of space heaters. Oil-filled systems are top-rated, energy-efficient types of heaters.


The plastic casings of premium ceramic heaters often stay cool. They emit heat for room spaces faster than oil-filled heaters. However, the convenience of cool housings (covers) makes the ceramic heaters unique. Portability helps to use the same heater in multiple locations. You should consider a portable model that doesn’t get quite hot. Unlike the metal surface of an oil-filled space heater with high temperatures, ceramic heaters have better designs.


Most high-end electric heaters use adjustable thermostats. You can enjoy the convenience of using the remote control for your heat appliance. Normally, smart buyers often ask more questions before they buy home appliances. These user-friendly features in our guide can help smart buyers.