Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater Review

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Pelonis space radiator heater is a cool space heater both for your home and office. It has a very strong powerful heating system.

Three power setting has made this space heater is a perfect one in all types of weather.

You can set a timer for 24 hours which ensures that your room will be warm and okay whenever you will reach home.

It’s a super cool energy saver and eco mode technology has made it really a suitable space heater for you.

Pelonis heater

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Pelonis Oil Filled Radiator Space Heater Review

7 fin Oil filled

This heater can warm up a chilly within a short period of time can make space a very comfortable one. It has three heat setting modes but you can set five types of temperature as per your requirement. The temperature may range from (65-degree F to 85 F). This customize warmth will give you tension free service as it will cost a very low electricity bill.

User friendly

It is a superb user-friendly device. It has a LED display along with the digital thermostat. By this LED display you can easily set the heat as per your requirement. A 10-hour timer is also set in this cool space heater. Whether you are in-home or outside, it will render service to you as you wish. A remote controlling system is another great utility of that device. Even you don’t need to leave your bed to control it. So, have maximum fun with this cool device.

Quiet operation

This is an awesome noise-free device. It won’t hamper your sleep, chatting, watching television, conversation or meditation. This oil filled radiator is very suitable for medium to a large room. This device does not provide fan forced hot air circulation thus it protects your skin to be harsh overnight.


It is a very good portable model. It has a very convenient carrying handle along with four caster wheels under it. You can carry it anywhere from your home easily. There is a cord rewind placed at the bottom of the device for using it easily and storing it. So, it’s a very handy space heater.

Safety features

Today’s world’s first slogan is safety first. In this space heater safety has been given immense priority. It has a power indicator light that shows you that the power is on. There is also a built-in overheat protection option and shuts the device if overheated with the help of a tip-over safety switch. You never have to be worried if you are not inside the room. It will take care of the safety of the space as well.

No refilling

There is a sealed permanent oil reservoir in it which does not need any refilling. You just plug and play the device for getting your service from it. It’s a superb energy-efficient heater.  The oil that is preserved just works as a heat reservoir so it is actually never used up. The electricity thus is channeled through a resistor which produces the energy into heat.


It’s a cool and sleek design to look very beautiful. It will be as part of your room not bothering the real look of your room. According to the brand’s image and performance, it will give you a one-year warranty at the time of purchase. So, it will keep you tension free for future performance.


  • Produces ultra-radiant heat
  • Noise-free very calm and quiet service
  • Automatically set thermostat
  • The digital display helps you to set timer easily
  • 12-hour timer gives you the independence to control it as you wish
  • Remote controlling system
  • No refilling is needed
  • Air passes through a channel and circulates steadily
  • Long time service provider without any hassle
  • Three steps of heat setting
  • Portable and have the freedom to set it anywhere
  • Very energy efficient. Don’t worry about the extra bill
  • Very user-friendly features
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Not very suitable for a smaller room or bathroom

Final thought

Pelonis Oil filled radiator is a superb space heater with lots of good and user-friendly qualities. It’s really a perfect one for medium and large rooms. Its noise-free service will really enchant you. For more details, you can visit here.

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